The history of communication tools I have experienced in those years is the epitome of the development of a great era.


Since the birth of the civilization of human society, from the initial tribal culture to the global integration today, all these development cannot be separated from mutual exchanges between human society. How to communicate information with each other. Media for information exchange -communication tools. From the original flying pigeon biography to today’s instant messaging, the history of the change of human social communication tools is a history of human civilization. Today, I took my personally as an example. From the history of communication tools I have experienced in the past few decades, to understand the amazing achievements we have taken since the reform and opening up of our country.



I was born in the early 1980s. The earliest communication tool I came into contact was this old -fashioned hand -cranked phone. At that time, there was one village in our village. At the time of the brigade office (at that time, it was not called the village committee office, all called a certain people’s commune and a certain production team). I remember one time with my friends and I sneaked into the office while no one was at noon. I saw one of the little friends shook a few times, and then grabbed the phone. I only heard the female voice from the phone coming from the phone, “Where do you want?” The sudden voice scared our souls, and immediately made birds and beasts. Since then we have never dared to touch the phone again, and we all said that there was a girch on the phone. It’s funny now.


Public telephone booth


After another time, a public phone booth with a card -speaking call was sprung up in every corner of the city. If you want to call, you have to get a fixed -faced call card. You only need to insert the card dial to call when you call. At that time, I also held such a card when I was in school. Now I do n’t know where I ’m throwing it. I have n’t seen the figure of the public phone booth for a long time.

home phone


Later, after the economic level increased, conditional families would install a phone call to communicate with friends and relatives. At that time, if you want to install such a phone call, you must first pay a installation fee. When I remember that when my first phone call, the installation fee was close to 2,000 yuan. At that time, the monthly call cost was composed of a monthly rent and call fee. That is, you can’t pay for a month, no matter how you call, you have to pay the lowest monthly rent per month. In addition, the domestic charging domestic fee is 0.3 yuan per minute. Essence Most of the family calls are now invisible.

My first mobile phone

After the era of landlines passed, mobile communication ushered in rapid development. People do not need to find public phone booths everywhere. A small mobile phone can solve all your communication problems, unlimited time, unlimited locations, you can contact anyone at any time. At that time, the mobile phone brand was Motorola and Nokia occupying most of the market share. My first mobile phone was Nokia 2600 bought in 2002. I remember particularly clearly that I spent a month’s salary at the time, like 800 yuan. Of course, there are more expensive mobile phones. I remember that a Motorola Palm is close to 3,000 yuan. It is a sky -high price for me. Now Nokia has become a synonym for the elderly. Who can think of how beautiful it was?

Age of smartphones


Around 2008, smartphones were born. It is no longer a simple call to send text messages, but has opened a new era of communication. Its birth is simply a new product, which has opened a new era of communication. The most representative product is the Apple 4 mobile phone of Jobs era, also known as kidney 4 mobile phones. Why is it called kidney 4? For the reason you understand, you wo n’t go into details. Later, domestic mobile phones represented by Huawei also developed slowly, and our choices were more.

The above is the history of changes in the communication tools I have experienced. You can see that the communication tools have been slow and inconvenient from the beginning. Times will get better and better, let’s wait and see! [呲 teeth]

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