There is a kind of “five or five bodies” in the tide man, loose and casual up and down, so that wearing is fashionable enough

Men’s wear is often mainly simple and generous, and many items do not have the role of modifying the figure. If you want to wear a good effect, it depends to a large extent on the men’s own figure. However, there is a way of dressing not only not required a good figure, but it will make you wear the “five -five points” effect, but you can harvest the stylish effect of overtime. The loose version is worth learning!

In daily life, both men and women are often committed to wearing tall long legs to show the superior figure. In fact, there are no long legs and not embarrassing. Casual casual loose and large size single items are matched together. You don’t have to force your body to modify your figure. You can easily wear comfortable and casual!

Large size items are not uncommon in daily life, but everyone often cooperates with a more slim trousers when choosing an Oversize T -shirt. In fact, everyone rarely chooses to use loose puppets. In fact, such loose and casual matching is quite comfortable to wear in summer. Although there is no long leg effect, it is also a rare casual fashion.

Both shirts and T -shirts, shorts or trousers can find a place in loose and lower versions on the upper and lower versions, and it is easy to recess and handsome. The five -five -point dressing effect that is deliberately created can make your temperament more idle and casual. Even small defects in the figure can be covered with such a loose matching, and you don’t get up quickly!

1. style selection

The upper and lower packets will use a loose version to lengthen the proportion horizontally. Therefore, when choosing a single product style, we must pay attention to the selection of your own body characteristics. Essence

If your body is not tall enough, then choose a general loose version, adding a sense of leisure and randomness only through a small horizontal expansion, and still maintains the long vertical lines. Divided into freshness and refreshing.

And the super loose version is suitable for men with small belly and thick legs and other figures to be covered. The wide version can completely cover up the body curve. At the same time The overall match is more casual.

Of course, men with high figure can try the Oversize version on the basis of a large size top, which not only increases the degree of loosening, but also increases the length of the length to form the hip. The effect of long legs has a bit of hip -hop wear.


Second, shorts matching


In the loose version of the upper and lower versions, in addition to choosing ultra -loose trousers, you can also consider choosing shorts as the lower match. With a large T -shirt or shirt, you can also have handsome and fashionable.


① The most versatile of work style shorts


Among the many shorts that can be selected, the work style is the most versatile version. It usually uses a wide straight design to make the overall line look smoother. Tall, thin and thin, you can choose with confidence.

In most cases, the loose version of the upper and lower versions will be used directly to match it. The randomly placed jackets are all chic and handsome, and when choosing the work of the work of the work of the clothes, the calf exposed by the pants is instead. It will make the figure more well -proportioned, look handsome and energetic.

② High waist outside wearing more literary art


In addition to the simple stacking, the high waistpiece method is often used in the loose version of the upper and lower versions. However, unlike the traditional high -waist external wear method, this version is often not pursuing the high waistline too much. It is simply putting the in -pants in the clothes to make the matching more layered, and the overall is more artistic.

Third, the simple and casual style span is very large

Don’t look at the loose version matching will make you feel casual and casual, but this is not the same. According to the differences between you choose the single product, the style of the presence is also different. It’s big.


① denim color color reduction and handsomeness

From the perspective of denim elements, the styles of different colors and degrees of easing are also very different. With different combinations, it can not only show the fashion trend, but also play various styles.


Light -colored denim is more fresh


Light -colored denim is recognized as age -reducing color matching. After the upper body, the overall temperament is more well -behaved, even if the loose version is selected. When choosing light -colored jeans, medium easing is often the best choice. Otherwise, the loose version with a large area of ​​light -colored will bring a sense of lightness and make the match no longer harmonious.

Dark denim is more retro style


The loose version of dark jeans can make the whole person look darker, and the design of wide trousers looks more retro. The overall wide version and the innate texture of dark denim can easily bring a few stray stories and chic and handsome, casual and masculine.

Jeans with shirts, literary youths preferred

When choosing a match for jeans, T -shirts are often the first choice for most people. The wide T -shirt is really not picky, but if you want to wear a literary youth fan, you still have to rely on shirts. The unrestrained shirt made the “old cadre style” sweep out, and with the slightly old denim material, the whole person was full of youthful atmosphere, and the literature and art were trendy.


② Khaki color scheme versatile and random

Different from denim color schemes, khaki color schemes are often more casual and natural. Compared with jeans, the version of khaki pants is also more “exaggerated”. Although it is quite versatile, it can highlight the unique style.

The mop length is unrestrained

Because the color scheme is relatively fresh, there will be a little elegant wind behind the upper body. At this time, if it is matched with a mop length, it will show an unrestrained chic and handsome. More charm and personality.


The design of the trousers to add ingredients


If you don’t want to choose a mopping method, you can also consider the design of the trousers to add a bit of capable in leisure. At this time, although the upper and lower versions are used, the ankle is exposed, which makes the overall gas field more profitable, casual without loss of quality.

In fact, there is never a unified criterion for judging. Whether wearing long legs is indeed one of the criteria for judging whether to wear success, but five or five points do not mean that wearing failures. It is only another trend. And style, the loose version of the upper and lower types is chic and avant -garde, and it can also set off a fashion trend this summer!

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