Tough guy must be necessary! Fire all over Europe and the United States, the work of five -point pants, the ice is dry and dry, wet and breathable, refreshing

After the summer, the weather is getting hotter and hotter. This season is a “torture” for men. Going out for five minutes and sweating for 2 hours ~

Unlike girls can wear cool small skirts and super shorts, men can wear only pants and trousers.

When I encountered an impermeable one, I stick to my body when I sweat, and it is stuffy and itchy, too torture ~

In the case of unbearable sultry, some male compatriots will choose to put on big pants to go out. The coolness is cool, but it is not formal enough and it is easy to go!


For male compatriots without shorts and not summer,

A breathable



Pan -pants are necessary! Intersection

Daily commuting, brothers gathering, seaside vacation, dating

As long as the matching is proper, the trend is handsome, and the image of a temperament man is worn in minutes.

And it does not pick up at all, control you

20, 30 years old, 50 years old

, Put on the formal of both trousers and the cool of shorts. You can take a vacation at work. It is very comfortable ~

See whether it is



Star Street Shooting

As soon as the summer arrives, the male compatriots are also the upper body of shorts.

So, how can I choose a suitable shorts?

A good piece

Simple solid color design


With a dazzling logo, it is enough to show mature and capable temperament.

In addition to the version,

Cool and breathable fabric

It is also the top priority. This kind of cool fabric like this ice silk is very comfortable to wear with hygroscopic sweating.

Not much to say, Xiaobian directly put this one on the thief today

Polo Sport’s workstarial shorts


Bring it to everyone.



Polo Sport

Many people may not be familiar with this brand.

But if you often visit the mall, usually in the men’s area on the third floor of the mall (that is the deserted floor), you will see that Polo is always in the C position ~


Moreover, it is not a new brand, it has a long -term


47 years of long history.

Polo Sport, founded in the 1980s, originated from the spirit of inheritance classics and polo.

High -end polo and some formal occasions are designed.

The new style of leisure sports is in line with the comfortable and free lifestyle of Americans. It is enthusiastically sought after by Europeans and Americans.


Little Plum, Beckham, Jason Stanzon


Waiting for Hollywood superstars ~

And its POLO shirt is called “the top ten classic costumes in the United States” by Time Magazine!

At present, the number of offline store cabinets in China has reached more than 500, and its footprints can be seen in shopping malls in first -tier and second -tier cities such as Beishangguang.


This shorts are in the counter


Tag price is 899


, Enough to see its big -name quality!

And a little well -known brand men’s pants on a certain treasure, one will be sold for two or three hundred!

However, in order to celebrate the upcoming 618 event and Father’s Day, Xiaobian and the brand reached a cooperation agreement! For everyone the premium of Shi Wuchao:

The original price of 899/piece work shorts, a limited time of 1.2 discounts for purchase, only 108/piece during the event period



Proper authentic authorization


Don’t worry about buying fake goods, brothers, hurry up ~


The simpler the clothes, the more particular the fabric and version. As a quality shorts, Polo Sport is enough to choose the fabric.


Continuing the brand’s high -quality standards, the fabric is selected

100%nylon fabric

This material is known for its high strength and abrasion resistance, and its abrasion resistance is the first of all kinds of fabrics.

And because the density is small, the weight is particularly light,

It is generally used in high -end sportswear such as mountain climbing clothes and professional swimsuits.

The fabric made of this fiber, feel


Soft and smooth


, Like silk, it is cool and slippery. It is basically 0 friction with the skin and put on the body “cool”!


In addition to being soft and smooth enough, in order to be cooler, every fiber of the fabric is made of instantaneous extension.

Although there is no small hole on the surface,

The interior of each fiber is filled with millions of microstatic pores

, Able to quickly give the skin

Cooling and cooling

, Summer will not be sultry when wearing it ~


Regarding breathable, we do experiments on the spot and cover the humidifier with fabrics. You can see that water vapor is basically not affected.


The breathable heat dissipation is super excellent, and it has the coolness of the ginseng when wearing it, super cool ~

Moreover, the fabric has a certain amount

Hydrophobic characteristics

Usually wearing waterproof and dirt. Comes with anti -wrinkle characteristics, will not deform due to cleaning and longing ~


The loose version, put on a little bit of restraint, retract freely. Like I usually wear it, playing basketball, comfortable naked and light.


In addition to fabrics, shorts are also sophisticated in the design of the version. Men’s shorts have a lot of knowledge in the choice of length. If it is too long, it does not get the effect of cooling. If it is too short, it feels a bit “Sao Li”.


Five -point knee design


It is just right, it won’t be too casual, nor does it look short.

3D three -dimensional tailoring

, Will not be loose, and will not be too tight,

Put on your body and are well -included

, Show quality men’s style ~

Loose waist design


Coupled with drawers, full of sporty hormonal atmosphere.

Don’t pick your body at all, whether it is a flat belly or a round beer belly, you can wear it properly.

In addition to the left and right pockets, the pants are also designed with a large pocket on the side, and the brand logo is also printed, adding a sense of layering to simple pants, with a sunny temperament in elegance ~

In addition, they are also considered very thoughtful in some details of shorts.

A exquisite one below the left pants pocket


Handmade embroidery logo

, Demonstrate quality and grade.

Before tailoring, the fabric uses active printing and dyeing and shrinking.


Not easy to fade.

The quality of the entire shorts is too good, and it will not be too simple. With a simple white T properly put on the door ~

In addition, the young work style of this pants has abandoned the excessive exaggerated colors and extra decorations. It is minimalist and elegant, exuding male hormones everywhere ~


It is very colorful to wear on the body, one

Basic black and white T


You can be very colorful, the sun is vitality ~

If you want to be more formal, it’s okay

With a shirt, a suit jacket


The quality of the gentleman is properly reflected ~

There are four colors in this shorts::


Brick red, military green, khaki, black


, It’s all low -key and calm colors, giant versatile, and any color to buy is good ~

In addition, the channel price, the channel has only given 3 days, and the brothers you like should be hurried!


It’s coming to Father’s Day soon. When you pick yourself up, don’t forget the old father at home ~~~

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