Good things recommendation: ECCO love step women’s shoes, soft skin -friendly thick heel round head women’s leather shoes

Inside, comfortable and durable, delicate and soft, soft and skin -friendly! Internet celebrity popular British style small leather shoes, carefully selected materials, cowhide fabrics, smooth breathability.

Classic versatile small leather shoes can be worn in spring and summer. The appearance is beautiful and thin, but also the fashion trend, soft and light soles, easy walking, black soft leather Lefu shoes, stylish and versatile, light rubber soles, retro matching The skirt is fluttering! Intersection

ECCO Aiku Women’s Shoes 2021 New Single Shoes Women’s Heel Round -headed Women’s Sneeper (the shoe code is too large, it is recommended to be a small size)

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ECCO Aiku Women’s Shoes 2021 new single shoes female low -heeled round head lady leather shoes Annie 208043 limestone 20804301378 36 (shoe code is too large, it is recommended to take a small size)


¥ 1799



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