3 thick pants, keep warm and high! The little man can wear a whole winter

After updating the autumn and winter skirts before, many sisters urged me to go out for a period.

Autumn and winter trousers

, I feel that I will be drowned by your messages again …

Compared to skirts, pants are indeed more convenient to wear, but

Because of its universality, it is more difficult to wear colorful



Take the jeans full of streets, and it is difficult for us to wear well!

So I think

In addition

Like the little blogger I follow–


153cm Minjicong_

, She will stand out with a careful opportunity to stand out from the passerby’s pile ~


I said that Min Zhi can wear it, not how complicated the items she wears, is the opposite,


The basic model is her favorite

, Especially comfortable casual pants ~

In our impression of casual pants with loose and passers -by, Minzhi Opi will

Switch different upper fit

Come to wear different styles.

Some are lazy and casual, some sweet temperament.

Each set is very warm, suitable for autumn and winter, and it is also high and fashionable index.

Here, I know that a sister is going to say: But people are bloggers,

How do we ordinary people wear it? What pants are more suitable for autumn and winter?

No panic, this is not me! I will bring you tonight

Three kinds of special, soft and suitable for winter thick pants

, Ensure that you are satisfied after watching! Hurry up and watch

NO.1 Core Velvet

Don’t rush to think of its soil, that is, you don’t understand the trend!

By the way, the hottest pants this year, I think it is


Chopped pants


It’s right.

That’s right, it’s the core of the light that we have abandoned when we were young.

Return to the top of the trend


It’s! You can see its shadow through all kinds of magazines ~

In addition to the fashion trend of the magazine, many small bloggers PO came out of the autumn and winter Looks also wearing light core pants,


Not only does it keep warm, but it can also cover the meat at the level.


What should we pay attention to when we wear corduroy pants? Let’s take a look together ~

① The caramel color is the most classic, and the pink blue tone is more energetic

There are many colors of light pants, and the caramel tone is the most classic and not errors.

Dark brown core down pants with small high collar

It looks like a cup of warm latte, which makes people have an endless aftertaste.

There is another kind of caramel tone


It is also very popular, that is, inject some green into dark brown,

The color will be more eye -catching

Essence Many Korean ladies like to use it to make a coat, which is very temperament.

If you want to be more different, you can also try

Blue, purple, pink light core pants

The color tone is more vivid and very playful. It is an invincible beautiful girl!


② Fine lines are more friendly in thick texture

No matter what color of the light pants, the fabric will appear due to reflection. And the wider the texture, the more exaggerated, the easier it is to be fat, so we



Fine line


③ The trousers are not too large, straight tube and cone shape are thinner

In addition to the texture, the version of the light core pants should also be noted:

The cone pants collected up and down are the most thinner, the straight pants are second, and the wide -foot pants are the most fat

Smaller pants with pants, look more neat. If you are afraid of cold, put high stockings or boots with small tube mouths, keep warm and western.


Don’t be too long, take 150cm height as an example, choose

85cm is enough

It is easy to look procrastinating when it grows. It doesn’t matter if you can’t buy the right length, we still have

Dafa Roller


Essence (Straight pants can also become cone pants through rolling pants feet)

If the core pants are returned to the trendy pants, then the next one


Knitted pants

It is the evergreen tree in the fashion industry.

NO.2 knit pants


You are only a pair of knitted pants from Miss Sister ~


I often find that I can see my wear, and I will find that the knitted pants are almost


The standard of temperament girls


The fabric is very soft and matches thick sweaters and hair shoes.

To tell the truth, there are pores on the knitted pants, but it is not particularly warm, but it is better than the trouser legs.

I can’t see a thick bottom pants inside


, So even sisters in the north can pick!

Knitter panties are still very friendly to our Habitians. When wearing it, just pay attention to the color and matching.

① Light -colored knitted pants are more warm

First of all, let’s take a look at the color of knitted pants. I recommend sisters to choose light -colored styles, such as

Rice white, oat color, light gray

Wait, it can easily break the sense of dullness and make the shape of autumn and winter brighter.

② The pants legs are thinner than the width width of the thigh

Seeing light pants, some sisters may feel too picky legs and dare not control, but in fact, as long as you choose

The trouser legs are 7cm wider than our thighs, and it will look light when wearing it

, Naturally, it will be thin ~

If you are worried that the wide pants can be pressed, we can also choose this

The tightened knit pants, which is a perfect match with my daddy shoes and sneakers

It is very suitable for sisters who like leisure sports style.

③ The same color system with HIN advanced

Every time I talk about the style selection, many sisters will still ask me how to take it, and now I will emphasize it again.

Same color matching

It is the simplest and advanced good way.

Many magazines Model also wear this way, simple and fan.

If you feel that the whole body is too monotonous, then try it

The same color in the same color echo


It is also high -level and thin.

After talking about the above two kinds of autumn and winter thick pants, next is your long -awaited long -awaited



La ~

NO.3 Bottom pants

I am the versatile pants in autumn and winter, and I do n’t accept it!

Why do you have less leggings in autumn and winter? Wearing skirts and even pants are needed. “Light Leg Artifact” has been said before (you can see the “Light Leg Artifact” in the background). Tonight, let’s talk about some other colors of leggings.


Actually, sometimes I think the weather is so cold, and there is no need to pretend to be “light legs”.

Great squares put on color leggings with color

, Instead look better.


When wearing bottoming pants, we must pay attention to

Thickness, color and matching

, I have listed them one by one ~

① Select the thickness according to temperature.


Common leggings are all




In the type, the first point when we choose is to look at the thickness first.


The weather in different regions is large, and sisters can choose according to the local temperature:

80-200d in the south is enough. The 400-500D in the central region is more appropriate.


Another kind of leggings that can be worn outside, also called

Shark pants


Because with some shaping,

Will look very slender legs

Recently, when I was visiting Xiaohongshu, I saw a lot of bloggers’ autumn travel wearing it.

With sweaters, down jackets

It looks very chic, and is recommended to sisters who like sweet wind.

② Black and gray, Japanese standard white.

The color of the leggings is a lot, and I wear it the most black.


, Don’t pick shoes.

There is also a color I also recommend, that is,




, Its color tone is softer,

With light -colored clothes, it will be more natural than black

In addition to black and gray,


Like Japanese wear

Soft girls can also try white leggings, which can often be seen in Japanese miscellaneous.

However, its legs have higher requirements, and the fat sisters are cautious!


③ It is more convenient for all -inclusive feet, and lazy people must be necessary

In addition to the diverse color choice, I like leggings because it has all -inclusive style.

It is convenient and warm to wear

, Save the troubles of socks directly.

The autumn and winter thick pants are shared here. I don’t know which kind of pants do you like best?









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