4 cleansing that can be bought in the supermarket, cheap and easy to use

Speaking of cleansing, is it a little precious cleansing in the brain to jump out of the brain, Estee Lauder Red Pomegranate? In fact, in fact,


The role of cleansing is to wash the face without harming the sebum film


In fact, the selection of expensive and cheap people is not much different. It may be better to use the sense of use.

I think the advantage of buying a cleansing in the supermarket is that these cleansing is often not expensive and does not worry about fake goods if you buy it. It is still very good.



Let ’s take a look at the 4 super cleansing that you can buy in the chain supermarket.

1. Pianli Rice

The daily chemicals of the basic chain of Pianli Micide can be found, and it is also a often discounted one. This cleansing is also very affordable and easy to use. The cleansing of amino acids is not low to use, which can be suitable for most of the skin, and it is also good.

2. The grass core is clean and natural cleansing

There is no bad review product that Xiangyi Materia Medica. When I used it, I was stunned when I used it. This cleansing is also a cleansing of amino acids. It is well cleaned. You can wash the general sunscreen, which is super good. It seems that in addition to pressing the bubble version, it is also quite useful.

3. Muscle Research


In fact, there are also many models of mythical cleansing. Generally, the cleansing series of 20 or 30 uses soap -based cleaners. And more than 70 extremely moisturizes are amino acid cleaning agents. If you want to buy a cleansing of your muscle research, I personally recommend this one that is extremely moist.

4. Sither

Sither’s cleansing is also available in many Shang Super, and there are large bottles and small bottles. This cleaning is not strong, and it belongs to the non -bubble. Some people want to say that the ingredients of this model are not mild. In fact, I don’t think it is necessary to deny Sither like this. How many years it has been sold and how much skin has experienced. Not all products can simply explain it with ingredients.

The above is the four super -use cleansing that I think can be bought in the supermarket. If there are any omissions of the small partners, please leave a message in the comment area.

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