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Xia said fishing, talking about overseas fishing, helping fishermen fishing!

How to choose the spinning wheel and water drop wheel, Xia said whether the fishing interpretation chooses the water drop wheel and what kind of water drop wheels they choose.

The simple definition of the water drop wheel is a rotating wire shaft with a trigger rocker arm, which is installed above the grip of the gun’s handle pole. Intuitive feelings, there is no need to allocate the dynamic line gear, accurately refer to where to fight, the movement is smooth and cool, and the product appearance is beautiful.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

The advantage is that there are more ways of throwing investment, throwing investment

Higher accuracy

, Small and lighter,

Powerful power load capacity is strong

, Drop of the unit time

Many times

Essence The disadvantage of water drop wheels is

Complicated and easy to fry the operation


Not friendly to novices

Power is the core

Wiring force on the water drop wheels over the spinning wheel

The spinning wheel is spiral. When the line is closed, the fish’s tension and line rotation force form a angle of nearly 90 degrees.

Drop wheels are directly qualified


When closing the line, the powerback power is larger than that of the spinning wheel. After the fishing obstacles, the rollback can prevent the fish from entering the depths of the obstacles.

quick guide:

1. Speed ​​selection ratio, bearing number, capacity line capacity


Commonly used by novices

Spear (5.3: 1), (5.4: 1), (6.3: 1), (6.4: 1)

The bearing number is about 4+1, and the capacity is 150. For details, please refer to the details after this article!

2. Choosing fishing method

Remote water drop wheel

Bait hard rod

There are more capacity lines and far.

Big object


Hard bait


There are many capacity lines, and violence is tough. Fishing

Bass, black fish, catfish, catfish, dog fish, etc.

Micro -water drop wheel

Small bait, fine line soft rod

There are less capacity lines, sensitive and light. Fishing

Tips, white strips, pony, catfish, catfish, etc.

Passing water drop wheel

Strong generality, leisure fishing, newbies are recommended.

The pan -use type is the characteristics of the long -range micro -objects. The concept of the novice is currently not currently upgraded according to the combination of the target fish punctuation based on the target of the target.

3. Selection performance

It mainly depends on the design of the mechanical transmission system and the main structure.

Test, unload, fine -tuning knobs, brakes, rockers, poles, etc.


Turn the grip, the wheels are stable and shake abnormally. Rotate no bias and no shake.


The mechanical parts are good, and we often say smoothly. On the contrary, the hemp jumping, the difference between the kiss, the internal vibration conveying the grip and its fishing rod.

1. Thinking of the fishing ship

Types of fishing rods; fake bait types and size weight, etc.; target fish habits, etc.; Fishing point environment, etc.; Fishing experience, etc.; operating speed, etc.;

Second, the structure of the water drop wheel

The original intention of the water drop wheel is used for long -range and its bait. The line shaft is used to activate the line through the rocker arm to activate the free line by braking.

(1) Spool Release Button

: Press can be qualified, shake the handle and reset.


: Line cups are not only important for the storage line, but also for the smoothness of the throwing distance. Usually the line cup is made of aluminum alloy, the high -end line cup is made of aluminum, and the conventional wire cup is made of die casting aluminum.


(3) Brake (Brake)

: Adjust the initial speed of the wire cup and the initial flight speed of the line group, control the deceleration rate of the wire cup.

(4) Reel Foot (Reel Foot)


: Fixed part of the fishing rod.

(5) Line Guide

: Move with the line shaft to ensure that the upper and down shafts are guided without a large angle.

(6) Rocked arms grip (Reel Handle)

: The left rocker and the right rocker arm. The water drop wheels cannot be swapped like a spinning wheel, so the most suitable rocker arm needs to be determined. Many people are used to using the right rocker with their right hand. After throwing, the fishing ship is on your left side and shake the handle with the right hand.

(7) Star -type unloading force wrench (DRAG)

: Regulate the unloading force of the line.

(8) Squee Tensioner KNOB

: The adjustment of the mechanical brake power, the tighter the tighter, the slower the speed, and the faster.

(9) Body Frame

: Made of aluminum alloy or carbon fiber, the carbon fiber frame is light. It is recommended to find the integrated framework made of the same material. High -end fishing ships are usually made of integrated aluminum alloy framework.

Third, water drop wheel parameters

1. Speed ​​ratio is also called Gear Ratio (Gear Ratio)

Speedly refers to the number of times of rotating handle, the number of scroll rotation, which determines the speed of recycling the fish wire. The high -middle -low speed is determined by the fishing style. Senior fishermen always have a variety of speed compared to fishing ships.

The common gear ratio of water droplets is (2.0: 1) (4: 1), (5.3: 1), (5.4: 1), (6.3: 1), (6.4: 1), (7.1: 1), (8: 8: 1), we often use


Speed ​​ratio 6.4: 1

The higher the number, the larger the area can be retrieved in the number of rotation.


7.1: 1

To control

Compound spinning sequins (English Spinnerbait) or beard fishing group (English Buzzbait)

5.4: 1


Texas fishing group (English Texas Rig) and soft bait (English Soft Plastics)


4: 1

Little Fat Crankbait or Large -scale composite rotation sequins

Essence When searching in the community, high speed is better than usual, because they can quickly recover the bait and quickly prepare for the next throw.

2. Ball Bearings

Bearing is located in the fuselage, achieving smoothness, support and stability.

The more the bearing number, the smoother.

It is not that the more bearing, the better. The 4 high -quality bearing is far better than 10 inferior bearing. We must pay attention to the logo of low -quality bearing.

The type of bearing is mainly

Shielded Bearings

Double-shielded bearings on both sides and Sealed Bearings.

The bearing accuracy is divided into G -Class, E -Class, D, and B. At the same time internationally

Bearing accuracy standard ABEC (

ABEC is annular bearing engineers commontee), based

The size, tolerance, geometric shape and noise standards of the bearing are divided into 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9. The higher the level, the smaller the tolerance, the more precise the bearing.

3. Max drag (Max Drag)

After the unloading knob is locked, the maximum pull! Essence

4. Line recovery

The rocker handle the hand around and the fish line length on the line shaft.

We can look at the icon, which is also 5.4: 1 round. The maximum line length is affected by two factors, the size of the gear ratio and the line cup.

5. Line Capacity

Capacity selection factors: the type size of the fish wire, object fish and fishing point water body.

Freshwater fishing is between 50-200. Black Leiqiang will use 200 and more than 200 tolerance for sea fishing.


6. Weight (weight)

The water drop wheel itself is measured by grams,

Lightweight is a major trend, and we need to pay attention to the balance of the pole wheel.

4. Braging System

The water drop wheels are equipped with a braking system. In the process of throwing investment, you can

Adjust and slow down the rotation of the line shaft

To ensure that these additional rotation will not happen

If there is no brake system, a terrible rebound will happen.

1. Wire shaft fine -tuning knob

The line shaft fine -tuning knob is an important brake system for the water drop wheel. It is a large knob on one side of the handle. It is the first line of defense to adjust the speed of the line axis. Press the knob to the line shaft to make

The wire shaft is faster (loosen the knob) or slower (tighten the knob).

Settings for fine -tuning line axis,

Eli Lady’s fall from the tip of the pole to the ground, the line cup does not cling to the line as the line

Essence Tighten this knob, and when you release the scroll, Luya slowly drops on the ground. Once the ground is touched, the wire shaft stops rotating immediately. The heavier Luya, the tighter.

2. Principles of braking

The initial brakes are relatively simple, and the deceleration brake treatment is cumbersome. Based on the weighted impact of wind resistance, wind direction, line group heavy, and Luya heavy latitude. The excellent drops of water drop wheels are very tested by designers. We often discuss it. In fact, design problems.

A. Initial brakes


At the end of the throw, the thumb was loosened,

The line speed is super fast

The cable axis inertia will make the line group slow down


The speed of the wire shaft exceeds the flight speed of the wire group. Assuming that the brake system cannot reduce the speed of the wire shaft, at this time, the thread will appear

This is a high -quality brake system we want to talk about, which can handle a larger range.

The initial braking force, after the thumb was loose, let the speed of the thread slowly slow down.

B. Small brakes

If the initial brake is passed, there is no frying wire, and the wind resistance will slow down the wire group, and the speed of the wire shaft will exceed the flight speed of the wire group. If the speed of the wire cup is not controlled, the explosive line will happen again.

The deceleration and brakes are used for the flight of the line group to slow down the line cup and line group together.

as the picture shows,

The ideal situation is the blue curve, there is no wind, the brake is very good, and the various weights are reasonable.

Essence The initial thumb was loose, and the line group began to drag the line shaft to rotate. A good brake system should be able to be able to be consistent with the highest value of the blue in blue and the line group, rather than the consistent rotation; the second half of the blue is the process of deceleration of the line group, and the line shaft should be decelerated with the line group.

The bad state is the red curve, and the wind resistance is the fatal injury of the water drop wheel. Under the situation of the wind, the spinning wheel wins the water drop wheel. The speed of the red rear part of the red drops very much.

3. Four brakes

There are three different additional braking systems in fishing wheels. The mainstream brake systems on the market, such as the Ximano Variable Brake System Unlimited Brake System) DC (DIGHT Control Electronic Control System), and Davar Magnetic brakes.

A. centrifugal brake

The earlier type of water drop wheel,

There will be a certain number of brake beans on the side cover of the wheel to regulate the brake power.


The centrifugal brake is a manual gear in the drip wheel brakes, consisting of centrifugal beans and brake discs.


During the throwing, the water drop wheels rotate, and the open centrifugal beans shake off the metal brake ring on the friction side cover under the action of inertia to generate friction. The faster the rotation speed of the wire cup, the greater the centrifugal force of the brake beans, the greater the friction produced. It can effectively reduce the rotation speed of the wire cup and reduce the frying line. You can adjust the friction force by adjusting the centrifugal bean switch,

Find the best balance between throwing far away and frying lines

Novices can first open the centrifugal beans, look at the degree of proficiency and then turn off the practice.

Advantages: At the beginning of the throwing stage,

The faster the speed, the greater the centrifugal brake power, but it is not easy to explode

Essence Many professional fishermen like to brake for centrifugal brakes.

Disadvantages: At the beginning of the throwing stage, the centrifugal beans opened too much, and the brake power was too large.

The initial speed of loss affects throwing distance

Essence At the end of the throw, the thread axis speed is reduced, the centrifugal force is insufficient, the effective braking power cannot be provided to make the line axis braking. It also needs to be pressed by thumb to avoid frying.

B. Magnet Brake

Water droplets are common. Several magnets are installed on the side cover to form small magnetic fields to adjust the brake power.

The magnetic brake is the adjustment of the electromagnetic damping phenomenon, which is in line with the law of the threshold. The magnetic force generated by the magnetic force line of the magnetic line of the magnet is used to achieve the effect of the magnetic force of the magnet. At the same time, control the magnetic field size of the magnetic field to control the magnetic field size, and effectively control the wire axis speed.

When rotating the brake disc, the number is from 1 to 10, the higher the number, the closer the magnet is closer to each other, which will produce strong. The smaller the numbers, the farther the magnet moves, the more freely rotates the wire shaft.


Novices recommend using 7 or 8 with higher numbers. After a lot of exercises, use 2 or 3.

C. Digital Brake


The brake system in the form of electronic microcomputer has a unique sound in use, which is a major feature of this water drop wheel.

D. Manual Brake

The best brakes of the water drop wheel are your thumb on the online cup. No matter what special braking system technology, your thumb is always needed.

Apply a suitable pressure on the online axis fish line in order to reduce the speed of the shaft as needed.

Five, unloading system

Star -type unloading force wrench, regulating the line cup unloading force, and the same role as the spinning wheel unloading force knob. After controlling a certain pull force, the wire cup can brake the line. Smooth, high -quality unloading power, reducing the risk of disconnection and fish losing fish.

Generally regulating the regulation of 80 %

When you need to adjust, adjust it urgently according to the situation, which will not affect the power of the spaying fish and the speed of fish return fish.

6. Birds Nest

Fried thread or fry powder, fried rice noodles

, The speed of the line shaft rotation is faster than the line leave speed, and the line will be back into a ball. Specifically refers to Luya after throwing throwing

Air resistance or Luya water resistance

The speed of the Laay driving line is slower than that of the rotation axis. The wire cup is too late to qualify and is blocked on the qualifying hole.

Frying line tricks:


Avoid vigorous swinging.

Exit speed

, Adjust the brakes to control the speed, and the trajectory of the road and Asia. Before throwing,

Make brakes to large value


, Keep stability. After throwing, Luya entered the water

1st centimeter

Press the thumb and hold the line shaft. Do not rotate




90 % of the wrapped line axis


7-8 % will reduce the distance of the fish line.

Seven, summarize

Fishermen are generally dilemma between the spinning wheel and the water drop wheel. Xia said that the fisherman taught you whether you want to choose a water drop wheel and how to choose the appropriate drop wheel.

After reading the above content, you are familiar with how to choose a water drop wheel, how to control the water drop wheel and its working principle. Next, choose your own water drop wheel and gun’s handle rod to let us go to Luya together!

If there are still unclear questions, leave a message in the comment area! Thank you for your support, please pay attention to the fishing!
































To control


To control

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