Sony Walkman NW-A105HN Trinity experience buying Sony is not just feelings

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索尼Walkman NW-A105HN试听体验 买索尼可不只是情怀

[Global Network Intelligent Evaluation Zhang Yida] Walkman is of great significance to many post -80s. This is likely to be the first music player in the post -80s. From here we have contacted Michael Jackson and Hong Kong’s “Four Heavenly Kings”. In the intelligent era, although smartphones have replaced most products, the Sony Walkman series player has never stopped evolution, hoping to bring consumers a better sound quality experience.

On October 10, 2020, Sony launched the new version of the firmware upgrade for the Walkman’s 40th anniversary NW-ZX500 series, the NW-A100 series Android high-resolution music player, and launched the new version of the firmware upgrade. The performance of the player is significantly improved. Yida also upgraded the latest experience and sharing to all netizens.

This music player in Yida is the NW-A100 series in October 2019, with a specific model of NW-A105HN. From the perspective of appearance, the Sony NW-A105HN uses an aluminum shell to create the fuselage, which can fully ensure the stability of the structure and prevent the sound quality of any shell structural instability, making the bass clear and strong.

索尼Walkman NW-A105HN试听体验 买索尼可不只是情怀

The internal device Sony NW-A105HN uses high-quality film capacitors to achieve transparent wide-frequency range and more natural sound quality. It is worth mentioning that the Sony NW-A100 uses a high-quality large resistor as the NW-ZX500, or even the flagship level NW-WM1Z as the LC filter of the headset output to eliminate magnetic distortion and achieve high transparency Excellent sound quality.

索尼Walkman NW-A105HN试听体验 买索尼可不只是情怀

NW-A105HN uses the Android 9.0 operating system. This small player does not have operating disorders in the hands of consumers, just like a simple version of Android phone, and users can also download the music applications they are used to online listening music online music , Avoid downloading a lot of music. NW-A100 passed “Hi-Res Audio Wireless” high-resolution audio wireless certification. Support LDAC wireless codec, which means that consumers can use Bluetooth headsets to easily enjoy high -resolution sound quality music and get an excellent listening experience.

After the firmware upgrade this time, the original DSEE HX ™ digital sound enhanced engine will be upgraded to DSEE Ultimate digital sound enhancement engine flagship version. It can improve the digital audio quality in real time through AI technology. The dynamic volume balancer “and” alcoholic sound technology+”are customized to set the sound effects. In the control details, after the firmware upgrade, the new” search related “and” pinyin blur retrieval “are added. By 32, the control is more intimate and convenient.

The most interesting part of Sony NW-A105HN comes with a player is that in order to pay tribute to Walkman’s 40 years, the screen protection theme of “Tape-type Walkman” is preset. And the appearance of this tape is not exactly just a decoration. The box -type tape interface looks at the code that the user listens to the music and the code. For example, the common MP3 format 128kbps code rate music belongs to the damaged codec to show orange -red, and the common non -destructive codec will show the appearance of the purple tape.

The IER-NW510N in-ear headphones that are randomly included are not very ordinary headphones. They are comfortable to wear and effectively eliminate the surrounding environmental noise through high-resolution noise reduction technology. Can be immersed in the world of music more fully.

索尼Walkman NW-A105HN试听体验 买索尼可不只是情怀

In the actual listening process, I chose the song “Ten Thousand Possibilities” in the mid -frequency band, FLAC coding, 16bit sampling depth, 44.1kHz sampling rate, and the bit rate of 958kbps. The most obvious performance in the song in the song is Sony NW-A105HN, which opens the alcohol sound+mode. It feels like the sound is full of ears, the human voice is gentle and powerful.

In the low frequency, “Boom CLAP” is selected. This song is characterized by dynamicness. Sony NW-A105HN brings a sense of hearing, especially at the beginning. The feeling of beating in the music festival makes people sway with the music unconsciously.

High -frequency selected “Wild Bee Flying”. This music shows a scene of a group of Hornet flying. The transient performance is very strong, because this music uses a very high 24bit sampling depth, which is very highly analyzed. With the performance of Sony NW-A105HN, when you close your eyes, you will feel the rolling sound flow. It seems that a group of horses are flying around you, the instrument switch, and the transient performance is perfect.

On the whole, this Walkman can awaken many people’s memory of music, strong music expression and updated firmware systems to create richer and full sound quality expression. Although many people think that the current smartphone is enough to meet their own music playback needs, but for friends who love music, a commemorative Walkman can also provide a more perfect sound quality experience, but it cannot be missed.

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