Magic Airborne Super Long Beach Towel Corona Beer to create the most beautiful sunset party

98 meters super long sand beach scarf stunning, bringing a new moment of sunset moments from the brand

魔都空降超长沙滩巾 科罗娜啤酒打造最美日落派对

Lying on the ultra Changsha beach, enjoy the most beautiful sunset party

Stepping into Corona’s passionate beach, the summer breath will surround people. This sunset party collects sand beaches, music, beer, food, and five experience: accompanied by dynamic music, people enjoy Corona while dancing. The passionate dancers dance with the audience with the audience with the free trip. Or in the creative market and each experience area feels the Mexican style. The Corona cocktail modulated by the professional bartender is intoxicated, and there is also a unique Mexican cuisine.

魔都空降超长沙滩巾 科罗娜啤酒打造最美日落派对

The guest scene experience the most beautiful sunset, Mexican style pictures from the brand

On the day of the event, the 98-meter-ultrasound, the 98-meter-ultrasound, which was specially customized by Corona, was undoubtedly focused on the focus of everyone. This stunned super long beach towel is consumed by Corona, which is designed for the sunset party. At sunset, the guests are getting angry, the guests, or the viewing of the super-long sand beaches above the next to the mountainside; or unrestrainedly lying on the sunset, enjoy the lazy wine brought by music wine. One week of exhaustion fades, beams, music, beer, and dispatching time.

Invited guests to lie Colona 98 meters super long sand beach towel, indulge, carnival pictures from the brand

Feel the Corona’s sunset is only for this moment.

魔都空降超长沙滩巾 科罗娜啤酒打造最美日落派对

In everyone’s heart, summer is always inseparable from the sun beach. Lazy at home can be at home, but the summer is to go out to sweat, hug the beach sunshine is not good. The warmth of the warm sunset is paved on the warm beach of fine sand, and then matches a bottle of Corona, a lime, and it is arrived in the event of the city.

Ms. Guo Yu apple “Director of Public Relations Director, Budweis, said” “With refreshing taste and innovative scene experience, Corona’s beer has been deeply loved by Chinese consumers.” This time Corona activities, on the one hand, to reflect ‘ This moment ‘brand spirit. On the other hand, Corona also hopes to continue to enhance the more interesting consumer experience in a large market environment, so that consumers can feel the fresh charm of Corona beer in different atmospheres. “

In order to continue this pleasant experience, let consumers who have not come to the scene also feel the charm of the event, Corona also carefully creates a online H5 game, more limited demands, beache, beer sets will be in Jingdong Sales for sale.

Limited designer cooperation beach towel beer set will sell pictures in Jingdong to sell pictures from the brand

Inspired at sunset, Corona has created this ultra-long sand beach activity, giving the devil’s perfect reason, and encourage everyone to slow down, walk out of the outdoor hug, enjoy the pleasant sunset, for natural A cup. Just as Eda Beer, “the moment” is the spirit of this moment: at the sunset in each ordinary day, return to the most relaxed state, regain the cozy, and feel the real life.

魔都空降超长沙滩巾 科罗娜啤酒打造最美日落派对

About Colona

Corona was born in 1925 Mexico. After ten years of brand born, Corona became the best-selling beer in Mexico with its unique flavor. Even today, Corona is still proud of every Mexican. Today, it has become an important beer brand of Budweiser. As the first Mexican beer in the world, Corona’s figure is spread over more than 120 countries around the world. It is the brand of the first place in the United States imported beer, and is also the world’s sixth largest value of beer brands. Corona, which has a translucent color, perfect interpretation of fashion and romance, more and more love, has become a representative of excellent quality and high-end taste. The “THIS LIVING,” “this is living,” the spirit advocated by Corona has also deeply deep into every fan: “At the sunset in each ordinary day, return to the most relaxed state, regain the most simple, feel the most simple Life is initial. “

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