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If you want to dress, you have a consensus. Hydropower construction is the weight in home renovation. Not only because our lives are inseparable from water and electricity every day, but it is more important that it is also related to the safety and life of family. The total listener is complained like this:

“Circuit is faulty!” “” The socket is not enough! “” TV computer signal is always disturbed! “” Total trip! “

Today, Xiaomi will give you some experience of some hydropower master, hoping to help everyone, have been killed again!

First, circuit layout positioning

The positioning of this, simply, is the place where you want to use electricity, specifically divide three aspects: socket, switch, lamp.

1, luminaire:


Show everyone a schematic diagram of a luminaire layout, you can refer to the lighting point marked in the figure, and what is the need to install with the designer, which is unnecessary, according to your actual needs.

Lighting layout diagram

2, switch:

First, according to the corresponding switch according to the lamp, then according to the motor line of the house, add the switch as appropriate, let me see a schematic.


Xiaomi suggested that putting the lighting fixture of the restaurant and the living room, and is set in the door of the room, so according to the moving line, no matter whether it is from the room, or back to the room, there will be no smearing light or off. The case of the lamp. The principle of dual-control switch design is based on the overall motor line of the house, avoiding folding, so everyone can use this.

3, socket:

The socket layout is similar to the switch, first considering which places need to be placed in large furniture, such as sofa, TV, coffee table, cabinet, etc., the size and specific location according to the furniture.

Show like a picture, because there is no position in advance, causing a post-socket to be blocked by the sofa, thus causing waste of resources and dismissed. Let’s give you a high degree of some home appliance sockets.

Socket height diagram

There are also some places that are easy to miss out of the socket:

(1) Under the kitchen sink: water purifier, garbage processor;

(2) Next to the toilet toilet: can only charge, mobile phone charging;

(3) The bathroom is below the bathroom: soft water machine, small water treasure;

(4) Bath cylinder side: charge the iPad, audio, etc. when taking a bath;

(5) Plug it below the tea: tea tray water pump;


(6) Next to the dressing table: Skin care instruments that need to be plugged in;

(7) Corridor: vacuum cleaner;

(8) Beide the balcony washing machine: small water treasure, night light;


Second, circuit discharge pipeline

1. Wire to have several key attention:

First, pay attention to the vertical direction, when sliding on the concrete wall, it must be sluched vertically, otherwise it will affect the strength of the wall. Second, the ground line should be taken as much as possible, it is not only convenient to check the repair, repair the cross, but also avoid damage to the wire when installing the floor.

2, there are many ways to make mistakes:

(1) The distance between power and weak electricity is 26 cm-44cm. Because the power generation generates an electromagnetic field, it has an impact on the weak electric signal, so there is a certain distance from the strong weak line;

(2) When a strong weak electricity encounters a cross, it is necessary to cover the tin foil paper on the line pipe to prevent mutual effects;

(3) Strong power is never allowed to be inserted into the same tube;

(4) The cross-sectional area in the line pipe does not allow 40% of the cross-sectional area of ​​the entire line tube;

(5) If there is no special requirements, the socket should be 25cm away from the ground to prevent water leakage during water;

(6) When the length of one line exceeds 15 meters or there are more than 3 elbows, it is necessary to install a junction box, otherwise the wire is not in the past;


(7) Connect the socket, the principle of the left zero-right fire should be followed when switching;

(8) Determine the zero line, the ground, and the fire line cannot be replaced at will after the color;


(9) The distance between the line pipe and the gas pipeline is at least 35 cm or more, otherwise there will be a safety hazard;

(10) Lighting in different regions of the home is to separately, and there is also an electric appliance such as air-conditioned refrigerator, water heater, etc., which is also available separately, which is convenient for later maintenance and overhaul.

Third, other precautions

1. Basin under the basin

Some families are only installed with a hose when they are in the water, and there is no stinkage, causing the odor in the waterway to return to the room. So, during the installation process, remember to install the S-type defertic bending pipe.


2, water pipe bag sound insulation cotton


Many family decoration, the bedroom is close to the bathroom, often can hear the water flow, mostly because there is no sound insulation of the water pipe before. This has a great impact on people who sleep shallow. Therefore, when the waterway is transformed, remember to pack sound insulation cotton.

3, install the total water valve

In the later stage, the situation of leaking, no one said, it is difficult to live in a time. This time is very necessary to install a water pipe head and avoid the accident.

In addition, after the completion of hydropower, it must be properly kept in a good circuit diagram, and the problems in the late stage can be compared to the inspection and maintenance.

The above is the sharing today, what pits do you encounter when you are in water? Come and comment on the district!

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