50 men’s clothing brands, saving the “tepid” men’s clothing department in the mall


China Merchants Vane: 50 Most Handy Men’s Brands.


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2017 men’s clothing brand list TOP50

In 2017, the shopping center focused on the TOP50 of the men’s clothing brand list, and the fashion leisure costume topped the list with 22. Home; Chinese brands account for 30.

There are 13 emerging brands, including 4 tide brand, 4 fashion casual clothes, 2 designer brands, 2 brand collection stores, and 1 business installation.

(Emerging brand definition: Brand that entered the Mainland Shopping Center in China in the past three years)


2017 men’s clothing list top50

Overall summary and trend analysis

With the improvement of the overall income level and changes in the population structure, the domestic men’s clothing market has developed rapidly in recent years. According to public statistics, the size of the Chinese men’s retail market in 2018 is expected to exceed 1.02 trillion yuan. It is the general trend of the industry.



The rise of the tide brand, the designer brand, and the design of men’s clothing design

Consumers’ awakening of men’s styles and personalized awakenings have allowed tide brands with powerful designer back shields, designer brands from niche to the mainstream. [Taiping Bird Men’s Clothing] In 2017, the Peacebird Men X Snoopy special joint series was launched.

Go to fast fashion, the brand pays more attention to craftsmanship, product quality


With the development of the new consumption era, more and more customers have begun to pursue the texture of fabrics and the process of clothing. Men’s clothing brands at home and abroad have made a “upgrade” strategy for the Chinese market. Typical brands such as [Corneliani]. Completing production in Italy, the transaction time takes nearly 50 days.

Mature brand layout ecosystem, subdivide strategy to seize young groups

The clothing group builds the brand ecosystem, expands its business in various segments, and pushes the younger strategy, attracts new and rising young customer bases around unique, design, and cultural magnetic fields. Tide style fashion casual dress [16EME NORD].

Joint name, flash, cross -border and other forms are popular, and brand marketing methods have emerged endlessly

The post -90s and 00 generations have accepted the baptism of consumer concepts in market economy, globalization, and the Internet process. It has now become the main force of driving the consumer market. The marketing strategies of most brands are designed around it. For example, [Trendiano] and [SenSu Mori], the “cross -border pop -up shop” has captured the characteristics of this group of bold adopters.

Fashion leisure


The clothing group layout segmented fields, and the fashion and leisure dress is fine and obvious

Note: This list is with*years of foreign, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan brands entering Mainland China, with “NEW” that the brand is an emerging brand that has been settled in Mainland China Shopping Center in the past three years (the same below)

In TOP50, there are 22 fashion casual clothing brands, 14 of which are Chinese brands. Overall, present the following development characteristics:

■ Constantly fine, fashionable leisure clothes present a diversified design style, and many designers and tide brand -style men’s clothing brands have been born. Typical brands such as [Sketch] designed by painting techniques, fashionable Tang clothing brands [Huashengji] and so on.

■ Fashion Group’s development strategy has focused on the brand ecosystem, expanding business in various segments, such as [Yatlas] as the light luxury men’s clothing brand of Zhongzhe Group, and the brothers such as [GXG] and other brothers have enriched the Group’s product line.


■ Mature and fashionable casual clothing brands in TOP50 account for nearly 80%. “Transformation”, “upgrade”, and “innovation” are their development keywords. They also use innovative product design, enrich consumer scenarios, divergent marketing methods, such as [Fairwhale]. To fully upgrade the brand, the cool concept store landed in Shenzhen Vientiane World;

■ Fashion casual clothing brands on the list basically completed the national layout, with an average number of stores exceeding 200. Among them, [SELECTED] [Peacebird Men’s clothing] [GXG] and [Fairwhale] have opened more than 1,000 stores.



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Founded in 2010, the Herki Group, which belongs, also owns Women’s brand Ochirly, Five Plus, etc., and has officially announced the IPO recently.


Trendiano has settled in benchmark shopping malls such as Beijing Chaoyang, Guangzhou Taikoohui, and Chengdu IFS. Currently, nearly 200 stores have nearly 200 stores. In the first half of 2017, sales were 473 million yuan.

In terms of design, Trendiano starts with the British trend and creates an exclusive slim version of Asian men. The customer base is positioned at the age of 25-35. It also combines elements such as fun, fashion and environmental protection to organize activities such as the “Tide Metro” and “Photo Exhibition” to enhance the brand’s potential energy.

In 2018, the brand plans to be more than 20 in the first, second and third -tier cities.

Picture Source/VOGUE Fashion Network

【Trek & Travel】

Founded in 1964, the German brand is committed to creating the needs of clothing matching from business administration, urban leisure to outdoor sports to meet the needs of elite men’s many scenes. Paying attention to the exquisite craftsmanship and the excellent materials are its highlights, and this also caters to the trend of consumption upgrade.

In 2017, Trek & Travel’s first flagship store in China appeared in Shanghai Vientiane City. The living room -style space, wool carpet and retro sofa of its stores all reflected the exquisite and exquisite German life.

In the future, brands will continue to expand in the Chinese market, and planned 30 stores in 2018.

Picture Source/Winshang.com

【Sensu Mori】


The concept of “Mori” is the first to design literary retro and trendy gentleman clothing with urban forest style. At present, the main lifestyle stores, stores have a music area, Chang drink area, experience area and other areas, and attract passenger flow by creating marketing methods such as the “Sen Men Festival” and “Mori Flash Shop”.

In terms of operating strategies, the Sen’s online and offline sales and membership systems are used to integrate users through social platforms, offline experience platforms, and CRM platforms.

At present, the total number of stores has nearly 100 stores. In the future, the location of the first and second -tier cities is preferably a young, fashionable and life -oriented shopping mall.

Picture Source/NSU Mori

【Hua Sheng Ji】

Fashionable Tang costumes, from e -commerce to physical menswear brands. Founded in 2006, Hua Shengji is positioned as the Tang costume of young people, and is committed to the promotion of Tang costume fashion. Its logo, shop door, and clothing design all come from the Ying Gua elephants.

In the combination of traditional craftsmanship and fashion design methods, the brand has launched a series of “Peking Opera × Avengers” and “Journey to the West” and other series, combining the connotation of the oriental connotation with hot spots.

At the end of 2016, Huasheng’s first physical store appeared in the Daniel Daniel of Zhengzhou, and the store adopted an appointment shopping model. At present, it has also settled in Shanghai Shangjia Center and Changsha Bofu International Plaza. In 2018, it will expand stores in overseas regions such as first- and second -tier cities and Australia and accept it.

Picture Source/Fashion Bazaar

Business installation

Borrowing the “celebrity effect” drainage, light business customization becomes personality, diversified


There are 14 business installations (5 domestic brands), which are almost mature brands. The overall is formal and leisure, younger design, and customized personality.

■ Private custom service services for business installations, while meeting consumers’ personalized and quality needs, avoiding high inventory costs. Brands such as [Corneliani] [STEED & Wall] have customized business and tend to develop high -end development.

■ Business installation to younger transformation, extended the scope of customer base after integrating sports, trends, literature and art, and the combination of business elements and fashion elements has been popular with celebrities. It also increases the spokesperson marketing and frequently appeared on the celebrity’s “announcement”, expanding the brand influence in young groups.



Yiwen Men’s clothing, founded in 1994, belongs to the Evan Group. The implantation of oriental cultural elements and integrating Chinese and Western manufacturing technology are the characteristics of Yifen. It also integrates Chinese handicrafts and fashion butler services into advanced customization, and appears as a dress endorsement brand at the wedding of actor Chen Sicheng.


Relying on the internationalization of the supply chain and the integration advantage of global design talents, Yiwen builds Beijing Qiaofang Fangcao Store as a designer brand gathering store. In addition to Yiwen, a 300㎡ space also brings together a number of international designers. Brand and Tai Chi Cultural Products.

In 2018, Yiwen will expand 35 stores nationwide, and mainly promotes exclusive services combining embroidery and customization.

Picture Source/Brand Clothing Network

【Cerruti 1881】

Italian brands, known for its high -quality fabrics and superb craftsmanship, are favored by celebrities at home and abroad. Proposal streamlined design, Cerruti 1881 combines Italian handmade tradition, British colors and French cutting styles to create “The Cerruti Brothers” men’s business dressing series, “Cerruti 1881 Shapes” Asian series and other products. Customized service.

At present, Cerruti 1881 has exceeded 100 domestic stores, spreading all over the first to fourth -tier cities, and settled in the benchmark shopping malls such as Shenzhen Vientiane Tiandi, Chengdu Ocean Taikoo Li, Shanghai Henglong Plaza. In 2018 Circle seeking expansion.

Picture Source/China Fashion Brand Network



Founded in the 1930s, it is famous for its unique tailoring and excellent craftsmanship. It is mainly composed of two parts of clothing and customized products. Most stores have guest rooms to provide test clothes for customized clothing customers. Different from the traditional process of “tailoring, painting, cutting samples, trials, and completion”, Corneliani’s tailor -made customization will transmit customer figure data to Italy for customization. The finished product time takes about 50 days.

After being acquired by the world -renowned venture capital and management company Investcorp, the brand will carry out overall innovation in 2018 and will accelerate the development of the Chinese market, including the expansion of stores and e -commerce channels.


Picture Source/Fashion Business Network



Strong upper position, “Trendy Center” grabbing shopping center

In 2017, the popularity of the hip -hop draft show led to the development of the tide brand. In the 2017 shopping malls focusing on the TOP50 of the men’s clothing brand list, 9 tide brands were on the list, an increase of 55%over the same period in 2016.


■ Hong Kong, Taiwan, and foreign tide brands have developed relatively mature, with a total of 7 people. Among them, the originator of the American tide brand [Champion] landed in China in 2017 and settled in high -quality commercial projects such as Shenzhen Vientiane World and Xi’an Zhongda International Business Center.

■ Star artists are keen on the tide brand and create exclusive brands to promote trendy culture and circle powder, including [JUICE] Chen Guanxi, [Debrand] Wu Kequn, [Madness] Yu Wenle, [Stage] Luo Zhixiang.

■ Trending brand positioning “trend center”, stores are concentrated in the fashion landmarks of first -tier and new first -tier cities. The customer groups are mainly young people who love street culture. Among them, [D & X] and [Debrand] have a high degree of investment attention.



The high -end denim tide brand founded by Japanese designer Yamane Yamani, Edison Chen is his first Asia -Pacific spokesperson. Based on the “M” pattern of the “M” in the back bag, EVISU with ancient style has begun to open up the Chinese market in 2012. At present, 130 stores have been opened, and they have settled in urban landmark projects such as Da Yuecheng and Shenzhen Vientiane Tiandi.

It has a new 5 -storey concept store in Hong Kong, including art exhibitions, cocktail bars and other formats; it has jointly launched cooperation models with Champion Champion; Evisukuro, a brand sub -line at the end of 2015, will be born in 2018.

At present, EVISU adopts half of direct -operated and half franchise models. In 2018, it plans to increase the number of stores in the Mainland to 250.

Image source/Gaifang Design



With a 100 -year -old American sports tide brand, the first mainland store appeared in Hangzhou Building Shopping City in 2017. Champion is known for its own patented horizontal weaving technology and high -tech materials to create wearing durable and innovative products. Domestic and foreign stars have wore the brand to attend the “notice”.


As a symbol of high -machine energy sportswear, Champion has improved version cutting on the Asian market, and has worked with Supreme, BeAms, Madness, and has cooperated with a number of brands.

In 2017, it opened 3 stores in Hangzhou, Xi’an, and Shenzhen, and officially opened its market layout in China. The Hangzhou Ocean Ocean Ledi Port and Harbin Songleannang Central Store will also be unveiled.

Picture source/yoho!

designer brand

The rise of local designers, with the help of sub -cultural power to become popular


There are 3 designer brands, including [Thom Browne] and domestic brands [Sean By Sean] [ZIGGY Chen]. It has high recognition and can fully meet the new needs of consumers to show their own personality. The development characteristics are as follows:

■ Unlike foreign designers who are keen on the design concepts of Western classics and street elements, domestic designers even advocate oriental aesthetic style. For example, [ZIGGY Chen] is good at combining the concepts of Chinese characteristics with simple aesthetic concepts.

■ Segment the user group. With the power of sub -culture, the growth of the designer’s personal IP requires more cross -border business cooperation opportunities. The [Sean By Sean] on the list organized the theme film festival with the big V “Wuyun Dress”, calling on his clothes to express himself.

■ The designer brand has a low degree of commercialization. It needs to be systematized from the aspects of brand cultivation, marketing, and resource integration. For example, [Sean By Sean] rely on the resource advantage of [Magmode Hall], it is a lot of stores.





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【ZIGGY Chen】

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Chinese cutting -edge designer Chen Xiang’s personal name men’s clothing brand. Chinese design style, using classic black and gray, integrates the aesthetic concept of ZIGGY CHEN in different regions and the times, and attracts a lot of attention from literary and artistic people.

As a new domestic designer brand stationed in Lian Carver, Ziggy Chen produced the New Collection of the cross -border version of Liancarfo, and also created a “freehand shadow” creative window exhibition in Shanghai Xintiandi.

At present, the brand has set up more than 60 counters and specialty stores in major cities across the country. Among them, Shanghai Xintiandi Branch is the first concept store in China to integrate men’s, women’s clothing and home supplies.

Picture Source/Sina Blog

Brand collection store

Play the buyer, the incubation mode encourages the head brand

Retail terminal competition has intensified, and brand gathering stores have become a new force. In TOP50, there are two brand collection stores, including designer brand collection stores [Magmode Hall] and Tide Brand Collection Store [YOHO! Store].

■ Domestic men’s clothing stores generally adopt buyers. This model is conducive to the development of original design and personalized brands, as well as the cultivation of the niche consumer market. For example, the clothing business model of [Magmode] is composed of three parts: designer brand, designer cooperation series, and purchase of the contract holding.

■ The hatching mode of the brand collection store has an incubation model, such as [Magmode Hall] incubated designer brands such as Mattitude and Arc Atelier, and has become the head brand of designer brand collection stores.

■ In addition, the brand collection store is developing towards the integrated trend center, such as YOHO! [YOHO! Store], which not only creates tide -selling products, art exhibitions, and trending classrooms. upsurge.

【YOHO! Store】

Online and offline integrated trendy centers, an offline store created by YOHO!, Which sells 2 billion yuan, is sold for 2 billion tide brand e -commerce platforms. The store is based on “Live In, STAY COOL”, with an area of ​​nearly 5,000 square meters. In addition to new retail in the trendy product, it also provides one -stop lifestyle experience such as art exhibitions, Livehouse performances, and trendy classrooms.

As an important part of YOHO! “Media+Retail+Activity” business model, YOHO! Store held more than 200 interactive community activities each year. In October 2017, the first store appeared at the Nanjing IST Aishangtian Tiandi Shopping Center. The monthly turnover exceeded 4 million yuan.

In addition to Nanjing, YOHO! Store will also expand to first -tier and new cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, and Chengdu, and plans to continue to upgrade according to the city spirit and project scale.

Picture source/i black horse



2017 men’s clothing brand list TOP50 summary


Emerging brands are listed on the list, and 2017 increased by 43% year -on -year


The men’s clothing industry has accelerated. In this annual men’s list, emerging brands account for 26%, the highest in recent years.

Judging from the proportion of subdivisions, emerging brands are mainly concentrated in tide brand, brand collection stores and designer brands. Among them, brands such as [Debrand], [Seven Modern], and [Magmode] are all among TOP20.


Chinese brands account for 60%, and Italian brands in foreign brands are the most popular

In this year’s men’s clothing list, 30 Chinese brands were listed on the list (including 6 Hong Kong and Taiwan brands), accounting for 60%. 7 brands including [Peacebird Men’s Clothing], [GXG], [Fairwhale] entered TOP10; foreign brands Among them, Italy, the United States, and British brands are listed on the list of 6, 4, and 3 respectively, ranking the top three in foreign brands.

There are nearly 1,000 brand planning stores on the list, and 40%of the brand will expand to the country


The 50 men’s clothing brands on the list, in 2018, planned to expand the total number of stores, a total of nearly 1,000 stores, of which nearly 10 brands were more than 50.


With the sinking of retail channels, 40%of the TOP50 brands will expand nationwide, which basically covers the first and second -tier and economic momentum of third- and fourth -tier cities.

Winshang Big Data Center and Hanyu Business Research Institute jointly released

List description

List of the list: Encourage brands to innovate, monitor brand development trajectories, and predict a new trend of evolution in the retail industry

Evaluation method: Combined with the brand’s annual browsing data, online hot words search data, the number of store opening, the number of store opening, the level of the city, the level of the shopping mall, brand expansion activity, and brand innovation for comprehensive assessment. The higher the brand ranking, the stronger the comprehensive strength of the brand, and the more attention to the shopping mall

Data collection time: January-December 2017

Data support: Zhou Na, Lin Jiahong, Xie Xianfen

List evaluation: Xie Fei

Report writing: Lin Rongfeng

Professional support: Beijing Hanbo Business Research Institute

Professional support: Liu Cuixiao

Total control of the list: Huang Jing

Special Note

Without the list of brands, in addition to the current standards of evaluation, there may be the following reasons: ① No brand information on Winshang.com has not been uploaded on Winshang.com; Or the brand contact information is invalid, we cannot verify.

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