Buy a solid wood dining table, you can make your restaurant a landscape, accompany your family for many years.

In the furniture industry, the solid wood furniture absolutely occupies a stable place, the solid wood furniture is warm, natural texture, healthy environmental protection and durability and other features are all the reasons for many consumers, and the kind of solid wood furniture is rich. One of the most popular in solid wood furniture, the overall appearance of the solid wood dining table is elegant, the lines are smooth, combined with the feelings of rural and idyllic, and match the right ornaments that can create a warm and comfortable living space.

Solid wood dining table


Solid wood furniture is consistent with people’s environmental health concept, because we will come into contact with it every day, choose the solid wood dining table to enjoy every meal more relieved, naturally simple color and natural texture, smooth touch; solid wood dining table Material is more durable, not easily damaged, rounded corners design avoids bumps between unresentful processing, not easy to crack deformation, good wear resistance, easy to maintain.

How does the solid wood dining table buy?


First, we must first look at the look of the table, observe whether the surface of the lacquer film is smooth, bright, there is no bubble and wrinkles or disabled defects, followed by the sealing processing of the various components is rigorous and straight, there is no delay Or bumps, etc.

The solid wood dining table not only needs to be satisfied. It is the hard truth. Before buying, you must see the size table size that can accommodate in the family. This way you don’t have to pay attention to the wrong, the environmental protection of the table is not overlooked. From the environmental protection angle Look, the painting process is preferably used in a varnish or wooden wax oil, and the environmental level of wood wax oil is higher than the varnish.


When you purchase a solid wood dining table, you should not make a mistake. The atmosphere of the whole home is harmonious. This is enough to make the restaurant a beautiful landscape, and the maintenance method of solid wood dining also needs more attention.

In order to extend the service life of the table, when the table is wiped, the texture of the table is gently dustsed, try to touch the cerry agent on the soft cloth, do not use the dry cloth directly to avoid the surface of the flowers, avoid the long term Looking into a solid wood dining table, it is easy to make the internal moisture of the wood to be balanced, resulting in cracks, and do not often wipe directly with too wet rag.

Regular wax is also a good way, usually every 3 months, before the wax, with a mild non-alkaline soap water to remove the old wax, then re-wax, insist on doing so, solid wood table can be accompanied Many years, the above is the sharing of this period. If you still want to know more about the knowledge of solid wood furniture, comment on the message, the small package will try to answer your questions ~

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