After buying so many years of shoes, now I know that they are all one! Can’t escape its palms left and right

1. Various brands under Belle


2. Lalesdan’s brand

3. All brands of Tianchuang Group

4. Four heavenly kings

5. Stella Luna’s brand

I believe most girls buy shoes in the mall? Let’s talk to you today, those common brands in malls.

1. In fact, they are all one


Do you pay attention? Belle, Sigatu, Tianmeiyi, Zhenmei Poetry, Miaoli and his waiters at her counters have been chaotic. Today I will push you on you tomorrow.

There is no king! Actually string! I thought so at the beginning.

Then, I started to know that they were all one from then on.

Not only one of them.

Morida, Baisu, SKAP, and the above are also one.

Belle newly opened a store called MAP, there are many self -employed and agent brands in it

Until now, Belle Group has also represented a lot of brands. Then, BATA, Clarks, and Taxi Boys, all of them have become a family. The time for the time of the time for the domestic shopping malls is not popular, and it will not mention it later.

They belong to Belle International together.

In fact, not only the women’s shoe floors, you can’t escape Belle even the sports brand floor, because they are also the national agents of Nike and Adi.

Apart from

Belle International


Now there are various brands below Lielsdam Holdings. In addition to Lielsdam, everyone may see more in the mall and its mid -to -high -end line Linea Rosa peaceful price line CNE.

If it is said that Belle International is already a yellow flower tomorrow, Lylesdan is too low -key, then

Tianchuang Group


It can be said that it is so exciting.

It is said that Tianchuang’s eyes must be dish, but the Kiss Cat must definitely know that most girls know.

Tianchuang Group has made a few young and fashionable women’s shoes brands in the past two years. The typical representative is ZSAZSAZSU Sasha Su and Tigrisso.

The characteristics of these two brands can be remembered at a glance from the decoration of the store to the product characteristics -do you like to discuss it, but you will not forget it once you see it once.

The five or six years in the international brand’s impact on the Chinese women’s shoes market in the international brand has dared to invest in two brands that take the high -end routes; especially ZSAZSAZSU, Intime Jiuguang and the like are relatively well -known in China. It is crowded in shopping malls with tall routes.

Except for the above three groups, the most widely found foundation is


Saturday’s shoe industry, FED Group, Hason Group and Qianbaiju Group

I have done it for so many years, that is, Saturday, FED, Hason, and Qian Qian’s popularity, everyone should be familiar with it. Someone should buy it by themselves.

Finally, it is to raise the marketing methods and brand positioning again.

Jiuxing Holdings


The following Stella Luna.

Can you see the roar from the price?

It was previously rumored that Stella Luna was a brand of Shanghai. In fact, it should be counted as Taiwan, which was listed in Hong Kong established in Taiwan.

In addition to Stella Luna, Jiuxing also has a more cheap What for:


Common in shopping malls, in terms of price and positioning, a domestic brand that can be tied with Stella Luna may have only Dissona women’s shoes:


But the mass foundation is far from Stella Luna, or it is mainly based on bags, and many cities do not have any shoes for their shoes. Stella Luna is like a lot of leather outsole. I do n’t buy it without discounting in domestic production …

Finally, it is imported, but the agent of the domestic group should be extremely localized.

There are NINE WEST and Naturizer

, But I have n’t bought it in these two brands for many years. I have experienced what kind of cabbage they are in the United States will not spend more than a thousand or two thousand dollars, so I wo n’t mention it today.

I believe that at least 80%of the common domestic brands have been mentioned above, there may be two or three missed ~

2. I see the brands of all brands

I have bought all the brands mentioned above, all, every, all, all have been bought, one is not missing ~


Here, mixes Belle’s self -employed and agent’s shoes brands together, so that everyone can recognize it.


according to



, Belle’s first echelon must be

Siju, BATA and Clarks


For the sisters of the students, I strongly recommend BATA. It is cheap, easy to wear, and versatile in the style. There are many shoes that can be worn hundreds of years to wear them to wear them for five years.

I would suggest that Sigatu, first, the Egyptian foot of the high foot can consider going to its family to try pointed shoes and various pointed shoes.

Second, if you don’t like those high -heeled shoes that hate the sky now and want to buy 6 cm, you can go to the Sijitu family to try it.


When I want to buy such a pair of pointed high -heeled shoes in the mall, I am always willing to go to Sigam to try it. It has not been chasing the popularity of those hate, and the high heels of Sigtu still pursue traditional women’s elegance. This is the point. It’s my favorite.

Its high -heeled shoes are deeper, which is very friendly to high arches; the upperty of the toe is sufficient, and the big toe -length Egyptian feet will be more comfortable to wear:

Its shoes may not be suitable for wide -meat feet, but I am not sure, because all shoes look very beautiful. I think it may be crowded with wide feet.

Clarks is represented by Belle, not their own self -employed, so I won’t explain much. The comfortable women’s shoes are preferred. The style is also considered to keep pace with the times in women’s shoes. Shoes, indicating that they are still in style.


Anyway, Belle’s self -employed SKAP with “comfort” as the theme …





The first echelon is

True beautiful poem

, Slightly arranged behind the physical store



(The style of the online shop is really …), the others are gone.

True Meishi is a very good brand. The main reason is that the sense of design is good. The flat shoes I bought many years ago still feel very fashionable and out of date.

Moreover, its shoes design is very international. Even if you change the price of the season, the fashionableness can throw several streets of Best Tu or something.

My potential meaning is that if you want to buy cheap and beautiful styles, you can try it when the real beautiful poem is discounted, especially when it is a price (although it is known as the mid -to -high -end line, it really has a lot of season -to -season prices), many when there are a lot of season -to -season. It’s worth buying.

If you are comfortable, you are not as good as Sigatu, and you can even say that high -heeled shoes are really not suitable for high -footed girls … Many styles of more than 10cm are so painful that I can’t put it on three floors -this is the heavy price for the beauty?

Okay, that is, I have seen very little women’s shoes except these four, especially

Besttu, Belle, Senda and her

The price is not cheaper than BATA, the style is even more lacking, and it is easy to explode the shoe.



Most shoes are not understood. Maybe their target customers will understand more.



It has a few very versatile styles occasionally. The chance of appearing in the boots will be relatively large, comfortable and easy to wear, and it is cheaper than other brands of boots. You can pay attention.


This brand did it really succeeded in the mid -to -high -end line in the early years. Later, I did not know what happened. Now it is a women’s shoes brand with a positioning level with Sigtu.


Let’s talk about Lalestan’s shoes separately: physical stores and online.

Lylesdan in the physical store is still a domestic women’s shoe brand with a style+quality+cost -effectiveness in my mind. The new styles of new styles every year make people have new surprises. The most suitable girl who likes simple but a little carelessness.

The design level is very high. Every time I visit it, I have shoes. I want to buy it.

The level of workmanship is stable, and the leather is not hesitant. As far as the type is concerned, the toe is very arch, especially the width of the metasis is very wide, even if the feet are a bit wide, it is not so difficult to wear.

Let’s talk about online stores.


Sorry, I rolled my eyes first.

Lielsdan is a women’s shoes brand that develops fast. When Belle is still trying to sell their physical stores on the Internet that they can’t sell their inventory on the Internet, Lellesdan has already caught up with e -commerce entities.

There are a large number of styles of physical stores on the online store, and it looks pretty good. I bought it. I found that the quality was not the case at all. I bought it for the second time. The real difference between physical stores.

In a word, I won’t buy it later.

Linea rosa

It is the brand under the Lellesdan Group that has only been seen in the past two years. It takes the mid -to -high -end line. It can hardly buy it on the Internet. Its basic women’s shoes and a small design single shoes are well worn and beautiful.

Its family especially loves to use rivet elements, small rivets, hidden on the edge and behind

When I first tried this brand of this brand last winter, I did not exaggerate, and yelling in my heart, “It’s so easy to wear!” It is that kind, it is easy to wear in a pedal, because its family likes it. I feel very comfortable to make foot pads at the foot nest.

But in addition to the basic model, you will find a lot of strange designs at the door of the counter. I do n’t know what is doing, and I do n’t know who bought them in the end. Anyway, I wo n’t try it.

It should be known to see its wild counter style.



Suitable for student sisters, pink and diverse colors, many flat heels, the style is also lively, and the comfort is also very good.

I think I can give CNE’s flat shoes very high. In terms of cost -effectiveness, there is almost no picky ones. I have never bought high heels and I have no say.

Girls who have already worked can also consider buying mid -to -low -heeled shoes of this brand, because it is not expensive, the color is rich, it is good to buy it for matching.

Let me talk about why I don’t like it


Kiss cat

First of all, I don’t like its name.

Well, people are just as a DOG Person.

I don’t like its design, or I do n’t feel that this shoe is doing design, I like to chase popular, but I ca n’t catch up with the rhythm. After chasing, I look at it. It seems that there is no texture.

I feel a little disappointed with a picture of its shop.


But if you consider the price factors together, the brand is cost -effective, and the comfort of the hee shoes in Kiss Cat is particularly good.


The style is my favorite in the women’s shoes brand.

Its shoes have “lady temperament”, which are super bold in color, novel design, and have the ability to make people “bright”.

I bought it online after trying it in the physical store. I didn’t feel much different for the time being.

In terms of comfort, the advantage is that it is friendly to wide -footed, and the shoe type is also very beautiful. The disadvantage is that most of the skin is too hard. It hurts more.



I doubt whether Tigrisso and ZSAZSAZSU use a design team, because many styles are very similar, but in general, Tigrisso is more gentle and loves cute colors; and ZSAZSAZSU looks more individual.


Comfort is better than ZSAZSAZSU, winning (I haven’t bought it in an online store, I don’t know what the online store is)! The skin is softer. In fact, the price positioning is not more expensive than ZSAZSAZSU, so I don’t know what considerations are.

In general, I have no other two brands except Kiss Cat. often. like.

Should I see the difference in style?


It is the first part of Hason, Qianba, Saturday and FED.



In fact, it is a very good women’s shoes brand. Most of its shoes are very comfortable, and high heels are comfortable, but they have suffered a loss of marketing roads that were wrong in the early years. I have been refused to enter their stores for many years.


In fact, people have long been fighting for sexy and light luxury.

I used to tell me that the sandals of Hason had to sell 2,000 yuan. I laughed in person in person, but I watched the mall a while ago. I did n’t try it, I did n’t buy it, I could n’t get that hand.

In fact, its brand positioning is unclear and the publicity is not in place.


I almost thought that these are two stores

Thousand -Baidu

I have n’t strolled for more than five years.


Five years ago, I rarely bought its shoes, but I bought a limited two pairs of shoes in its house, a pair of fine high heels and a pair of flat boots about 5cm. After wearing it for more than three years -for three years, women’s shoes can be worn for three years, and they are worn in the dead, and they are dragged on the garbage and courier. It is a miracle.


It’s too resistant to wear, it’s too comfortable, and I didn’t put the two pairs of shoes badly after being desperate. I just changed a little. I finally had reason to throw them away …

The earliest thousands of and Belle’s shoes were competed in a gear and lost on marketing.

I don’t know how the style is now, but it is still a pragmatic brand in my heart, you can buy basic models.


Alas, sigh.

I want everything, everything is average. As long as I have shoes, I will not go shopping on Saturday. In my mind, it is a reason to follow Belle. Barely qualify.

But there is no one that can score high. You said what I went to visit it …




Earlier years were much clearer compared to Saturday: feminine, how feminine and how.

Take the beautiful route.

In the past few years, it has also been doing Oxford Shoes Lefu Shoes or something.

The feminine products of the Roumi route are its main features. They attach importance to the feeling of special design and materials (specifically referring to physical stores). Many styles are really trendy.

However, uncomfortable, not easy to walk, walking like walking on the ground, so far remembering that my sisters were painful to meet in the meeting room in the morning in the morning.

Talk about

Stella Luna

Can’t help but excite, it is an entry instructor for my light luxury women’s shoes.

At that time, I went shopping with my sisters in the mall. Whenever I walked to Stella Luna, I couldn’t move: Really beautiful, really design, really advanced.





I am not afraid that I have said that I have a shallow eyelid. Until today, I still have this feeling when I saw many shoes of Stella Luna. Its excellent design has been keeping with the times for many years.

When each brand sells 6cm high heels, it is full of 14cm of the cabinet, and each pair of shoes is a beautiful shoes.

14cm, do you want to ask it to be comfortable?how could it be possible!

However, its heels are still very comfortable, the heel angle is particularly good, thin but stable, and its large bottom is mostly all leather.This is enough to afford the price.

No matter what others say Stella Luna, it is a good brand in my heart.


Overall, I am still willing to buy domestic women’s shoes, especially daily dressing. I still feel that domestic women’s shoes are affordable and practical. Nowadays, most of the domestic women’s shoes are in the shoe cabinets.

Well, I just know how good it is on the foot. I really hope that there will be more risks in the future so that I can visit the mall more hearty.

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