41 -year -old Liu Yan’s private server is so pure, with a hat sweater with straight pants, casual comfort and clean

Unlike the bright and beautiful on the screen, the female celebrities like our ordinary people in private, like a comfortable and casual shape. Of course, as a public figure, it is necessary to maintain a stylish image at all times.


To say that it is easy to be comfortable and stylish, jeans and sweaters must have the name. There is a sense of street feeling and low driving difficulty. It is also very vibrant. Liu Yan, who has a sexy body, is very grounded in wearing a blue sweater with jeans. Although there is no strong star fan, the overall feeling is like a female student and a very pure and cute feeling.


The loose and hypertrophic style of the sweater will bring a strong comfort, and at the same time, it is also very inclusive for the figure. Tall, thin, and thin can control, especially loved by succulent figures.

The more the classic audience is wide, the more you need to use the color to improve the eye -catching degree. Liu Yan’s color matching is very pure, and the blue fresh and bright eyes are also very gentle.


Women with full breasts are easily fat, and Liu Yan’s basic hoodie, although not highlighting the body advantage, is very casual and visual to shrink the chest. It is matched with light blue straight pants , And can modify the leg lines well. The same color is comfortable and tasteful, and the overall feels very chic.


The style of the sweater is almost similar, and the details of the details have not changed significantly, so the only one that can improve the eye is color, and it can fully show the personal fashion taste.

Of course, the choice of color should also be combined with skin tone and its own temperament. The warm color system will make the leisure shape very warm, and it is also suitable for the cold season. Most people prefer cold tones, which can show a fresh or cool feeling. Especially in recent years, the neutral style is very popular, and the age -reduction effect that can create a sense of youth is more superior. You can first determine the style, and the color choice is easier.


The solid color sweater has the characteristics of versatility, and its disadvantage is that it is very sexy. Then when choosing a single product, you can put your eyes on a small design style.

Like a style with a print pattern, using small embellishments to make the shape more interesting. The relatively small print will enhance the refinement, and the larger letters design will make the neutral temperament more rich. But staying as exaggerated as much as possible, seemingly very personalized design, but will have higher requirements for temperament.

The reason why sweater is very popular has a great relationship with it. It can be combined with a variety of styles, which is easy to make the shape more diverse.

And straight jeans are one of the common matching, and anyone with a figure can control, especially the secret weapon with thin pear shapes. Many people think that light colors are prone to fat, and straight jeans can dispel this problem. The wide and stylish material can strengthen the sense of lines. While the shortcomings of the body, there is also the effect of longitudinal stretching legs.


The loose and comfortable sportswear in autumn and winter can bring a warm and uncomfortable experience. Sports suits can avoid the troubles of matching, and they are more superior to age -reducing compared with the shape of the sweater.

Liu Yan’s set of black sports suits, combined with a certain loose version, directly highlight the petite and slender advantage.

The white round neck T -shirt is clean and refreshing, and the classic black and white color scheme is fashionable and dazzling. However, I did n’t pay attention to the waistline creation, and the pants were a bit stacked, which directly caused the legs to be short and sloppy. This must be paid attention to in daily wear, especially if it ’s not very high. Essence

Women who are petite and are not very strong, it is also recommended to choose a more neat shape. Many people think that the middle and long coats are only suitable for tall men, and once they can create a sense of layering, the small man can easily control it.

The first is the creation of high waistline, and the second is that there must be differences in color matching, so that the shape looks richer, and it will have a better effect. This set of styles is relatively successful as a whole. If the pants are replaced with more fit and some versions, it will make the figure look more tall.

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