Yibaili common -purpose washing machine base

With the continuous improvement of people’s life technology, every family now has washing machines, which are generally placed in the bathroom or on the balcony. In order to enhance the life of the washing machine, many people now put a base under the washing machine. In this way, the washing machine can be raised a little, avoiding the bottom of the washing machine to be peeling or rusty. Even if the bottom is infiltrated, it can be dried with a mop or rag to keep dry, which greatly increases the service life of the washing machine.


The base of Yibaili uses the newly upgraded PP plastic steel panel and thickened stainless steel steel pipes with a newly upgraded PP plastic steel pipe, which can be more durable. It can be freely expanded at 48-70cm. It is not afraid of shaking when it is used.

The height of the base can be adjusted at 11-13cm to meet the daily increase of the washing machine. At the same time as the base of Yibaili washing machine, there are even universal wheels under the base of the Baili washing machine. Each wheel has its own brakes. Do not worry about the washing machine when washing the machine. When using it, you can freely and save your energy according to your own needs. The most important thing is that the hygiene of the floor below is particularly convenient.


If the washing machine is placed directly on the ground, when washing clothes, especially when dried, there will be noise because the vibration contact the ground will have no skids and anti -shockproof pads. The effect.

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