The “new standard” of the custom wardrobe will be implemented in Yongzheng next year

Is the customized wooden wardrobe only written “mahogany” reasonable? The cost of not included in the quotation form “say plus” can only endure silently? On November 20, the reporter learned from the annual meeting of the National Furniture Standardization Technical Committee that at the beginning of next year, the “Custom Wood Wardrobe” group standards organized by the Ningbo Furniture Chamber of Commerce will be implemented. Most of the product quality requirements are higher than similar European and American furniture products.

Products are divided into “qualified”, “first -class”, “excellent” and other levels

Statistics show that there are currently 45 custom -made home manufacturers in Ningbo, and almost all of large civilian furniture manufacturers have launched custom -made wardrobe and other products, as well as more than 200 customized operations and service companies. In recent years, with the development of custom furniture markets, consumer disputes have increased, but wooden custom wardrobes have no national standards. In response to this situation, the Ningbo Furniture Chamber of Commerce organized the formulation of the “Wooden Custom Wardrobe” group standard.

“This standard will be officially finalized and released at the end of this year to the end of the year, and it is officially implemented in early next year. It is expected to drive the city’s furniture industry to develop in a standardized and standardized direction.” Chai Shan, executive secretary of the Ningbo Furniture Chamber of Commerce The standard of incorporating “supporting service quality” into the product quality system is also the first domestic furniture standard to introduce intelligent lighting systems, and put forward the concept of “graded quality management” to guide consumers to combine their different quality demands and consumption capacity , Purchase “qualified”, “first -class” and “excellent” products.

At least the scientific name should be indicated by the material expression, and the logo should be consistent with the real object

According to this standard, the material expression of customized products should be indicated at least the scientific name, and the logo should be consistent with the real object. For example, product identification, quality explanation card, instructions in use, and explication in the sales contract should be consistent with the wood, artificial board and its use site used in the product. This standard stipulates: “When expressed the wood and board used, at least the scientific name should be indicated; if the use of different varieties of wood materials, it should be listed; if it is used locally, it can also indicate the location and materials used.”

For manufacturers who want to become “first -class” and “superior”, the new service requirements for this standard are the test of its comprehensive service supporting capabilities and management specifications. For example, in terms of booking drawings, as a “superior”, when signing a contract, the manufacturer or authorized seller should provide a 3D renderings of the custom wardrobe; if it is a color picture, its product color should be similar to the reservation color. Effective attachment of the contract. In terms of quotation, except for the product expenses incurred due to the adjustment of the on -site size, it is no longer included in the quotation form and the cost of not the consumer consent.

Ningbo furniture industry moves towards the “standardization era”

According to Hu Haida, deputy director of the Ningbo Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau, the city’s upcoming “Wooden Custom Wardrobe” group standards are the first domestic group standards for the formation of the formation of the superior furniture industry cluster and the strong support of local governments and quality inspection agencies Essence The quality requirements of most products that are implemented in Ningbo furniture are higher than that of similar European and American furniture products.

In recent years, the Ningbo furniture industry has emerged as representative companies known for its high quality and high -quality standards. Taking the number of dwarfs spring resistance times as an example, Dream God’s corporate standards are more than 1 million times, while the international standard A category A product standard is 80,000 times and the B standard is 30,000 times. In other words, the number of spring resistance of the dreams of the Mengshen mattress is more than 10 times the international standard. As one of the first members of the National Standard Committee of the Furniture, Mengshen mattresses have participated in the formulation and revision of nearly 80 national standards and industry standards.

In addition, a series of Ningbo product local group standards, including public procurement mattresses such as schools and office furniture, have also been included in the plan.

Ningbo Evening News reporter Xie Shuyi Correspondent Ying Zhixuan

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