The wrist black technology is a smart bracelet and a Bluetooth headset, which is more fragrant than Apple AirPods

With the continuous improvement of the TWS headset market demand, more and more headset manufacturers and mobile phone manufacturers have launched Bluetooth headsets that belong to their own brands. Being welcomed by consumers is not only portable, but also less lines. However, most of the real wireless headphones feel almost the same, almost no innovation, and feels like they are in place.

And recently, a new brand named AI Power, in order to break this dilemma, launched a smart bracelet with a storage wireless Bluetooth headset -Wearbuds, which once again refreshed our cognition, not only provided the function of smart bracelets, but also It also provides Bluetooth headsets. As for the actual experience? I also start with this curiosity, start with this product, let’s share the feelings below, so that friends who want to start can be referenced.

Packaging appearance detail design:

In fact, such an innovative design that combines two is also very convenient for like sports. For example, if you run, most people will wear smart bracelets to record sports data. At the same time, they will wear headphones to listen to music. The bracelet is okay. If you can wear it in your hand, if you have the headset, you usually carry a charging box or put it in your pocket. If you accidentally lose it, you can’t help it. The emergence of Wearbuds easily solves this problem, which is the biggest reason why the author starts.


Let’s take a look at the accessories part. You can see that in addition to the smart bracelets set by Wearbuds independently placed+TWS real wireless headphones, there are instructions, earplugs and charging cables, which are very simple.

Smart bracelet appearance function:


For appearance design, Wearbuds looks very special. If you look at the volume, it is slightly larger than the smart smart bracelet on the market and sacrifice the volume to charge the headset charging box. The design feels very unique. In terms of color matching, a variety of options are also provided, namely electroplating, coral red, mint green, and the electroplating black, which can meet different people’s needs for color. Even female friends, there are colors suitable for them.

In terms of screen, Wearbuds has a 0.96 -inch TFT screen, IML process dial mirror, 128*64 pixels, and 80*160 resolution, which not only provides simple and clear display effects, but also very convenient to daily operations. It only needs to touch through touch. The screen square can be easily selected to view, which is very convenient.


As for the band material, the skin -friendly silicon gel material is used, which is very comfortable to wear, similar to the smart bracelet on the market. In addition, the strap also adopts a removable design. Just hold down the belt buckle to be disassembled to easily remove it, so that we will then replace other color straps on our own to meet personalized needs.


In addition to the electric shock of Wearbuds below, the heart rate detection part is on the top. According to the official said, the military -level heart rate detection chip is adopted, which can accurately read the heart rate changes, so that we can intuitively understand the exercise strength in the process of exercise. Whether it is Oxygen exercise is still aerobic exercise. To achieve better exercise effects, it is necessary to maintain a suitable heart rate. It is also important for our sports safety.


In terms of charging, a magnetic design is adopted, and only two charging contacts on the back need to be charged. In terms of battery life, Wearbuds is quite good. The bracelet can be used for 7 days, and the headset can be used for 5.5 hours alone. If the headset is out of power, you can also directly insert the bracelet for charging to meet the daily use.

TWS real wireless Bluetooth headset:

As mentioned earlier, Wearbuds’s biggest feature is that the earphones can be storage headphones in the bracelet. The daily storage is also very convenient. It uses a pressing design itself. Pressing, this can not only have bracelets and headphones at the same time, but also do not worry about loss. This is the best design of Wearbuds.


Wearbuds has an excellent smart bracelet design and function, so the same is true of the headset. It has the APT-X HIFI sound quality. It passes the Hi-Res-X technology through the Hi-Res. Come not damaged high -fidelity sound quality. As for the actual experience of hearing? The author will also talk about the audition experience below.

In addition to bringing high -fidelity sound quality performance, it is also complete in other aspects. For example, with CVC calls and noise reduction, and supporting single plugs normal calls, even in the noisy people, it can still bring clear call quality. In response to this, the author also tested, came to the noisy shopping mall, dial friends, and then ask in detail whether friends are clear and whether they will not hear the situation. They all indicate that they are very clear. It affects normal calls. After this test, we can see that Wearbuds is quite good in noise reduction.

Daily waterproof:


In order to not worry about sweat stain damage to the headset during exercise, Wearbuds has IPX6 level 6 waterproof standards. Whether it is waterproof or sweat -proof, or even rainy days, you don’t need to worry about water damage, so that you can rest assured in use.

Daily operation:

Click to play/pause:

Double -click to switch up and down:

Long press the volume adjustment:

Three -click to call Siri:


It is convenient for daily operations. Wearbuds headphones also use touch -type operations similar to most of the headphones on the market. You can use different fast operations. For example, click to play pause, double -click to switch up and down, long press the adjustment of the sound amount, lightly strike lightly You can answer or hang up the phone twice, long press for 2 seconds to achieve fast call, three -click to wake up the voice assistant, etc., basically cover most of the playback function operations, so that you can easily control it without the help of your mobile phone.


Well, after experiencing the design and function of the headset, let’s talk about the audition experience. After listening to a group of popular music, the performance of sound quality still made me very amazing. At first I thought it was better than ordinary Bluetooth headsets. It will make you feel too empty. The low -frequency performance is better. At the same time as a strong feeling, it is fast, and the sense of volume is also very sufficient. I have to say that it is in terms of sound quality. APT-X in decoding format.


The sound quality of the headset is excellent, so the bracelet function is the same. Not only can you record the exercise data for us every day, but also with a 24 -hour cardiac detection, but also supports SMS reminders, no longer miss important telephone information.


In terms of operation, the bracelet also uses a touch type. By sliding the touch screen, you can see the time date, current steps, current heart rate, calorie, floor, distance and setting, so that you can easily understand the current movement.

APP client:


If you want to know more detailed exercise data, you must download the “Wearbuds” APP. In addition to seeing the current sports data and heart rate, you can also see the current sleep state. It can also be set for reminders, including call reminders, sedentary reminders, and so on.

Another more intimate thing is that “Himalayan” can also be built -in. You can listen to music and broadcast, so that you can enjoy the convenience of two birds with unnecessary opening of other music players.


Written at the end:


From the above experience, we can see that Wearbuds is indeed very good. Whether it is a bracelet, or in the headset, every detail of the details is enough to see their intentions. Do not worry about the loss of the headset. Compared with the need to bring an additional smart bracelet+real wireless headset, it is obvious that the Wearbuds is more convenient and more in line with modern people’s needs for such products. Well, what I want to ask Wearbuds, welcome to leave a message below.

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