In summer, wearing micro -lady pregnant women’s cropped pants, make fashion and fit itself. Attach M code cutting picture

Most people may feel that the figure after pregnancy is bloated, and they also feel that they only need to wear comfortable and loose.


In fact, as long as you use snacks, pregnant women are comfortable and beautiful

Let’s take a look at today’s pants style map

Whether it is big enough, it feels like there is no problem to wear it

Some people really president, if you are pregnant with a child, you have children. The child is born without leaving traces. Essence Essence


Why do I have to be fat as a whole? Is it because the child is too distressed, and the nutrition must be half a person. Essence Essence

Don’t say it, cut the picture on the tailor.

The cut picture of the M number, the black and white one. Which one do you like


The unit is centimeter, I forgot to write. If you need a market, you can buy a soft ruler, one side is centimeter. Find the city in the opposite side without calculation.

The middle line of the pants is 0.5cm outside the stand line.

If other numbers are required, you can push the board according to the file difference of 1.5cm in length of the enclosed 4cm length of 1.5cm.

If you feel that the picture above is too small. Here is a partial magnification

The production process of pregnant women’s pants and sewing process commentary

The choice of fabrics, the most comfortable fabric with good elasticity is the most comfortable. It must be comfortable with good elasticity.

According to the above -mentioned tailoring drawings, draw the tailoring drawings in combination with your own size, and add the appropriate sewing edge according to different sewing processes, prepare cutting.

The fabric before cutting should be shrunk first, just wash and dry it

When cutting the pants, be sure to pay attention to the middle line of the pants. Can’t be crooked, the legs of the trousers are twisted.

After cutting, the pants pockets of the front film and the split of the pants and pants

The split part can be directly folded as the picture, or the drawing method of cutting the picture above can be cut.

Sewing the front and rear seams, the inner side seam, and the crotch seam.


Finally, the abdominal tray is sutured, and the stitching of the abdomen should be marked to avoid asymmetric left and right after suture.


The loose band of the waist should be tight bands that can be adjusted, and small buttons are set on the side of the side seam.


Just suture with trousers and curls

Well, that’s it for today’s sharing.

If you like it, you can try it by hand. If you do n’t understand, you can leave a message or private message in the comment area.


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In summer, wearing micro -lady pregnant women’s cropped pants, make fashion and fit itself. Attach M code cutting picture

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