Bathbao, the name of the spleen, dampness, weight loss, beauty and beauty

Bathbao, the name of the spleen and dampness

Name: 包 bath bag.


Composition of prescriptions: ginger powder, wormwood, angelica, 羌 live, chicken blood vine, bellflower, etc.

《Bao Bao from Yuanming’s “Jade Machine Weiyi” Volume Twelve Dafa Dafa

It is really the prescription of dampness.

Qianbao is the famous prescription of the book


The original prescription belongs to Yiji and the spleen, and the stomach is wet. During the use of later generations, they found that they have the effect of weight loss and dampness.

Fang Yi analysis: Fangzhong is the main medicine with Qianghuo, dry ginger, wormwood, and chicken blood vine to remove the spleen and stomach. Patriotic pillar is used as the centers of the Taiyin lung meridian. This party also sees weak lung qi and weakness. Those who have been cough for a long time are also quite suitable, which is the method of cultivating soil. For the combination of medicines, to play the function of nourishing qi and strengthening the spleen, removing dampness and weight loss. The pharmacological effects mainly include gastrointestinal movement, improved metabolism and immunity.

1. Regulate gastrointestinal exercise: The small dose of the decoction has an exciting effect on the intestinal tube, which can relieve the partial inhibitory of adrenaline on the intestinal tube; large doses inhibit the contraction of the intestinal tube, and can antagonize the intestinal contraction caused by chlorine and coat rutine. It can enhance the absorption of water and chloride ions.

2. Improve metabolic: The prescription treats intestinal diseases with spleen and stomach (chronic gastritis, chronic colonitis, gastric or duodenal ulcers). Before treatment, patients with creatinine, uric acid, and urea nitrogen in patients are significantly lower than normal values, treatment Later, significantly increased, and improved patients’ immune function and indicators to improve blood flow. Clinical application: Indications, weak temper, wet evil endogenous, symptoms are full of abdomen, do not think about diet, stool diarrhea, weak limbs, obesity of the body, pale complexion, white tongue coating, and gentle pulse. It is also governing the spleen of the child, the complexion is yellowish, described as embarrassing, haggard, dry hair, mental sluggish, not thinking about diet, restless sleep, or spleen deficiency and edema, or spleen deficiency and pulse, too much leucorrhea, continuous, like a spatular person like saliva like saliva, like saliva like saliva like saliva like saliva. Essence Western medicine is diagnosed with indigestion, chronic gastroenteritis, attachmentitis, bronchitis, etc., and the above -mentioned evidence can be treated.

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