Our county held a special action ceremony for the establishment of the “Five -Five Red Flag” demonstration creation of the county

On January 18, the county’s “Five Red Flag” demonstration was held.

Wu Xuan, the secretary of the county party committee, attended the meeting and gave a speech. The deputy secretary of the county party committee and the county head Wang Run chaired the meeting. The county leaders Wang Demou, Zuo Xiaopeng, Ma Wei, Zhang Hanmei, Daimingzhong, Nan Xuanzhi, Lian Guofeng, Wang Hongxin attended the meeting. Essence Yang Jian, member of the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee and Minister of Organization, read out the list of the county’s second batch of “five -faced red flag” demonstration villages in our county.

Wu Xuan won the second batch of “Five -Five Red Flag” demonstration villages in Huayu Town Village, Xingyu Village, Xingyi Village, and Jingzhuang Village of Qinghe Town in Jingzhuang Village, the city.

The “five -faced red flag” demonstration creation is a powerful grasp of strengthening the construction of grass -roots party organizations and achieving the results of consolidating poverty alleviation achievements. Since the establishment of the “Five Red Flags” demonstration in the city, we have five villages and 1 community in our county.


Wu Xuan pointed out that the villages (communities) of the county should improve their ideological awareness and effectively enhance the political consciousness created by the “five -faced red flag” demonstration. It is necessary to observe the villages (communities) that meet the standards of the “Five -faced Red Flag”, with advanced standards, advanced learning, advanced advancement, accelerate pace, make up for shortcomings, and strive to catch up. Strong.

Wu Xuan emphasized that it is necessary to grasp the core key and work hard to continue to promote the creation of the “five -faced red flag” demonstration. It is necessary to focus on the goal of “creating the number of average levels in the city and striving to create the city’s demonstration county”, highlight the “promotion of the whole countryside, the whole county improvement”, and work hard on the leadership of the party building, and comprehensively strengthen the position of the village (community) party and mass service center position. To build, the party and mass service centers are truly built into the red positions of the party’s grass -roots governance and the warm home of serving the party members and the masses. In the development of industrial development, we have worked hard, aiming at the goal of high standards, high quality, and high -efficiency “three highs”, focusing on the construction of the national modern agricultural industrial park, focusing on the development of “special” and “excellent” rich people, focusing on strengthening the big “Yushan Mountain Four treasures “focus on the development of new industries and new formats, and promote the integration and development of the first, second and tertiary industries in rural areas. In the ecological livable, we work hard, take the construction of beautiful rural construction and the improvement of the living environment as the starting point, adhere to the demonstration and lead, increase the advancement, build a group of beautiful rural demonstration villages, create a connection line, the hub to make a face, and the hubs, and the hubs. Rural features with Jinnan cultural characteristics. He worked hard on the rural civilization, continuously deepened the function of expanding the function of civilization in the new era, and extensively carried out the creative review of star civilization households, looking for “the most beautiful family”, “good neighbors, good daughter -in -law, good parents -in -law” selection, and spread civilization. The concept, educate civilization and rural style. In the social governance, we work hard, actively explore new effective methods of management, and truly form a social governance pattern of co -construction and co -governance sharing to ensure that the county’s social harmony and the overall situation are stable.

Wu Xuan requested that the responsibility of work should be compacted to form a powerful joint force to promote the “five -faced red flag” demonstration. The leading group of the creation of work must effectively play the leading role of the lead, the creation office must strengthen the coordination and grasp the rhythm of progress, and the leading units should be responsible for the creation of the field in the field of the field in the method of projectization, engineering, and systematic. , Each cooperative unit must actively claim the task and actively cooperate with the completion of the creation tasks. It is necessary to improve the supervision and accountability mechanism and reward and punishment incentive mechanism, extend the creation work to the fields of institutions, school hospitals, and two new organizations, and promote the high -quality development of the “five -faced red flag” demonstration creation work.

Wang Run requested that all departments at all levels should further improve their political standing, deepen their ideological understanding, and effectively unify their thoughts and actions to the decision -making and deployment of the county party committee. Essence It is necessary to target advanced typical models, and truly focus their minds and energy on their careers, implement kung fu and skills into action, and continue to set off a wave of promoting the “five -faced red flag” demonstration creation. We must adhere to the overall planning, combine the creation tasks with the central work and key tasks of their respective units, and promote the comprehensive and oversupply of various fields such as the construction, industrial development, and social governance of the county and rural areas of the county. Showing the image of Qishan’s external image, a positive contribution to the construction of the “six bases, one famous city”, and welcoming the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China with excellent results.


Wang Run also arranged for key tasks such as the current epidemic prevention and control, the rectification of rural living environment, and post -disaster reconstruction.


At the ceremony, Lu Jianshi, secretary of the Party branch of Xingyi Village, Sun Township, who was obtained by the “Five -faced Red Flag” demonstration village, gave an experience exchange speech.

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