Three elementary school students in Meicheng “shared” a motorcycle was hit! Under 16 years old? Cannot ride

Cycling electric bicycles must be at least 16 years old, but the phenomenon of young people under 16 years of age can be seen from time to time in Meicheng. A few days ago, on the south of Meicheng, three elementary school students rode a shared bicycle together and collided with a car. Three students were hit and injured. How to strengthen the supervision of the use of bicycle sharing of youth is attractive.

Riding electric bicycles under 16 years old


At present, there are 22,200 bicycles launched in Meizhou urban areas. The bicycle sharing of these Meicheng is the ranks of electric bicycles. According to relevant regulations, riding electric bicycles must be 16 years old.

The reporter noticed that operating companies not only posted slogans such as “prohibiting cycling under 16 years of age” and “prohibited manned” on the shared bicycle, but also set up vehicle voice prompt reminders to regulate the norms. However, chaos, such as young people under 16 years of age, riding electric vehicles, shared electric vehicles, and other chaos can still be visible from time to time on the streets of Meicheng.

There is a large hidden safety hazard in the use of the shared electric vehicle that has not reached the prescribed illegal use. Once a traffic accident occurs, regrets. On March 6, a traffic accident in which a shared electric car collided with a car along Jiangnan Road. At that time, three primary school students rode a shared car together. When they turned left, they collided with the straight cars. Three students and shared electric vehicles were hit, and the accident caused three students to be injured. How to strengthen the supervision of the use of bicycle sharing of youth is thought -provoking.


Technical restrictions on operating enterprises

There are still drill vulnerabilities illegal users


It is understood that in order to prevent teenagers under the age of 16 from using shared electric vehicles in violation of regulations, the Municipal Transportation Bureau urged various brands to share technical limits and control from the source. “The real -name system is implemented by certification registration, which is limited to the use of shared electric vehicles under 16 years of age.” Said the relevant person in charge of Meizhou Meijiang Mengmeng Technology (Green Orange) Co., Ltd.

Although adolescents under 16 years of age are unable to use their identity information certification to register the registered account to scan the code to unlock the code, some young people who do not meet the regulations are not in line with the regulations. This undoubtedly increases the difficulty of supervision.

“Usually we arrange a grid staff to inspect the streets and alleys. Once we find that there are bicycles under the age of 16, the grid staff will immediately discourage it.” Wu Fenghua, a Meizhou city manager of Meizhou Branch of Meizhou Branch, told reporters that Qing Orange The three operating companies of Haruki and Pinecull have created the work group together. For users who are under the age of 16 and warn, they will notify their relevant information within the group, and jointly use the ban on users who use illegal use. Punishment for a period of time.


Parents strengthen their children’s traffic safety education

The reporter learned that in order to create a safe and orderly traffic environment, the traffic police department in our city carried out special rectification operations of bicycle sharing from time to time. During the daily law enforcement inspection, it was found that the shared bicycle sharing was not used in accordance with regulations, and dissuasion and education were promptly. In order to improve the awareness of transportation safety of parents and students and prevent the young people under the age of 16, they are not only carried out on the campus activities not only to carry out traffic safety knowledge in the traffic police department. The use of shared bicycles not only requires relevant departments to strengthen supervision, but also requires people to consciously regulate their behavior. The Municipal Transportation Bureau called on parents to raise awareness of safety, strengthen the safety education of children, and consciously and regulate the use of shared bicycles.

Photo/text: Meizhou Daily reporter Wang Lili

Edit: Luo Huanhuan

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