Free experience trap for the elderly

Mr. Chen, who lives in Fuqingqinghang Street, found us and said that his mother recently made a noise to buy a treatment instrument. Auntie usually likes the experience treatment instrument in the free experience shop in the community vegetable market. Sofele blood vessels and treat cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Mr. Chen felt that his mother was estimated to be fooled by a free physical examination, and worried that more people would be fooled.

Experience store: Called blood with garbage laser watches can be treated

According to Mr. Chen, in addition to his mother, there are still many elderly people going to this free experience store every day near his mother. He is worried that more and more people will be fooled. So what kind of instrument makes the elderly be exciting? The reporter also went to this treatment instrument experience store in Fuqingqing Airlines.

After arriving at the store, the clerk took out a laser watch, saying that this was their healing instrument. The clerk said that the laser therapy instrument is mainly aimed at the disease in the blood, and many diseases of the human body are caused by the poor blood. Through this treatment instrument, many problems can be adjusted. In the mouth of the old man who came to experience, we also frequently heard the words about blood garbage.


Can you dilute the blood with laser and remove blood garbage? Reporters are more problematic about reporters. But the clerk said that the reporter could go to the website to inquire, and the instrument had been approved.

The reporter inquired online at the National Food and Drug Administration that this product is used to reduce blood viscosity, reduce the trigemlecetes of blood glycerin, and reduce blood cholesterol. In other words, the so -called laser therapy instrument can only play auxiliary role.


Doctor: There is no blood garbage.

Will our blood really not clean? Is there a lot of garbage accumulated in the blood? In this regard, we also consult a professional medical person.

Medical sources tell us that our blood will not precipitate a lot of garbage inside. In fact, this is normal metabolism. Our human body itself will filter out, and the kidney system will be discharged normally.

In the experience, we frequently heard the word “treatment” from the clerk’s mouth. So these diseases such as heart disease, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, etc. are really like the clerk claimed because the blood is not caused?

The medical person said: “It is just an auxiliary health equipment, and it cannot be used as a cure instrument for patients. Healthcare equipment cannot have two words for treatment. It does not have the treatment nature. How can it be treated with medical sector. This is definitely untenable from us clinically. “


The reporter found that this so -called laser therapy instrument is exactly the same as the sales tricks such as the physical therapy beds and massage in our previous exposure. First, organize the elderly to experience the so -called health lectures in the experience process. The purpose of these processes is to let the elderly who come to the free experience gradually believe this instrument and finally pay for it. We also hope that the old people can keep their eyes on and be vigilant about the free -experienced treatment instrument shops. A reporter from the gang.

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