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The reporter learned from the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau that recently, the bureau has conducted a spot check test for the sales of fiber products sold by each wholesale professional market in the urban area. This sampling inspection in the Makwei Business Building in the Harbin Circulation Field, the 3rd sales enterprises in the Guodian Cooperation City, and the 3 sales enterprises in the Guomao Clothing City. In the 15 batch of life of the sampling, it is qualified for 3 batches, unqualified 12 batches, and the unqualified rate is 80%.

It is understood that the items of this sampling have mainly identified and used instructions, and the fiber content indicators are unqualified. Individual companies have intentionally increase the price of fiber content, damage to consumers. If some items are shown, the fabric fiber component is 100% cotton, and the actual content is detected is polyester fiber; some goods expressly shown is 100% cotton, the measured content is 100% of polyester fibers.

The market regulatory authorities have ordered the relevant operators to immediately stop selling unqualified goods, and investigated the operators who sell unqualified goods in accordance with the law. The operators who are punished in this sampling will be publicized in the enterprise information publicity system.

Unqualified 12 batches

(Sample trademark, nominal and name)

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