Portrait video master OPPO Reno7 series released, the image strength breaks through again

On November 25, 2021, OPPO officially released a comprehensive upgraded portrait video mobile phone OPPO RENO7 series. The global exclusive new RGBW sensor -IMX709, significantly improved the light sensing capacity of the front lens. In terms of appearance technology, the RENO7 series also brings multiple industries first. For the first time, the aerospace -grade photoresal process is applied to the back cover of the mobile phone. Circle design. The RENO7 series is equipped with a newly upgraded ColorOS 12 operating system. The smooth experience has been improved again. System -level technologies such as 90FPS extreme steady frames and super lightning start 2.0 make the Reno7 series gaming experience.

This new product launch also brings OPPO Smart TV R1 Lexiang Edition, new “sandwich” headset ENCO Free2i, neck -hanging headset Enco M32, smart watch OPPO Watch Free NFC version and other new iOT new products.

人像视频大师 OPPO Reno7 系列发布,影像实力再突破

In addition to mobile phones and new IoT products, OPPO also announced that it will work with Reno series light -looking, Han Han, to launch a nationalized video creation activity. On November 28, the Reno7 image creation event will be officially opened on the Douyin platform and multiple OPPO Internet products. OPPO will also provide traffic and influence support for high -quality content creators, so that more people will witness ordinary people’s glowing time.

The world’s first IMX709 ultra -sensitive cat eye lens, not afraid of dark light

In order to solve the problem of night shooting sensitivity, on the new product Reno7, OPPO starts from the bottom layer of the sensor, combining the self -developed four -in -one pixel aggregation algorithm with the RGBW pixel arranging paradigm. IMX709 has permanent exclusiveness.

OPPO’s new self -developed RGBW technology mainly has four major upgrades. First of all, in the pixel arrangement method, 2 W sub -pixels are introduced in each group of 4 same color pixels to enhance the light sensing capacity. When the sub -pixels are aggregated and output, it can also achieve traditional pixels. The method of guessing the array RGGB, so the new self -developed RGBW technology has stronger rationality and brings stronger sensitivity. Secondly, the IMX709 sensor logic layer has built -in OPPO self -developed hardware -level IP, RGBW image processing unit, which makes the sensor more powerful and more compatible with the chip platform and third -party APP. Furthermore, the use of DTI pixel isolation technology this time significantly reduces the signal strings between pixels, thereby effectively improving the signal -to -noise ratio and avoiding pseudo -colors and other phenomena. Finally, the IMX709 sensor uses a 22nm process process. Compared with the traditional 40nm process, the power consumption is reduced by 30%at the same performance level, and the energy efficiency ratio is higher.

This series of technological innovation has made RENO7 become the most stronger mobile phone in front camera. Compared with RENO6’s light sensing capacity, it has increased by 60%, and the noise of the screen decreases by 35%. And thanks to the support of the hardware-level DOL-HDR function, the IMX709 has a stronger dynamic range capacity, and the capture and presentation of portrait details in the dark light and backlit environment are more advantageous than traditional RGGB sensors.

人像视频大师 OPPO Reno7 系列发布,影像实力再突破

In addition to the front ultra -sensitive cat eye lens, Reno7 Pro rear is equipped with the IMX766 flagship main camera jointly developed by OPPO and Sony, which brings richer shooting gameplay. Portrait mode 2.0 can achieve portrait blurry and light spots effect close to SLR. Open AI AI After the scene is enhanced, the moonlight night scene algorithm and the Live-HDR algorithm can be automatically called according to the complex environment such as dark light and backlight to deeply restore the skin color and background of the human face.

Aerospace -level star rain light carving technology, a meteor shower falls on the palm of the palm

On the new coloring “Star Rain Wish” of the Reno7 series, OPPO creatively applies the aerospace -grade photoresal process to the back cover of the mobile phone. Through the laser science technology, the light carvings are used on the basis of the crystal diamond process, forming a 1.2 million fine -density grid texture , Make the glass back shells with a meteor -like visual perception and three -dimensional touch. On the front of the fuselage, the Reno7 series uses the industry’s leading extremely narrow bezel technology, which increases the screen ratio to 92.8%, and the visual integration is stronger.

人像视频大师 OPPO Reno7 系列发布,影像实力再突破

The appearance innovation of the RENO7 series has continued to the lens module. OPPO is the first to introduce the optical fiber thermal bending process in Reno7 Pro. The 1mm diameter optical fiber surrounds the main camera system for a week, adding a “breathing light” to the mirror circle, which can be used in call, message, charging, and games in the game. It shines like a star ring. Reno7 Pro also uses ceramic color plating rings for the first time to achieve light dumb design, which increases the scratch resistance of the main camera to 10 times that of ordinary metals.

人像视频大师 OPPO Reno7 系列发布,影像实力再突破

All -around game configuration, more immersion experience, stronger experience

人像视频大师 OPPO Reno7 系列发布,影像实力再突破

Hardware configuration is the prerequisite for the game experience. Reno7 Pro and Reno7 are equipped with two-performance mobile processor, Tiandi 1200-MAX and Snapdragon 778G, which can easily run various large and medium-sized mobile games. Based on MediaTek’s 5G open architecture, the Tianzhang 1200-MAX carried by Reno7 Pro brings 90FPS limit frames, super Lightning startup 2.0 and full-scene network optimization to gamers, so that users can play happily anytime, anywhere.

人像视频大师 OPPO Reno7 系列发布,影像实力再突破

In large multiplayer online game scenarios, stable frame rates are the key to winning. The RENO7 series is equipped with OPPO’s self -developed GPA3.0 technology, which can intelligently judge the system’s power consumption load. Combined with the steady -state temperature prediction model, even if the game is long for a long time, the frame rate cliff -type decline will not be achieved, reaching the effect of extreme stability. In order to shorten the long waiting before entering the game, Reno7 is equipped with Super Lightning Starting 2.0. Through the new intelligent scheduling model and memory compression technology, in conjunction with the game pre -update, the system will protect users often play games in the background according to the user’s habits. The next time you open it, you can skip the loading animation to achieve the game in seconds.

人像视频大师 OPPO Reno7 系列发布,影像实力再突破

Considering the complex network environment in the user’s life, the Reno7 series focuses on the introduction of 360 ° antenna optimization, focusing on optimizing the 5G and Wi-Fi performance in the gaming scene. The industry’s first Wi-Fi and Bluetooth independent channel design solves the problem of gaming network delay caused by wearing Bluetooth headsets in Wi-Fi scene, which reduces the network delay by 80%.

In addition, the structural design and stacking process inside the RENO7 Pro body also achieved significant upgrades. The 7.45mm thin and thin body content has a large 4500mAh large capacity battery. Internal heat dissipation is performed inside the fuselage. The middle frame hardware part also improved the game heat hand-holding area through a partition design. Compared with the RENO6 series, it improved by 0.2-0.3 ° C.

OPPO, as a Chinese strategic partner of the League of Legends Mobile Games, has been working hard to bring a better gaming experience. After many testing of Tencent Games and Teng competitions, Reno7 Pro has passed the test certification of the League of Legends mobile game competition, and has become a recommended machine for the 2021 League of Legends Mobile Games Vocational Qualification Competition.

New ColorOS 12, free and smooth

Reno7’s all -equipped ColorOS 12 operating system redefines the design language. The new free -boundless design is rearranged by introducing the icon and interface element of acrylic translucent texture to make users use more relaxed daily use. Thanks to the built -in smooth dual engine, the AI ​​Smooth Engine 2.0 and the Quantum Animation Engine 3.0, the Reno7 series has passed the 36 -month anti -aging certification of the Tel Lab, which brings a long -lasting and smooth experience to the daily use of users.

人像视频大师 OPPO Reno7 系列发布,影像实力再突破

ColorOS 12 also brings many smart and convenient feature upgrades. High -efficiency and easy -to -use smart sidebar 2.0, support adding more commonly used applications and small programs, and can judge the functions that may be used based on scene judgment. For example, when you brush the vibrato, you can listen to songs. In addition, the new ColorOS 12 is equipped with a new cross -device interoperability solution. After the mobile phone and the computer establish a connection through the “cross -screen interconnection”, the computer can control the mobile phone. Seamless editing, this function is compatible with 80% of the computers on the market.

In terms of security and privacy, thanks to the wide -angle capabilities of IMX709, low -power design and AI intelligent induction algorithm, once the front camera recognizes people other than the owner, it will automatically hide the content of the notice and solve the narrow public space The pain point of the private notification. After strict security encryption technology, the RENO7 series has passed the 8 heavy authoritative international security and privacy certification, and implemented product privacy protection with the best practice of the industry.

The OPPO Reno7 series has three products and three colors. Among them, Reno7 Pro is equipped with star rain, Mu Xuejin, Moon Night Black, Reno7 and Reno7 SE are equipped with three colors of Xingyu’s wish, morning Xi Jin, and Moon Night Black. OPPO RENO7 Pro is priced at 8GB+256GB version 3699 yuan, 12GB+256GB version 3999 yuan; Reno7’s price is 8GB+128GB version priced at 2699 yuan, 8GB+256GB version priced at 2999 yuan, 12GB+256GB version price 3299 yuan; Reno7 SE is priced at 8GB+128GB version priced at 2199 yuan, and 8GB+256GB version is priced at 2399 yuan.

More new IOT products, more comprehensive intelligent interconnection experience

At the same time, there are many new IoT products such as OPPO Smart TV R1 Lexiang Edition, ENCO Free2I, neck headset ENCO M32, OPPO Watch Free NFC version.

OPPO Smart TV R1 Lexiang Edition has two models: 55-inch and 65-inch models, both of which use unbounded metal full-screen design; in terms of picture quality, through HDR10+professional certification, supporting 93% DCI-P3 wide color gamut, providing users with better high quality Visual experience; in terms of sound quality, support Dolby’s sound effects and Dolby AC-4 decoding, equipped with a 30W large body speaker, and invited Nordic Dan to jointly adjust to bring users a more real audiovisual enjoyment; The ColorOS TV system continues the COLOROS 12 -free UI style, which can easily realize the interconnection with mobile phones, watches, headphones and other devices, bringing users a sense of immersion and smooth and rapid interaction to users.

The new “sandwich” headset OPPO ENCO Free2I uses blue gray+white internal and external contrasting design. It is equipped with OPPO for two years to independently develop personalized active active and noise reduction technology. With the three -core noise reduction chip, the noise reduction depth can reach up to 42DB.

The new OPPO ENCO M32 neck hanging headset supports fast flash charge functions, charging for 10 minutes, listening to songs for 20 hours. In addition, the OPPO Watch Free new NFC version released two months ago, and the built -in small cloth voice assistant supports offline voice instructions.

In terms of price, the sound and painting experience OPPO R1 Lexiang TV has two sizes: 55 -inch and 65 -inch, and the prices are 3999 yuan and 4999 yuan, respectively. From November 30th, online and offline will be launched simultaneously. The new OPPO ENCO Free 2i real wireless noise reduction headset, priced at 499 yuan, now participated in the scheduled to be reduced by 100 yuan and enjoyed the three -stage interest -free discount, sold on December 3 The 20 -hour neck headset OPPO ENCO M32, priced at 199 yuan.

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