Retro wood grain aluminum window flower

Aluminum alloy window flowers are developed from ancient paper-cut window flowers. After experiencing wooden window flowers —》 Cement irrigation window flower —》 Iron Window Flower — “Plastic Window Flower —” Stainless steel anti-theft window flower ————— 》 Aluminum alloy window flowers. Wood -made window flowers are not waterproof or insect -proof, easily corroded and attracting insect ants. The use cycle is short; cement irrigation window flowers are relatively rough, bulky, labor -intensive, and look rigid; although iron window flowers are not as bulky as cement irrigation, it is easy to rust and fade easily. It is easy to fade. Fall off. Plastic window flowers have no texture, it is easy to be brittle after exposure, and the service life is quite short. Although the stainless steel window flower solves the above -mentioned various window flowers, its surface color is relatively single. The adsorption force for paint is not good, and it is easy to fade and fall off. Therefore, it develops all of these aluminum alloy window flowers to make up for all these, and the advantages are more prominent. The aluminum alloy window flower is easy to shape, the style is rich and natural, and the color is more expressive. Strong adsorption power, durable durability, anti -oxidation can not afford powder, corrosion resistance, sunlight and rain are not afraid, fire prevention and moisture prevention, environmental protection, etc. are one of the reasons why aluminum alloy window flowers are sought after.


The use of aluminum art lattice windows is widely used. Due to the specificity of its materials, it can be used indoors and outdoor. It is not limited to make anti -theft flower grids on the window. It can also be used as a background decoration. Crossing wall decoration, ceiling decoration, large building exterior wall decoration, etc., or repair antique buildings, antique building streets, temples, temples, etc., are more commonly used places. , The wood grain pattern is rich, the effect is realistic, and the texture is clear. Rust -proof, anti -damage, prevention. It is easy to clean, exquisite appearance, beautiful shape, resistance to maintenance, durability. Because the advantages of aluminum window flowers are highlighted, general places are applicable.

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