Put away your jacket, “sweater+down vest” is the casual temperament CP, fashionable and warm

In the autumn and winter seasons, many people like to wear jackets as warming items. On the one hand, they are casual and simple. But the style of the jacket is really not much good -looking. When it comes to the items that show the sports style, you have to recommend a sweater.


So how can we match the sweater in winter to make it more fashionable? Try the perfect CP of “sweater+down vest”, which is warm and sporty, and simply wear a sense of fashion.


1. The tight match of the upper Panasonic

• down vest+sweater+tight pants

From a general perspective, down vests are biased towards leisure styles, simple and casual, unique and fashionable to wear, making the dress more concise and neat. Can be matched with any sweater at will, which can be coordinated and comfortable, and it is impeccable together. In terms of color matching, as long as it is simple and atmospheric, fits your body shape, and make a strong and changeable shape, it is enough.


The high -saturation sky blue down vest is particularly skinny and the skin is smooth and translucent. The wide design has a high degree of tolerance on the figure, which can modify the defects of the upper body figure, leisure and personality. Put on a white sweater to base, and it is particularly refreshing. The down horse jacket is particularly thick and wraps all the body, while the down vest is not the same. As long as the inside is coordinated, it will not look bloated, but it will be more design.

Following the “upper Panasonic” wear skills, with the slim pants, weakening the bloated feeling of “sweater+down vest”, making the whole look longer and more thin. The round neck sweater in Wu Mao is also a good choice. It is generally capable of reducing the burden on the shoulders.

Second, half skirt match


• Sweater+down vest+half skirt

People with weak matching ability can wear the “basic color+basic color” color scheme, which cannot guarantee how fashionable it is, but it is simple and casual, without losing fashion. The dark down vest and khaki sweater are not easy to make errors. This dressing strategy is also prevalent in daily matching.

The shape is not heavy because of stacking. Instead, it has a “fake two pieces”. The sense of layering is rich and effortlessly highlights the fashion appearance. Narrow shoulder vests reflect the charm of wearing, and look more young. For young ladies, the lower body is paired with a gray knitted skirt, which is feminine and shows a mature and low -key taste.

In terms of color, it is recommended that you choose a light -colored down vest. With the combination of pink cherry blossom powder and light pink to create a young and sweet charm. Most sweaters are biased towards neutral style. Men and women can wear them. With skirts, they can better highlight the gentle charm of ladies. The exquisite, sweet and tasteful personality is incorporated into the sweater matching, which gives a fresh -reducing attribute Essence


Third, sweater set matching

• Sweater set+down vest

The sweater suite can be said to be a treasure item that combines comfort and fashion. Whether it is commuting or going out to go shopping, the sweaters are simple and versatile, and the whole body exudes a casual and chic feeling.


The most important thing is that the sweater suite is very tolerant of the body and age, and the mature intellectual style women are also well controlled, showing full of youthful vitality.

However, if the body is too bloated and obese, the sweater suite should be mainly thin and concise. Don’t be too wide and too long, otherwise it will look bloated.


Fourth, wide -leg pants match

• Sweater+down vest+wide -leg pants


Cool handsome dress is comparable to the combination of neutral wind. The biggest highlight is to use large items to form a fashionable match. The biggest highlights are eye -catching colors and rich elements.

A whole set of autumn and winter cool and handsome winds often use a variety of embellishments, such as bags, hats, etc., to enhance the sense of layering through the superposition of single products. If you are a petite young lady, you can choose a short vest jacket to raise the waistline, making your legs look longer and a lot tall.

If you wear a jacket alone, you feel that the style has been fixed, but the “sweater+down vest” is different. It can be leisure and elegant temperament. The key is also warm, which is very suitable for this season.


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