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Tianlian Sunshine (Beijing) Sports Development Co., Ltd. is the pioneer and leader of “soft sports equipment”. It is a model of “physical education integration” innovative sports company. Evaluate AAA -level credit enterprises. The company has more than thirty national patents and the copyright of more than ten textbooks and software, serving institutions such as preschool education, compulsory education, special education, and off -campus sports. Overall solutions such as equipment and sports competitions, training, communication. It is an international field children’s track and field authorization promotion unit and equipment supplier; the Chinese track and field association children’s track and field partners and official equipment suppliers.


In 2009, the “International Field Children’s Fun Track Project” was introduced to China. In the past 10 years, more than 30 countries in the world were sold well in more than 30 countries. , To serve more than 10,000 provinces and cities across the country; continuously held the five “National Children’s Fun Track and Field Games” at the National Stadium-Bird’s Nest, and hosted the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games and the Beijing World Track and Field Championship Children’s Track and Field Enlightenment; Promoting Participated in the “Ministry of Education’s” Standards for Equipment for Sports Equipment and Facilities of Primary and Middle Schools “and” State Sports General Administration of Sports on “Guiding Opinions for Children’s track and field competition” and the formulation and introduction of provinces and cities to promote children’s track and field related policies. “Tianlian Sunshine” has become the most loud brand in the field of sports education in children and primary and secondary schools! Looking forward to winning with you!

Product introduction



Soft -style exercises



Cross -jump pad



Soft -style training javelin

Campus soft sports equipment is a combination of Tianlian Sunshine (Beijing) Sports Development Co., Ltd. and International Field. It is developed by the international field children’s track and field project concept and the actual needs of school sports. It is suitable for sports equipment to carry out sports activities in schools.


Case display

Case name: The 12th Primary School, Xi’an High -tech Zone–


Children’s fun track and field teaching


Daily “short -span relay” teaching

In the daily “cross jump” teaching

Teaching daily “throwing soft javelin” teaching

“Tianlian Sunshine (Beijing) Sports Development Co., Ltd.” is the promotion agency of the “International Field Children’s track and field” project in China. It is the pioneer of campus soft sports equipment. High -tech enterprises, the company actively responds to the “Healthy China 2030 Planning Outline” in order to improve the physical fitness of young people, take school sports as a breakthrough, and uses sports equipment and teaching and training methods as a means to serve preschool education, primary and secondary school education, and education, primary and secondary school education, and primary and secondary schools. Special education and off -campus sports institutions provide advanced sports teaching, training concepts and methods, as well as safe and efficient sports equipment and sports competitions, training, exchanges and other related services.

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