Short and fashionable wear, whether it is slightly fat or big skeleton girls, it’s done according to wearing it.

I believe that many sisters can’t control their mouths when the weather is cold. The warm foods of hot pot barbecue kept eating, and the flesh runs out. So, after winter, how to match the style and temperature coexist, and can also take care of the beauty. It still has to be worn for thin and covered meat. Today I will bring you good -looking and eye -catching and suitable daily matching solutions. Look.

Green jacket+short top+trousers


The conspicuous coat with a short top, not only shows the figure, but also can block the flesh of the waist slightly. This group of wearing fashion can be worn on various occasions, and it is simple and trendy. Hot girls like to wear like this. And wearing over -age reduction, the green coat is full of return rate, and it seems that the whole person is very playful.


T -shirt+trousers+jacket


The white T -shirt is really a must -have fashion and versatile item in our wardrobe. With daily coats+denim trousers, you can match casual and simple wear at will. The loose version is very suitable for girls with slightly fat. It will not be too close. Leg -shape, easily show a good figure.

T -shirt+cotton jacket+casual trousers

Wearing a cotton jacket with a sense of age, and then matching a piece of inside, this is the most common way of dressing, and it can also add some casual sense. The lower body is paired with straight pants or loose trousers. The high -waisted pants shape will look slender, covering the meat and thinness, and will give people a stylish and clean feeling.

V -neck loose sweater+gradient trousers+canvas shoes

In the autumn and winter seasons, the dark color is indeed the most popular color of the public, because it will be thinner to match, and it is also loved by the fat girls. The loose sweater can cover the flesh of the upper body just right, and the loose trousers can also lengthen the legs and thinner. This set of black wear is not only thin, but also the contrasting color is also very comfortable, very clean and stylish.


Round -neck sweater+jeans+canvas shoes

The sweater is really a must -have fashion item for every girl. After all, it is warm and comfortable to wear. The style is relatively loose, and it is very designed with a bit of patterns. It will not look too monotonous, and a sweater can be wore for several years. The minimalist sweaters are generally not picked by people. They are thin and can be paired with a variety of under -clothes. The versatile and stylish sweater is also very good. It seems that wearing it will have a more layered sense.

Well, the above is the sharing of today’s wear. If you like it, you can collect it. For more matching, we will continue to share next time ~

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