Working in ingenuity, focusing on concentration, Jin Platinum enters the ranks of front -line wet towel brands with hard core power

With the improvement of people’s living standards, high -quality and high -end wet towels have become market outbreaks, and pushed wet paper towels to develop towards more quality, professionalism, and branding.

Throughout the current Chinese wet paper towel market, more than 3,000 brands compete on the same stage. Consumer demand changes, fierce competition in categories, and sinking channels have put forward higher requirements for the brand. Under the acceleration of the industry, the real excellent brand grasps the timing of justice. , Highlight the siege.


The Golden Platinum Wet Wet Wet Wet Towns in 2018 “worked in ingenuity and focused on” for the core values ​​of the brand, “using paper feel to enhance the quality of the user’s life” as the business philosophy, focusing on the domestic high -end wet paper towel market, adjusting products according to consumer demand according to consumer demand The layout has established a wealth of product lines. The online and offline channels are all rolled out, and the brand awareness is quickly made. On multiple event days, sales exceeded 100 million, entering the first -line wet paper towel brand, and the brand of “becoming a first -class vigorous brand” brand. The vision is only one step away.

Moving consumers with quality, wet towels choose Golden Platinum. Today, with the wide spread of quality and life concepts, more and more consumers are not only satisfied with the basic product needs such as softness, adding liquid, and cleaning when they choose wet paper towels. It is still high requirements for quality as ever.

Golden Platinum is focused on wet paper towel products, covering a variety of categories such as infants and young children’s wet towels, kitchen wet towels, home wet towels, alcohol wet towels, etc., which can meet the diversified life scenes of consumers. Quality, Jinblatin’s wet wet paper towels have successively won domestic and foreign Chinese awards. These honors are based on the pursuit and persistence of Quality in Jinbaoxi. Only by improving consumers by quality can the slogan of “Wet Towers choose Golden Platinum”.

It is true that the competition in any segmented market is the entire industry chain and all -round. The competition of the wet paper towel market is becoming increasingly fierce. In the face of the “post -waves”, whether it has the ability to respond rapidly to the market, whether it has constantly discovery discovery Consumer demand and insight research into the ability of commodities, whether it can upgrade the product line according to the changing needs of consumers and create lasting vitality is a problem that the brand needs to think about. The person in charge of Jin Baoxi said: “In recent years, the rapid rise of mid -to -high -end wet paper towel brands has given us a lot of inspiration, that is, how to meet the needs of consumers, rather than blindly starting from the product itself. Starting to think about the development of Jin Baoxi’s brand. “

Based on the hard core reality, Jin Platinumi has developed different channels for different channels to promote the comprehensive development of the golden platinum brand. In the past year, Jin Baoxi has begun to attach importance to e -commerce channels, forming an online and offline linkage, and has reached young consumer groups with young marketing methods such as live broadcasts and short videos. Regarding brand marketing, the person in charge of the Jin Poxi brand said, “Nicham Platinum will not be able to do larger propaganda, but we can establish brand trust through products and consumers through products.

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