2021 Asserara: The old dog did not change the new outfit

The new symbol of Qiya’s nose, the latest Saratta brings a lot of upgrades to maintain its strong

Three years after its current life cycle, the fourth -generation Kiasisarat has been updated to maintain the most popular model of the Korean brand -one of Australia’s best -selling passenger cars -beauty and freshness. Now the price is higher than 25,490 Australian dollars plus road costs, the Celata small cabin/sedan series brings more standard equipment, improved cabin facilities, updated security and information and entertainment technology, and the improved suspension on top GTs, the improved suspension The purpose is to provide a more compliant ride experience. Perhaps the most obvious is the new front -end design, and the new badge of Kia has been applied for the first time in its nose.


In addition to the badge, you can also discover the starting grille from 2021 to Asia Sairatu. The grille is now extended to the face of a small car to connect the new ultra -thin headlights.

The tail shape of the door is still the same-again, except for the new corporate logo-but the car has selected new taillights, a new luggage lid and bumper have been redesigned.


The starting price is A $ 25,490 plus the entry -level S -Class highway costs. The same four variants have been transferred. Starting from S, this series has risen to Sport (starting from A $ 27,590), Sport+(from 30,640 A $ 30), and flagship GT. Now it is confirmed that the price of $ 35,290 plus ORC — or $ 3690.

This means that GT is more than $ 1100 than before, but the pricing of $ 1,700 is kept in a competitive position. The location of other models is also better. S only costs $ 500, Sport only needs $ 400, Sport+ $ 1050.


Sale price? The owner of Kia Australia, Damianmereds, has promised that the pricing of driving is a “long -term strategy”, so it is expected that they will not change quickly.


Another update in 2021 is a shift manual. All standard GT uses the same six -speed automatic torque converter to pair it with the naturally inhaled 2.0 -liter four -cylinder gasoline engine.

The flagship GT uses a stronger 1.6 -liter turbocharged four -cylinder engine, combined with the seven -speed dual -clutch automatic transmission. Each Sarato is a front -wheel drive.

The standard devices on the GT tested here include headlights, daytime running lights, fog lights and taillights LEDs, 18 -inch alloy wheels wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport 4 rubber The memory of the seat and the driver, as well as the wireless phone charging, only gives a few cases.

Kia also provides seven -year/unlimited kilometers warranty, seven -year fixed price services, and seven -year roadside assistance packages. It also provides real -time traffic updates of Mapcare and SUNA for 10 years.

GT’s services expire every 12 months or 10,000 kilometers (other levels and 15,000 kilometers). The cost of the first three years is A $ 1104, and the five years are A $ 2051.


Enhance the game

The larger 10.25 -inch touch screen is located on the top of the new 2021 instrument board from the new 2021 Acelato (from the motion model). Now it has the same features we see in other new models of the Korean brand, including our 2020 car, Qiasolando.

These include digital broadcasting (DAB) and “Natural Voice” -The relaxed sounds, such as waves and crackling fireplaces, aiming to keep passengers cool.


The wireless phone charging is retained for GT, but each Sarato has the same 4.2 -inch LCD instrument panel.

Like the larger brothers and sisters, the modified Kia Sairatu now brings new security functions, such as the rear police alarm, safety export warning and guiding vehicles to leave. If you do not pay attention, the latter will tell you the car ahead Started away.

All models are equipped with automatic emergency braking (AEB), and the traveler and cycling person test, blind spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, reversing camera, front and rear parking sensors, lane follow -up assistance, rear cross -traffic alerts and automatic high beams.

Sport+ and GT’s highest five -star ANCAP security rating, but S and Sport variants still have only four -star level, unless they are equipped with a $ 1,000 security package to achieve standards.

This package includes AEB Fusion II with the function of car, pedestrian and cycling detection, electric parking brakes, 15 -inch rear disc brakes, intelligent cruise control, blind spot detection, rear cross -traffic alert and electric folding rearview mirror.

GT sports spice


As before, the strong power system in the Asseratus GT since 2021 truly defines this top -level variant.


GT is the only level that provides power by the familiar turbocharged 1.6 -liter four -cylinder engine, which can generate 150 kilowatts of power and 265 Nm torque. This is sent to the front wheel through the seven -speed dual -clutch automatic transmission, which feels like a successful combination.

Keeping high speed and working hard is the best place to provide sufficient mid -high power. Even in the “normal” driving mode, a large number of synthetic engine noise flows into the cabin very significantly.

In the “sports” mode, artificial noise seems to be greater, the engine automatically matches when the file is reduced, and the throttle becomes more sensitive.


It is not a hot cabin (or hot car), but it is a fascinating and pleasant driver.

When you use a gearbox to change the gear pole or change the paddles, the dual -clutch responds quickly to the driver’s input, and the only situation that you may need to fight with the steering wheel is to take off during the acceleration period. There are some torque steering there and and there are some torque steering and steering and steering and steering and steering and steering and steering and steering of it. The wheels slide requires fighting.

Kia’s joint cycle fuel consumption in GT sedan claims to be 6.9 liters/100 kilometers -we spend the most time in it -the actual average fuel consumption is 8.4 liters/100 kilometers. If we do not frequently switch gears in Royal National Park, we may see lower numbers.

However, the most impressive thing in GT is its solid suspension and tightly wrapped body.

Although measures to improve suspension compliance, for some people, GT may still be a bit too strong -especially those who often drive on rugged rural roads -but through the twists and turns, the stretching part is stretched. The tight cycling really became vivid.


The combination of 18 -inch large alloy wheels, sticky Michelin rubber and multi -link rear suspension (other models use torque beams) brings a lot of front -end grip and reliable handling.

Kia Australia said it had softened the compression and rebound of the rear seismifier, and adjusted the rebound at the front end of the 2021 CERATO GT to improve the balance of ride conformity and handling.

We were told that the rest of the CERATO series also made slight suspension updates, but there was no meaningful result.

What really makes CERATO GT feel uneasy is the need for large potholes or road defects, and its rapid steering makes it a machine that is really inspiring to throw in the corner.

I heard, don’t feel

The large wheels and tire combinations in the 2021 CERATO GT make the driving noise in the cabin.


Especially on the unclean road, tires and road noise are full of cabin, you often hear every road defect you encounter, not what you feel.


Even if the appearance changes, the size of the Sarato after the money remains unchanged. The length of the car is 4640 mm and the length of the cabin is 4510 mm.

The wheelbase of the two is the same, both 2700 mm, so the cabin space is the same as before. The trunk space also remains unchanged. The cabin is 428 liters and the car is 502 liters.

There is enough space for four adult passengers to travel relatively comfortably. The factory tilt/sliding sunroof in GT will not occupy too much head space for the rear passengers, and the rear leg space is also good -as long as there are no giants in the front seats.

The rear seat facilities include a USB-A port, ISOFIX fixed point on the outer seat, the central armrest with a cup holder, and a bottle of wine in each bag.


An important update of the new Kia Sairatu is the increase in the back ventilation of the rear -previous omissions of low -standard models.

In front, GT’s sports seats are very suitable for long -term driving, allowing you to keep your place in place when you turn quickly. The driver can adjust the eight -way electric adjustment through the waist and position memory. The GT level increases the ventilation of the seat, supplemented the leftover heat treatment.

The field of vision in all directions is very good, even from the small back window of the cabin and the car.

The 2021 ASErassia GT, which is priced at AUD 37,000, will not become a batch seller in the series. The series is carefully built to attract extensive teams and private buyers.

Most sales will be used for basic S models, which are expected to account for 55%of sales, but it is expected that flagship GT will reach 20%.

Those who stand on the warm disk provided by the Asseratus GT will not be disappointed.

It did not become a hot topic overnight. But it is a strong performer. Combining practical and comfortable cabins, high -level safety and technology, and fascinating dynamics, it is worth careful observation.


From 2021, Asia Sairatu GT

Engine: 1.6 -liter four -cylinder turbine gasoline

Output: 150kW/265nm


Transmission: Seven -speed dual -clutch automatic


Fuel: 6.9L/100km (ADR combination)

Carbon dioxide: 157g/km (comprehensive ADR)

Safety level: five -star (ANCAP 2019)

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