Buy the right scarf, warm and fashionable in autumn and winter

Once I watched “Little Prince” in the cinema, there was a scene that I have been impressed ——

In the golden wheat field, the little prince’s yellow scarf fluttered with the wind, and the scene was really warm and warm.


Later, the movie was leaving, walked out of the theater, and the autumn wind “called” and blown up, shrinking his shoulders, and couldn’t help but want to buy a warm and soft scarf wrapped in the messy self in the wind. I always feel that wearing a scarf, especially the big shawl that can be wrapped in the whole person, as if the summer sun is shining into winter. So how to pick a good scarf?


Scarf material

In fact, when you choose the right scarf, everyone should be most concerned about style and patterns, but in addition, I have the most wanted science as the material of the scarf.


I never knew that it was the same wool scarf. Why was it so light? One was so heavy, and the price was far away. In fact, although it is collectively called wool, there is a difference between wool and cashmere:




The fine hair on the sheep is usually cashmere, and there are more advanced antelope cashmere. The cashmere selection of the goat’s outer epidermal layer, covering a thin layer of fine velvet on the roots of the thick hair of the goat, is very warm and humidity, soft and comfortable, which is more suitable for directly contacting the skin than wool.


The most commonly used scarf material in autumn and winter, with good warmth and fullness and softness. However, because the fiber of wool is relatively long, people with delicate skin will still feel a little tied, even allergic. Suitable for big scarves, shawls, etc. around clothes.


In addition, there are some materials that are poorly kept in warmth and are almost not recommended in winter:

Real silk:

Silk is a long -lasting fabric, and the texture of the silk can set off the gloss of the skin. The style and color of the silk scarf are endless and can be versatile. However, it is relatively thin, and the coldness is relatively poor. Generally, it is used for decoration in spring and autumn.

Cotton and linen:


The cotton and linen scarves are relatively distinctive. The Mori women and the national style are basically cotton and linen, but the style is completely different. Cotton and linen are relatively hard and not easy to shape.


Chemical fiber:

Polyester, nylon, acrylic, artificial cotton, imitation wool, etc. are chemical fiber. Although the scarf of the chemical fiber material is also very common, the shortcomings of chemical fiber are also obvious. It is not good for skin, poor hygroscopicity, and easy to static electricity and dust.



Silk hair, silk cotton, polyester cotton scarf, etc., the length and shortness of various materials.


Scarf size

I am in private to divide the winter scarf into three sizes:

❶ normal size

The most common size is a bit short for me (although I still have a lot of such scarves), the rest of the circle is too short, it’s too bloated around the neck, it’s too bloated to stop the wind at all. It is very embarrassing anyway.

❷ Extended scarf


Remember the scarf on the left to the right? The long feeling can be on the ground. It is a must -have for literature and art. As a literary youth, I also bought one in a righteous manner, and it was very good with a woolen hat.

❸ ❸ shawl


The extended and wide version of the scarf is very practical. It can be used as a coat as a scarf. It is strongly recommended that everyone prepare one.

Color of scarf

If you want to scarves wild and look at it, it is better to choose a basic color color. Generally, it is the following three categories. Let’s look at the picture.

Versatile solid color

British college style grid

Autumn and Winter Exclusive Chito Teste

A good scarf can be used for several years, so picking a pattern you like to see each other.

Scarf recommendation


Speaking of recommending scarves, many people think of major luxury brands. In fact, I also love it, but I am not good at writing fashion articles, so I wo n’t be blind.

Most of my scarves are actually from MUJI. At this point, I definitely have its brain disabled powder, and I have to say a few.


印 MUJI/MUJI large cuffs shawl

Reference price: 498 yuan

This is the best scarf sold in their home in winter. There is a opening on both ends of the shawl, so you can wear it like wearing clothes, or you can surround it like a scarf. It is very expensive, the warmth effect is not to say, it is also very good to give away, anyway, you deserve it.

印 MUJI/MUJI cashmere large shawl

Reference price: 578 yuan

I didn’t understand why this scarf was so thin, but it could be so expensive. Now I want to come and I am too naive. This scarf is 100 % cashmere, very light, but the warmth effect is super good. When you need it, take it out when you need it, and you will not wrinkle. It is really a home trip and a must. At that time, I bought it in the first half price, and there were several small grids with good colors. They were completely picking up treasures. I believe me, even if it is now at a full price, it is worth entering.

印 MUJI/MUJI large -sized Modelsan silk shawl

Reference price: 178 yuan

The first time I saw this scarf in spring, the first time I found that MUJI was displayed in a color. This scarf is very soft, smooth, and fluffy. Dai, loose clothes are very good. But it’s a bit easy to hook up, I accidentally hook one, all kinds of distress, I can only hide it carefully.


When it comes to the method of scarf, you can find hundreds of methods on the Internet. There are hundreds of tricks and dazzling. In fact, there are two or three basic moves in daily life. You can go out every day!


Girls can try these three:

Image source:

Boys can consider these three:

Image source:

In fact, even if you don’t care about the law, you can be beautiful and warm.


Randomly roll a roll


Hang on both sides

Wrap the head (if you can)


If these are not satisfied, you can also consider trying this.

Some people like to block their mouths and nose with a large scarf, which is actually not good. The place where the mouth and nose can be wet easily, it will adsorb more dust, bacteria and microorganisms, and it is also easy to inhale small fabric fibers, which will cause various respiratory diseases.



Pure wool scarf is best to send to a professional dry cleaners to clean


The blended wool/velvet scarf wants to clean it at home and it is best to wash it with professional wool detergent. This detergent is gentle and will not hurt the hair quality. Wool/velvet scarf is easy to deform, so

Avoid machine washing, machine throwing, hanging drying, etc.


Essence After dilution and soaking in the detergent, gently rub it with your hands. After cleaning, do not dry it with a dry barrel. After screwing with your hands, dry it.

Finally, be sure to pay attention to stay away from sharp items!

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