Children’s sun protection is particular! Are these Japanese net red sunscreen recommended by Bao Wenjing?

Lixia has passed, and it is officially drove in summer ~


I believe that many treasure mothers have a new question:

Do you want to sunscreen for your own baby?

the answer is:


Y! E! S!

Many novice treasure moms will have a wrong understanding:

Children can take calcium to supplement the sun.

Indeed, proper sun exposure can promote vitamin D,

But the strong ultraviolet rays in the summer are more disadvantaged!

For the baby’s delicate and sensitive skin,

Long short waves in the sun,

Not only is it easy to cause sunburn, but also the skin is aging.

The suggestions given by the American Pediatric Society are:

Babies under 6 months should avoid direct sunlight.

It may take only one afternoon to dry black,

But covering white, but it takes a whole winter ~

Sun protection, start from childhood!

Then the problem is here again:

Baby’s sunscreen,


Is there a difference from adult sunscreen?


The answer is still:


In fact, children at different ages,

The demand for sun protection is completely different!


Babies under 6 months are not recommended to use any sunscreen!


What should I do? Cover!


Please use the most primitive physical sunscreen, cover!

For babies and children over six months,


Going out in summer, sunscreen is not obtained!


There is a little knowledge here, please get first!


SPF on sun protection is Sun Protection Factor. It is a sunscreen indicator designated by an American doctor to measure the UVB degree that can be sunburned. There are four types of PA ++, PA +++, PA ++++. The more the number, the higher the protective power of UVA.

However, the purchase of sunscreen products is not the higher the value, the more the number, the better, because the higher the sunscreen coefficient, the relatively many chemicals contained in it, which will stimulate the skin at any time. This is even more so for children’s skin.

For the daily sunscreen of a slightly larger child, it is enough to choose SPF 15 and PA ++ sunscreen products.


Then children’s sunscreen,

How to choose?

Let ’s take a few Japanese models:


NetChoga sun cream



Anbei Sunbar

Sunscreen index: SPF50/PA +++

Pink gold bottle is not alcohol without spices, and the ingredients are moderate suitable for children over one year. The dumplings are used in the picture.

Shiseido’s exclusive “AQUA BOOSTER technology” (waterproof sweat -proof film technology) can form a uniform and strong ultraviolet sunscreen film after encountering sweat, which greatly improves the sunscreen effect.

In other words, the sun protection effect will be stronger after encountering water!

Compared with the small golden bottle of the lotion, the pink gold bottle will be heavier, but it will not be heavy and still refreshing.

Babies can wash off with ordinary soap.



Hesukang children’s sunscreen milk


Sun protection index: SPF21/PA ++,

SPF35/PA +++


Very gentle formula, using natural plant extracts as raw materials, can form a protective film for the baby’s skin while resisting ultraviolet infringement.

It is also recommended by the dumpling mother.

SPF21/PA ++, SPF35/PA +++ two types of sunscreen index. SPF21 is suitable for use when playing with children and parking in the park, and SPF35 is suitable for use in baby swimming and outdoor activities.


Similar to the lotion, it can be easily applied evenly, without greasy, and it feels very moist. And waterproof ~


Kiss me mommy children’s sunscreen

Sunscreen index: SPF33/PA +++

It is said that it can be edible sunscreen! The cost performance is super high, and the shape is super cute. The main food ingredients, no addition, absolutely safe and assured.

It is also recommended by dumpling mothers.

It is almost all food ingredients, containing apples, aloe, and raspberry extracts, which are also very gentle. Not only can the skin prevent dryness, but also moisturize the skin well.

The refreshing gel texture is not greasy, and it is very moist and moist, and it will not be white. Just soap can be cleaned.


Very gentle, with efficient sunscreen effects, configured with high adhesion prescription, suitable for infant or skin -sensitive people.


Pigeon anti -UV sunscreen cream

Sunscreen index: SPF35/PA +++,


SPF50+/PA ++++

Pigeon has always been a brand that Mommy is very trusted. This Pigeon sunscreen can be used. Pure physical sunscreen does not contain ultraviolet absorbers. The effective ingredients are titanium dioxide+zinc oxide, no alcohol, no fragrance, low irritation.

Recommendation of dumpling mother.


Generally speaking, the sunscreen coefficient of infant sunscreen is about SPF30, and the Pigeon is not only SPF35/PA +++, but also the highest sunscreen factor SPF50+/PA ++++. In fact, SPF35 is enough for babies.


The texture is moist and refreshing, the liquidity is very strong, and it absorbs fast moisturizing and not oily. The natural plant moisturizing ingredients that are close to the skin component are easy to penetrate the skin and the price is quite conscience. However, the waterproof effect is relatively weak.

Except for Bao Wenjing recommended,


The following is also the choice of many Japanese Baoma ~

An Naishi Little Light Blue Bottle


This Anjin sun is a sunscreen specially launched for children. It is mild and non -irritating, moist and non -greasy, easy to push away, waterproof and anti -sweaty effects, long -lasting skin health, sensitive muscles can also be used, you need to shake it before use, you need to shake full before use. uniform,


The texture of the light blue bottle is translucent emulsion, moist and non -greasy, the upper face is not irritating, and it will not be white. The taste is also relatively light in the series.

Pigeon peach leaf sunscreen roller

Sunscreen index: SPF20/PA ++

This sunscreen roller is added with peach leaves as a moisturizing essence, which not only protects the skin, but also prevent skin dryness.

Newborns can be used (but not recommended). The sun protection index SPF20 ++, daily travel is enough.


The little one is very good to carry with you. The most important thing is to open the lid. Its head is a roller design. Just apply it lightly each time, which is super convenient.


The liquid applied to the body is transparent, refreshing and refreshing, and it will not be white. Wash it with baby soap or shower gel when you take a bath. This is also a non -chemical sunscreen, and mothers can use it with confidence.

Y! E! S!

Sunscreen index: SPF35/PA +++,

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