The more “A -line Skirt” is more likely, the combination of 3 different styles, simple, thin and elegant

The same skirt, the dress focuses on youth and fashion, and the skirt is about modifying the shape. Among them, the “A -line skirt” is more popular. From a 20 -year -old young girl, to the 40 -year -old middle -aged lady, weighs from 80 pounds to 120 catties. What kind of dressing effect must have seen it, the more you have passed through, this is the praise of the “A -line skirt”. I wonder if you agree?

1. The style of “A -line Skirt”


From the perspective of style, “A -line skirt” focuses on slimming, especially its waist design. Regardless of the comparison with the dress, or compared to ordinary trousers, it has an absolute advantage in this regard.

However, there is also no restrictions on the performance of the “A -line skirt”, and its combination is also various. From shoes to top, from short -sleeved to T -shirts, not only “A -line skirts” have different combinations, but also the effects presented. There will be differences, which is such a difference that allows everyone to show their own style.

From the perspective of the street matching, in the “A -line skirt”, it is still self -cultivation, especially women under 30 years of age. Everyone emphasizes the modification of the figure and shows its own lines of lines.


Similarly, the “A -line skirt” has a unique advantage, and naturally there are certain disadvantages, such as the requirements of the figure, especially the leg shape. There are some adventures of the word skirt, and many people can be ruled out at once.

2. Example analysis of the “A -line skirt” performance performance


(1) The style of the top

If you simply choose a top, then there is a loose and self -cultivation, and there is also simple and fashionable. The style of the top is a bit uncomfortable with the style of the A -line skirt, which can even affect the effect of its self -cultivation.

From the perspective of this girl’s dress, choosing a slim top, even ordinary short sleeves, can complement each other with the “A -line skirt” to achieve the effect of modifying the shape.

(2) The role of shoes

In the same way, choosing shoes should also be consistent with the “A -line skirt”. It is impossible for you to wear a pair of casual sandals, right? Like most ladies, they will still cooperate with high heels to modify the leg shape and improve their temperament. This is the advantage of “A -line skirt+high heels”.


However, there are also “small white shoes”, such as some young girls in their 20s, emphasizing self -cultivation, but also showing their youthful vitality, which is also a good way to match.

After watching the girl’s performance, everyone must have understanding the advantages and disadvantages of the “A -line skirt” and the matching method. As for how they will wear them, they need to combine their own shape. Can you understand it?

3. “A -line skirt” adapted top

★ Short sleeves

As an ordinary top, short sleeves are really popular, so it also occupies an advantage in the combination of “A -line skirts”. Many women wearing this also confirm our views from the side.

★ vest


Some girls in short -sleeved will choose “vests”. In fact, the two are almost the same, but relatively speaking, short -sleeved should be slightly more formal, and the vest is suitable for shopping and leisurely. Do you understand?

If you choose the vest with the “A -line skirt”, then the choice of shoes can give up high heels and replace it with some relatively casual styles, such as sports shoes, which is not only simple and comfortable, but also does not affect the overall effect.

★ T -shirt

Relatively speaking, the T -shirt is more formal, second only to the “white shirt”, which is also a popular match. Just like the girl’s dress, it can be worn at work and suitable for shopping. It will become a trend.


In view of the style and advantages of the “A -line skirt”, in the process of choosing matching, the top from the shirt to the short sleeve to the vest can also experience a variety of different styles.

The more “A -line Skirt” is more likely, the combination of 3 different styles, simple, thin and elegant

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