Korean casual clothing brand dress

In the autumn, you can’t stop the eyebrows of Meimei wearing skirts. Let’s take a look at the autumn leisure clothing brand dresses brought by Xiaobian!

【Handu Clothing House】


Founded in 2006, Handu Clothing is one of China’s largest Internet brand ecological operation groups. With high cost performance, many styles, and fast updates, it is loved and trustworthy by many consumers. Elegant fashion is integrated.

Handu clothing stands a leisure dress

Loose waist and A -line large swing can perfectly cover the small fat, with a belt more beautiful waist, elegant small stand -up collar design, setting off the beautiful curve of the neck.

Handu clothing is thin casual dress

Hangdu Yishe

Pure color is thin casual dress, fashion lapel design, unique placket, more casual dress, waist drawing rope can also be adjusted at will.


Handu Yishe two -piece long -sleeved dress

The two -piece casual brand is thin and long -sleeved dress, with a print design on the chest, bringing a hint of aura, versatile styles to the clothes, leading the fashion trend this season.

Hangdu clothing long -sleeved denim dress


Autumn leisure clothing brand denim dress, with freely adjusting drawing waist waist design on the waist, showing thin figure, fresh or street.

Handu clothing striped print print dress


The biggest feature of skirts is the design of stripes and creative printing patterns. The stripes are contrasting, unique and personalized, creative cartoon pattern decoration, adding highlights to this dress.

The above is the autumn leisure clothing brand dress brought by Xiaobian. Don’t miss it if you like it!

Dress the brand dress, don’t miss it if you like it!


Hangdu Yishe

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