Gray pants suitable for a top of color? Recommend these 4 types, elegant temperament and advanced

Many little cute people in the background are asking me: “

Gray pants

How should I get? “Pet powder is as I, come talk about the gray trousers today, don’t understand the little cute hurry to open the small stove!


It is well known that the gray pants give people a low-profile feeling, so, if you want to use it to create a model of “one eye”, this

Four kinds of color flush

Don’t miss it!

Look1: Tongzhao


, Gray trousers with gray tops is the most

Will not go wrong

Combination method, clean and elegant color is especially suitable

Light cooked sister


Gray suit comes with


Career model

So use it and suit jackets, you will inevitably create a ride.

However, it is necessary to remind a little, don’t want to wear the old feelings, you must

do not want

Choose a suit whose all childhood is




Double-breasted deep V collar

The style is a good choice.


The gray pants and different styles of gray tops have different feelings. This time, with the halfway suit and the whole, the overall feels less than a few points, and a few more tidy.


The way to dressing the waist is not only an overall

Fashion sensation


It is also an absolute ability to face meat, thin modified body.

Small child

Girl choice.

I want to increase layers and fashion sensation, or choose

Sai Yigong


Taking the most minimalized single product, wear the most lazy and most identical effects, recommend a hot

European and American Fan Sister

LOOK2: Gray Pants + White Tops

Gray as an middle color, itself does not have much meaning, but when it is in a white top, the overall effect is instantaneous.




White blouse and gray trousers can break



Increasing vitality


It is conducive to changing the spirit of people.

LOOK3: Gray Pants + Black Top

Gray trousers with black suit, you can act as


Can be used as



Like a lazy style, it is recommended to use

Continental suit

With gray wide leg pants, comfortable.

I like to concise and practiced the wind, I suggest it with black

Slim suit

With gray slim straight nine pants, banned domineering.


Use gray trousers and black tops to pay attention to

Two points

, First, single product match must


Compliance with height and body requirements

, Second, upper and lower clothes

Style must be unified

Only do this two points, black tops and gray trousers are not flooded in the sea.

If you want the overall identification, you can also play some new patterns.

For example, use gray wide legs

Black patent leather high boots

, Loose trouser leg plugs in the boots are handsome, very “female agent”.

For example

Button foot chain


Turn the wide legs

Leg pants

The H-shaped pants becomes a speaker style, and the style is unique and distinct.

LOOK4: Gray Pants + Bright Yellow Top

This year

The most popular

The two colors are gray and bright yellow, and the fantastic linkage is adjusted to the best state, and the performance is really one.

Bright yellow high-profile and light gray low-key mutual neutralization, just controlling the fashion expression of the whole body in people’s

Aesthetic point

On, advanced foreign air.

Although the two color combinations do not have a big problem, but can’t do it on the single product selection, in order to meet the overall tone, no matter whether it is a bright top or a gray trousers, you must


“The word is based as the selection base.”

Real person tries on

Gray Skills have made colors and layouts

Double wild

So I just use a sweater and match to meet the needs of daily doors.


I have a black and white hooded sweater in gray wide legs, from the showing effect, black sweater + gray wide leg pants more


White sweater + gray wide leg pants is extra

Pure and tender

And the achievements are obvious.


In order to meet the requirements of different stones, I also specially tried on black tight bottoming shirt and gray wide legs.


Dressing methods can meet a small and lovely demanding requirement of the shape contour, naked



There is really a woman’s taste.

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