Babydoll’s trend is coming, wearing a retro -style doll jacket, fashionable and old -fashioned


#What to wear today#




It’s autumn and winter


When the cold wind in autumn and winter invades our body, the coat can help us resist the cold. Winter is cold, but people do not like to wear too much, so a special jacket can achieve our beauty in winter. Shopping, playing, gathering, and even courier will have a set at any time.

Convenient and pleasure.

However, everyone uses a classic style coat, which will make people feel tired, unable to highlight the crowd, and even show their own styles and fashion trends. Then try more new style jackets, so

Babydoll trend is coming

, Put on retro style

Doll jacket, fashionable and old -fashioned.

So where is the charm of this style of jacket? Let’s take a look together.

Fashion differences between common jackets and doll jackets

Version difference

Ordinary woolen coats are made in accordance with hundreds of years of tailoring.

Waist, silhouette, bathrobe style


The version of the version is too stereotyped

Very old.

The disadvantages of common jackets


Many urban people now use their computers for a long time to slip their shoulders. This classic style coat will amplify the shortcomings of people’s slippery shoulders.

Thus fat.

The fashionability of a doll jacket


But the doll coat recommended today

Will not show fat

Because the doll jacket has made this big lapel design, the urban beauty people

Slim neck

If it is exposed, it will look long and upright.

It looks thin.


Due to the stereotypes and the unchanged styles of the classic coat, the young girl will

Become old -fashioned

There is a feeling of maturity. And doll jackets are more young and elegant and the trend of the times.


Respect retro.

The trend of the former classic coat has become slower and slower in the trend of fashion, and it has more and more withdrawn from the fashion stage. Although this style is unchanged in ancient times

Classic versatile

, But there are also very many shortcomings.


is most

Deadly disadvantage

, Most of the contemporary women include women around the ages of 40 to 50, who want to be able to

Be young,

And the fashion classic coat puts such women

The age rises.

Fat is also a big disadvantage. The version of the classic coat will make people a little bit of grace and a little

Obese and bloated

, Let some women with bad figures have a sense of inferiority.

It is also a big disadvantage without its own characteristics. Most classic coats will only look people


, But the same is the same, you can’t show your own unique

sweet and cute

specialty. Can’t be the most shining star in the crowd, but the doll jacket recommended today

It has its own advantages.

Type of doll jacket


Mint green doll collar jacket is even more

Main style this year

There is a kind of sweet tailoring with the out of color

Personally good girl

Sweetness. The taste of Korean strange girls also comes from it. The doll collar is definitely the youngest and most young and most this year

Special coat.

Shirt jacket

The biggest feature of a doll jacket is that it is reflected in its unique style. The unique tailoring of the collar is very

Attractive eyeball

Essence When the doll collar is equipped with velvet, there is a unique European and American countries

Gorgeous retro style

Essence The doll collar is now used in various types of coats.

Sweater coat

Fairy, denim jacket

Sweet and cool style

, Windbreaker jacket

Elegant and advanced


, The sexy youth of the woolen coat and even the leather jacket


Salt is sweet.


It is also my own

Features and style.

There is a kind of French girl with a combination of sweater collar with lace.


Simplicity and elegance

It seems to be able to see the warmth of the girl’s smile on the doll collar coat.

Paper with a doll collar


White gold suit

The champagne doll -collar white suit jacket is inlaid with unique gold buttons, and the mid -line pockets on both sides and white trousers have a gentle president.

Unique gas field

, With the white thick golden button, Lefa shoes look figure

More slender

, Also have a gas field with wind, with golden earrings, red lips and milk white mini shoulder bags.

Greenery and sweetness


The most special is the grass -green brooch with a Christmas atmosphere. The whole set of different depths of white is the main match with gold, which is a very layered platinum theme.


Suitable for meetings and annual meetings.


Accessory selection

Black suit

The black leather jacket collar of the white doll with the black half -body leather skirt and the thick -and -thick black and white Martin boots highlight the fashion of Europe and the United States

Cool handsome style,

It is very suitable for girls with a large skeleton walking and winding, this set is also very thin and white


Suitable for yellow skin

Miss Sister. With sunglasses, watches, nylon pockets, this set is a bit gorgeous and foreign

靡 靡


Essence The overall wearing salt can be sweet, it is suitable for shopping with the younger sisters and daily commuting.

Selection of color

Golden suit


There is a golden doll collar with a golden skirt plus a golden woven handbag


The white buttons make this overall gold dress

Not monotonous, very foreign


Essence The finishing touch is a bit more in the graceful and gorgeous

Cute and smart.

This set is suitable for taking pictures and participating in the event.

Therefore, this year I got a coat, called “doll jacket”, age reduction,

Fashionable people are also wearing


Essence Some people have said that women must have a few different styles of coats in their lives, because the coat is the most lining girl’s temperament. After his death, he left a hundred coats and used these coats to hug him. This doll coat will eventually become

2021 The most popular trend


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