Let me talk about the bathroom decoration. These 4 kinds of hardware should be carefully selected.

The choices of kitchen hardware, doors and windows, and bathroom hardware are closely related to the comfort of us. So how to choose is important. Today, let’s talk about how to buy bathroom hardware.

First, let’s talk about shower.

One, shower

01 material

The composition of shower: shower head+valve core+hose+angle valve.

● Show head, commonly stainless steel and copper in materials.

◇ The price of stainless steel is not high and has good abrasion resistance, but it is easy to accumulate dirt and leak water for a long time;


◇ Copper quality is good, corrosion -resistant, and it is not easy to accumulate, but the price is slightly expensive, and it is not light. It affects comfort during use.


In short, you can choose according to the budget and personal preference.

● Valve core: Common stainless steel, copper, and ceramic material. It is recommended to choose ceramics, high temperature resistance, and use not rust for a long time

● Hoster pipes: Common PVC, stainless steel, choose stainless steel for stainless steel, which is not easy to aging;

● Corner valve: It is responsible for controlling the hot and cold water switch. It is made of copper, and it is easy to replace.

02 style

There are generally two types of shower. The handheld is the most common, and it is convenient to use. The top -spray water output is larger. It is recommended to choose according to the habit of use. You can also be in.

△ Hand Hand+Top Spray

PS: When choosing a shower, you can use the knocking method, and the choice sounds crisp;

It is recommended to test the spray water flow before buying. Silicone is recommended to clean the pores. It is easy to clean; you can check whether there is a Cupu quality certification when buying.

Secondly, the purchase of the floor drain is related to drainage, deodorization, etc., and cannot be sloppy.

Two, floor drain

01 Common floor drains


There are two common floor drains in the bathroom: T -type self -proclaimed floor drain and U -shaped water seal floor drain.

● The T -type floor drain uses spring back to prevent insects. Fast drainage is drained, but long -term water flushing can cause spring aging, so it is mostly used in the dry zone of the bathroom.

● U -shaped water sealing floor drain is also called deep water floor drain, which uses the principle of sealing of water curved liquid. The submarine floor drain we often hear belongs to this, suitable for the shower area for most families.

After understanding the commonly used floor drain, we can’t be too casual in materials.

02 Material selection

The composition of the bathroom floor drain: The bottom plate+inner core, the anti -deodorant and insect -proof, easy to clean, and not easy to block three points.

● It is recommended to choose all copper or 304 stainless steel for the bottom board. Select the brushed surface of the process, look at it;

● The inner core is selected according to the installation height:

① 6-8cm: It is recommended to choose a V-shaped internal core and flip floor drain with a leakage net. The installation height of these two types is almost unlimited and the cleaning is simpler;


② 8-12cm: It is recommended to choose the UFO type and T type of the built-in filter. Both types of drainage are relatively fast and the deodorant effect is good;

③ ≥12cm: It is recommended to choose a U -shaped floor drain with anti -pouring silicone. The deodorant and insect -proof and anti -insect -proof effect is effective. The drainage is moderate. It is often used in the shower area.


● Internal core material pursues cost -effective selection of ABS internal and silicone internal cores. It is recommended to select all copper and stainless steel cores with sealing rings;

PS: Before buying, confirm the size of the bathroom pipe diameter, commonly 14mm, 50mm, and 75mm. The size of the floor drain ensures ≥ tube diameter size. To ensure the drainage speed, the floor drain should be about 2mm lower than the ground during installation. Then the leader, the frequency of daily use is very high.


Three, leading

Followed composition: valve core+main body+surface material+angle valve.

● Lottery valve core: there are many ceramic valve cores on the market, which are seal and durable; try to choose a brand guarantee when buying, the higher the number of opening and closing times, and the longer use time;

● The main body of the faucet affects the water quality, and the common subject material stainless steel and copper.


◇ The mainstream of the copper system is the mainstream in the market, which has the effect of bacteriostatic effects. 59 copper and H62 copper are more recommended. The price is moderate and the cost is relatively high. However, it is recommended to choose a brand guarantee.

◇ It is recommended to choose 304 materials for stainless steel. The hardness and toughness are greater than the copper -made, without lead, but the price is high, and the budget is sufficient to consider this;


● Large surface material is commonly drawn, painted, and plated. Electroplating surface is smoother and wear -resistant, effectively prevent corrosion rust; it is recommended to choose drawing for matte materials, matte and durable on the surface;

● Like the faucet valve, the whole copper angle valve is recommended;


PS: The height of the bathroom faucet should be consistent with the basin of the basin. The leading height of the all-in-one and the potting of the pot is recommended to be 10-15cm higher than the table, and it is too high to splash water. 15cm. Finally, some pendants in the bathroom.

Fourth, pendant


Trains in the bathroom are generally generally including towels, tissue racks, toothbrushes, shower corners, etc.

Common materials on the market:


◇ Space aluminum: mainstream material on the market, matte surface, good antioxidant effect, moderate price, but light weight, easy to deform for heavy objects;


◇ Stainless steel: high stability, good corrosion resistance, but a single style, high cost performance;

◇ Copper: Divided mind and hollow, strong practicality, can be hung with heavy objects, durable, but the price is high, and there is a possibility of fading;


In summary, space aluminum does not need to be hung with heavy objects. Considering cost -effective stainless steel or hollow copper; surface treatment is recommended for copper chrome.

Size selection:

◇ The common size of bath towel racks is about 600mm, and the width is about 22-30cm. It can meet daily needs.

◇ The paper towel rack is generally 125-130mm long, 120mm wide, and a height of 120-130mm;

◇ Shower corner basket is at the corner of the wall, and the diameter is often 213-312mm. Select according to needs.

Well, the content of this issue about the bathroom hardware is over here. Is your bathroom hardware satisfactory? Talking about the comment area ~

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