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A few days ago I wrote a boots. The sisters of Guangdong said that where they would wear boots, they would cover their feet “stinky”. Single shoes are now too cold, and there are many occasions on sports shoes.

What shoes should I wear in this season when they are not connected?


of course

Lefu Shoes

Love shoes, English is “Loafer”, this shoe is synonymous with leisure, comfort, and laziness. Whether it is going to work or shopping, it can be rushed.

However, there are still many sisters who bought loafers and do n’t know how to wear it. In this issue, we will follow a 30+ blogger to learn the matching ideas of Lefu Shoes to rescue your carefree shoes in the shoe cabinet ~

1. What Lefu shoes are best for you?


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Toe -to -be -ups determine shoes style

Lefu Shoes is a shoe type with a large age and style,


The pointed toe, the more mature the toe, the more playful and cute on the toe.


Gives a strong and aura feeling,

Very suitable for formal occasions

For example: workplace, business dinner. and

Round head

, Especially the round head+puff cake bottom, that is


The first choice for hot girls


It is not only playful and cute, but also increases its own high effect.

Foot surface wide




Lefu shoes on the head are your first choice

It is more comfortable to wear. It will not be aggrieved and does not deform the shoes, and the sense of gas is not lost at the point.

Fangtou Lefu shoes are also specially combined with pants. It can be inspired by the capable and sharp sense of pants. The commute choice also looks more professional.

Leg -type decision upper and height height

Thick legs, muscle calves

Sisters, when choosing Lefu shoes, the area around and bottom of the shoes must be large in order to balance the lines of the legs, but

The small man must choose the small front area of ​​the shoes, and the legs are long.


The thin -bottomed Lefu shoes with long models are best installed

, The sense of oppression brought by the long model can be lighter.

Laofu shoes with thick bottoms are suitable

, Avoid the feeling of heavy heads, but pay attention

The thickness of the sole is best not more than 5cm

This will not look bulky.

In general, the flat bottom is more casual and better, and high heels will bring a little mature and professional sense. Upper choice




Put a metal decoration

The greatest atmosphere, not easy to outdated.

2. What color of Lefu shoes is the most versatile?

Black (required color)

First, it is



It can adapt to clothes all year round, and can be matched with all colors. It can be controlled whether it is commute or leisure wind, and black is also resistant to dirty care.


If you are the first time you tried loafers, then you can choose black

caramel colour

If you have in your wardrobe

Many earth color clothes, bags, accessories


, Or you are right


There is a soft spot, so a pair of caramel -colored loafers are absolutely easy to wear.

And caramel -colored loafers


Very fragrant in autumn

Comes with nobleness and elegance

The retro flavor can easily help your shape add points,

The sense of advanced is also hand -over


Apricot white

What if you are


The hanging, in the wardrobe

The clothes are also light -colored, Morandi color

Then apricot white loafers are definitely your destiny.

It is really absolutely absolutely absolutely absolutely bad with sweaters and skirts!

What kind of gentle and generous, what intellectual elegance, and everyone’s lady, all of them are praised by you.

2. 30+bloggers’ four “details” with high levels of Lefu shoes

Pay attention to the overall color unified

Color matching is a very important link in wearing,

Every color that appears on the body must be reasonable and good before it looks harmonious

, Suddenly a color will be obtrusive, and if you want the color reasonable, it must be reasonable.

Use the method of color response

The easiest way is

Shoes, tops, bottoms, accessories, and accessories,

about us


In terms of, there is another convenience that is the hair color,


Born black hair and black shoes naturally echoed.

Many people know how to echo in large areas, and it is a reason to encounter printing and floral. It is also a reason.

Extract any color in the printed flower

Essence For example, on the left white bottom orchid, then blue and white are the shoe color you can choose.

Uniform version of pants and shoes


Loveford shoes with high waist mop wide -leg pants are suitable for middle and tall people with thick legs

, Very gas field, and very high legs and long legs, but must

Choose a pointed, narrow toe

Half of the top of the clothes covering the upper is the best


Thin -long toe can naturally stretch the leg lines and reduce the procrastination of mop pants.

You can try this look above 165cm.

, Pants choose


The fabric, smooth lines can modify the leg shape and have more advanced sense.

When exposing the area of ​​the legs, use socks to transition

When wearing a short version with loafers, the socks are a

Very important transition, layered sense details

Because a large area of ​​leg exposure plus shallow shoes,

The layering of the lower body is weak

, I always feel that there is a missing, and at this time I need the embellishment of the socks.


Do not choose socks

In this way, the sorrowful socks are not necessary! ↓↓↓

The length of the socks is also very particular,

19cm long belongs to the universal length of non -picking

, Match shorts, short skirts, trousers, long skirts, well -behaved and warm.

30-35cm suitable for people with a slightly loose calf

, The calves are wrapped in black socks, and the calves are very slim. They are very young with short skirts and shorts, and they will not be too cold.

Early spring is still a bit cold, and the ankle is a bit “healthy”, so you can also add a pair of socks when wearing trousers.

Can’t give people a sense of amazing dress, but it is enough to reflect the sense of commuting.

If you want to get eye -catching, you can also have a little contrast ~


Even more high and thinner

When a small one chooses the flat -bottomed loafers, you must match the nine -point straight pants.

The exposed part of the ankle extends the vertical lines, which can stretch the leg lines visually

Essence Even if you wear it heavy, it will not look particularly heavy visually.

If your pants are too long, you may wish to roll a volume yourself, don’t feel casual and lazy.

Matching loafers


Most recommended

No more than

Smoke pants, suit pants, straight pants

The handsomeness and formal sense of these three kinds of pants themselves are very suitable for the temperament of Lefu’s shoes, and it is the most concise and neat.

It is not even better to match the skirt.

The method of wearing can not only reduce the dullness brought by the long skirt, but also highlight the slender ankle and calf, and improve the gentle and elegant sense of the skirt.



The best CP is pleated skirt, A -line skirt, straight skirt


The slim skirt with a length on the calf is just right

It can be long and shorter. The key is to reveal a calf. It will not be too dull when wearing it, and it is also suitable for the weather in early spring.

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