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really weird!


too weird!

What kind of ghost is this?

At first glance, I saw “Outside Tower”, did you make such a sigh?

Indeed, whether the style of painting or plot, this work is missed by the word “normal”. But it is the theme that is hidden in this “strange”. Only with its profound level, a large number of readers can be convinced.

(Abnormal character image)

Generally speaking, watching comics will naturally look at the title first. These days, the name is not good, but it will directly lose a large number of potential readers. This is why there is a pseudonym (foreign word) comics inserted by the name of the name long (such as “俺 の と じみ な じみ が が が すぎる すぎる” (of course the original is light novel) ” Although “looking at the face” is not a righteous phrase, almost no one wants to endure a mediocre comic name. The name of this work “Outside Tower” can be described as ordinary, but it is different from conventional works. You can’t guess its content only from the title. Eh! This makes you have the motivation to watch. Therefore, the excellent title is either elegant and beautiful, or it makes people feel confused under the premise that it is not too ugly. As for this work, if you have read works such as “Black Tiger”, you may think of the story of an invasion of aliens or foreign forces.

However, this work has nothing to do with “Black Tiger”.

(You don’t know “Can you like your brother too”)


Manga, you naturally look at the picture after reading the title. Except for the strange class of the cover and the scammer category of “covering the cover with your feet”, readers often have a glimpse of the painting style of a work without opening the book. Why do you say “works” instead of “author”? Because the same author may create a variety of works of painting style. The author of “Outside Tower” is like this.

Let’s talk about this first. This style of painting (mainly refers to characters) is weird to make embarrassing patients repeatedly ill. Take the sister and brother group in the work as an example. The two are like a few clear rectangles plus several curves; the facial features are extremely simple, and the author just draws a few solid black circles or black spots on their faces. As a result, the two were ashamed of Neroa in “Hunter”, and they looked like a robot (this is actually a metaphor!). In addition, it is worth noting that there are many fat people in the work and all the appearance (this is not good). Others are also rough, as if they are full of vicissitudes (the dragon machine can’t see the face, of course, it is not considered here). Of course, this design is purposeful: despair is the tone of the emotional tone, and the use of this baptism and unintentional expression with this time is right.

(The nightmare of the fat man)


Speaking of the author. Shihei is a cartoonist with the theme of sex or youth love or reasoning. His other popular masterpiece was called “Maid Cafe” (or “even if such a small town is still rotating”). Just look at the name, this cannot be the same style as the paradox “Outside Tower”. It can be obtained: The style of Shihe in the “Outside Tower” is not the author’s consistent choice but carefully designed to convey the theme of despair.

(The face is still a bit like)

In the background screen, this game adopts a realistic style. Although it is not very delicate, the reduction of real scenes is high. However, the author has always strived to make the background marginalized. This is reflected in the background (less than a little bit of scene drama), and on the other hand, it is simply reflected in the background: a few exaggerations, but the author is really “omitted details. Everything is brief. ” These characteristics naturally make the audience’s attention back to the characters or stories -this is the purpose of the author.

Like the style of painting, the plot of “Outside Tower” is also very strange: I first thought that this was a youth film that was not too harmonious with young people. Later, when I saw the characters’ stupid action, I found that this was a funny movie (resurrected! Socaler; the three children were naive illegal invaders). oops! No! Why did the police come? Is the killing incident? Oh my god! Don’t tell me until now, this is a reasoning film (there is only one truth!). In the end, the truth was white, we first stunned, and then suddenly realized: it turned out to be anti -science fiction (reflecting on the tragedy brought by technology to human beings, reviewing the relationship between people and technology) (Milan called “film” just because he wanted to play less words, just want to play less words less words. To. Occasionally, in this comic, it will appear to explain the ins and outs of the main story. Although there is jumping, it is clear that the cause and effect are as difficult as “Yun Tu” and “Dreaming Space”. Including the branch plot, the entire comic is almost always exposed to the dark side of human nature. Ordinary teenagers transform into Frangstein is not for no reason.


The character of this character is the most reasonable and normal part of the background. There are clear causes of happiness or anger.

The expression of this work is also meaningful. The title and illustration of some words indicate the subsequent plot, and the readers can only know the “tricks” of each cover if they have read the whole article and think carefully. When the ending, the author presented the same picture to the reader from different perspectives (the picture first rotates the clockwise then clockwise), and the characters in the painting are reduced every page -the lens gradually pulls away. This kind of non -dialogue “PPT” (“Hunter”) with a quiet “making” movement and similar dialogue is a very clever way to enhance the expression of static comics. Because the amount of intuitive information is small, readers wait to think and speculate; the things they come out may be much more designed than the author.

Maybe after reading this article, you are still confused. That’s right! The less you know, the more “Waitian Tower” can bring you. You can definitely read something different from others. Please enjoy it!

Work Information: “Outside Tower”

Author: Shihei positive number

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