The National Aerospace Administration announced the photo of the Chang’e 5 Monthly Watch National Flag Show

The flag opened the moon watch, and the five -star shone. After the data receiving and processing of the scientific research team, today (4th), the National Space Administration announced the photos displayed by the Detector Chang’e 5 on the moon surface of the moon on the moon. This is the five -star red flag again after the Chang’e 3 and No. 4 mission, and it is once again on the surface of the moon, and it is also the first monthly display of the five -star red flag.

△ Chang’e -5 lander and rising device combination panoramic camera shooting the five -star red flag on the moon successfully.


△ Chang’e -5 lander and rising device combination panoramic camera circulation imaging, the five -star red flag was successfully unfolded on the moon. In addition, the robotic arm and sampling device of the table samples were seen above the image.


This special flag is made by domestic special materials and weighs only 12g. In the photo of the “Chang’e”, the flag of “Chang’e” showed a bright “Chinese red” under the sun.

(CCTV reporter Cui Xia Wang Shiyu Li Xia, Li Ning Yang Hongyang, Wu Tianbai National Aerospace Bureau Qi Tielei Li Chenye Yu Tian supporting unit: National Observatory Cooperation: Our Space Innovation Practice Center)

(Edit Yin Huixian Visual Ai Yanmei)

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