The children can do this special exercise for children who can’t distinguish “land, gain”, “doing, doing, sitting, and seat”

Here are the words that children are often wrong:



No matter which DE, use a white spoon.

There is always a mistake. There is a very important reason: the child does not understand.

Children do not distinguish which nouns, verbs, and adjectives;

Even if the error is pointed out, it will still be wrong after correcting it.

For this situation, I suggest that you can do special exercises to do it,

I believe it is helpful to children.

Reference answer:

Special exercise of the land 1

Green clothes with large heads with wide heads

Snow white belly long tail bright eyes

The tall poplars of the banyan trees are hot and red maple leaves

Fragile osmanthus warm cotton coat full of rice

Dear dad’s bright eyes cute puppy

When the tall elephant’s black hair is lonely

The hot sun rolling clouds on the tall mountain peaks

The huge stone beautiful scenery and delicious raisins

Bright moon, sweet and sour raisins dry hot air

Satisfiedly and said happily and crying sadly

Slowly running quickly

Sit quietly and sing loudly

Write hard on high ground

I want to ask carefully to ask carefully

Tightly closed and smiled and looked at it carefully

Slowly say that you want to do it carefully

Skillly manipulate and answer loudly to watch quietly

Carefully complete the enthusiastic hug and focus on observation

Beautiful picture of golden waves burning the torch

The enthusiastic people’s rosy cheeks mountain peaks

Rolling Yunhai’s beautiful scenery strange rocks

Conditive greetings on a charming smile

The wonderful world of beautiful singing is bright mirror

The warm spring breeze sweet spring water

The successful advertisement of magnificent architecture is brilliant sunshine

Clean classroom happy festivals are inspiring

The dense branches and leaves of the huge stressful students

The well -known poet crystal crystal tears drizzle

The bright and fresh flags of bright eyes

I am so happy that I am so angry that I am so sad that my tears are sad

I was so anxious that the group turned cold and hungry too much

Keep a big swing and walk carefully

Say happily about crying and laughing and laughing excitedly

Special exercise of the land 2

1. The eagle flew over the mountain (of), and it shouted (the ground) and shouted: “I am really (the one) will fly!”

2. In the autumn ()) night, the bright moonlight is in front of the bed, and the people far away from their hometown () look at the moon () of that day, and can’t help but miss their hometown.

3, colorful (color) ritual flower shows the night sky of Beijing (of), and also shows the carnival () people.

4. Beautiful (of) Daniel Crane, singing a bright () song, flying from the distant () north.

5. Its (which) is like a ruby ​​embedded in the head, bright red and red (which), and people call it a red -crowned crane.

6. The sun has been inclined west, and the dazzling light is put away. The rolling) Xishan, wearing the sunset), showed (win) very magnificent.

7, the sun (of) face (getting) is even more red, it gently (ground) walks behind Xishan (), and brilliant (of the) glowing flows in the far away.

8. It’s dark, and the street lights emit a weak () light. I stood at the door of my uncle’s house and looked at them, and suddenly felt cold (one) chill, touched my () nose tip, cold (get) like ice, and my feet and hands were a little numb.

9. At this time, I see clearly (ground), and now I remember clearly (ground) that his () face no longer has that kind of kindness (of) and a pleasant expression. So serious.

11. Looking at the majestic (of the) Tiananmen City Tower, Qian Xuesen was excited (ground): “I believe I can return to the motherland, and now I finally come back!”

12. Hu Delin and Hu Fucai, the two small soldiers tightly (gained), and focused on (ground) aiming at the enemy’s shooting.

13. Jiao Yulu came out of Xu Lou Village and hurriedly ran forward. His cotton hat (of the) ears flickered and flickered, gradually (ground) disappeared into the vast snowy sea.

14. The moon came into the window, and everything in the hut seemed to be covered with silver gauze, which was particularly quiet.

15. Bending (of) eyebrows are also sleeping, sleeping on the mother’s rosy () face.

16. The north is like a circle (of the) sun, called the Sun Lake;

17. A line of fineness (of the first) on the first day is called a crescent moon; fifteen is like a round (round) jade plate, called full moon.

18. What a cute (of) little gourd!

19. The wind yelled like a lion, and the cliff was cold (gained) like an ice cellar.

20. The ground is full of the petals of the Phoenix (the) of the Phoenix flower, which seems to be covered with bright red (which) carpets.

Expansion practice

1. There is a round of golden round moon hanging in the dark blue sky.

2. The bright sun strokes the vast earth.

3. The tender green wicker gently brushes the calm water.

4. The wide Qiantang River is shrouded in a thin layer of fog.

5. The lively little squirrel jumped happily on the pine tree.

6. The green grass is full of colorful wild flowers.

7. The hot sun hangs in the blue sky.

8. The strong sunshine shines on the endless earth.


9. The children were happy to wear a bright red scarf.

10. Cute little bee flying happily on rapeseed.

11. A bully black bear is performing wonderful shows.

12. The clever monkey quickly climbed up the top of the pole.

13. The colorful fireworks constitute a beautiful picture in the night sky.

14. The curved path passes through the dense birch woods.

15. The little tadpole dumped the long tail.

16. The wide pond is full of beautiful lotus.

17. The lush branches and leaves are on the four sides, like a green glory.

18. The well -known Sun Moon Lake attracts many Chinese and foreign tourists.

19. There are a few cute little gourds hanging on the green gourd vine.

20. The kind snow child has become a very light and light water vapor.

21. There is a thin and thin mist on the calm lake.

22. The dense jujube trees are filled with very fragrant flowers.

23. Both the wide roads are high and high buildings.

24. The long wicker is like the girl’s hair.

25. The white clouds are like snow -white cotton.

26. The falling leaves are like flying butterflies.

27. Dad’s shoes are like cute boats.

28. The street lights are like soldiers.

29. The stars in the sky are like shiny diamonds.

30. Snowflakes like light feathers.

31. The blue sky is like a vast sea.

TOP2 is in harmony

No matter which “ZAI” uses “in”


Who is doing, what is?

No more, what to do first, and what to do.

Remember the two commonly used usage, children are not easy to make mistakes again.

Parents are guiding their children to pay attention to the differences with their children.

TOP3 statue

Like: The most commonly used in metaphorical sentences, this thing looks like one thing.

Orientation: For example, direction, orientation, learn from someone.

If the child often confuses these two words, please remember the following sentences:

What do we want to do like XX.

We have to learn from XX what quality.


Except for “doing homework”, other usages are unclear.

Write as “as”,

To distinguish “doing” and “doing”, just remember

What to do, what to do, “do” in spoken language, such as doing housework;

It is a written language, which is more formal, such as composition and combat.

TOP5 sitting and seat

The seat is a noun, and sitting is a verb.

The seat, the original meaning is the seat, the place for people to sit, also refers to the position, the seat.

Sitting means that the ancients kneeled on their knees, leaning their hips on the heel, and sitting down.

Or express, take a car: take a car, take a boat.

TOP 6 blue and basket

No matter which Lan, the blue sky is blue.

Blue is a color, blue grass, sky blue.

Basket is a container, a kind of bamboo editing appliance.

Top7 hook and fishing

Although the shape of the hook and fishing is not similar, when the fish hook and fishing appear at the same time, the child often wrote wrong.

TOP8 each

Each and one are homophonic characters, often forming the word “each”. It is also simple to distinguish these two words.

Each represents every, everyone, each.

One is an individual, or it can also be used as a quantitative word.


Enter from the outside, like entering the door.

Near close, as opposite to far.

To distinguish these two words, you can create a few more sentences.

TOP9 mutual recovery

Mutuality is homophonic, but the child will write wrong and may not write each other.

TOP10 Chenghecheng

If you do n’t know the peace, you do n’t know these two words. The child only needs to remember:

Acknowledge errors, honesty and trustworthiness

That’s fine.

TOP11 Consciousness and Decision

I do not know the sense of consciousness and decision, mainly because I do not know these two words. The child only needs to remember:

Who thinks and what.

Who decides to do something, it is not easy to make mistakes next time.

Seeing these typo, do parents feel like this:

These words are not difficult words? Why is it wrong?

Children will write typos, especially those who write homonic characters, mainly do not understand the meaning of the word.


In response to this situation, parents can let their children learn the characteristics of each lesson, listen to, write more, and consolidate basic knowledge.

Secondly, pay attention to do more homophonic characters and side practice,

Further string raw characters into the network, and through comparison, in -depth learning meaning.

1. (Play) -> (End)

2. (Simory) -> (rubber)

3, (deputy) -> (amplitude)

4, (in) -> (near)

5, (knife) -> (force)

6, (like) -> (direction)

7, (in) -> (again)

8. (Capital) -> (cutting)

9. (Che Jiu) -> (orbit)

10, (in) -> (again)

11. (of) -> (got)

12. (Learning) -> (Xing)

13, (of) -> (earth)

14. (City) -> (sincer)


15. (Section) -> (Tades)

16. (of) -> (earth)

17. (seat) -> (sitting)

18. (Fu) -> (Support)

19. (Blue) -> (Basket)

20, (want) -> (play)

21, (of) -> (got)

22. (氵>) -> (Wow)

23, (knot) -> (section)

24. (Hu) -> (mutual)

25. (direction) -> (like)

26. (Lai) -> (Nai)

27, (giant) -> (saw)

28. (Governance) -> (Set)

29, (root) -> (follow)

Workers (work) (basket) ball (fishing) fish treasure (seat)

Thinking (like) (work) (work) (each) (each) self -(decision) determination

(An) Pretend to (Disabled) Ninja (Chan) (in) home

(Gui) Crown (Xiao) strip (pretend) mold (type)

Ride (sitting) (drama) Liezhong (Ken) Jing (Concern)

(Kitami) Luck (blue) Tianfa (stun) heavy (stack)

Defense (Fan) (maybe) obstruct (care) comfort bamboo (pole)

(Zero) chaos (age) Anti -(province) God (secret)

(囧) Smooth (Mo) (Rotary) Law (Hyun) Yao

(Pie) Lu (apologize) Accept (extension) extension (application) Please

(Control) recognition (mutual) phase (ditch) Tong (flexion)

(Degree) fake village must (need) water steaming (gas) digging (foot)

Human (bow) Kneeling ghost ax (Gong) Spider silk (horse) trace

Reveal the (Mystery) bottom (Mo) Shoulder to revenge (snow) hate

(徇) Private Fraud Tian (Ya) Sea Corner Flowing (overflow) color

Heart (Indian) crow (bird) silent (reflection) opinion

Ice and Snow (Rong) Life and Death (You) Turn off water and breastfeeding (meling)

Memory (still) new drooping head (bereavement) qi and grievances (especially) people

(Good at) Self -processing never (Chongqing) Ding (Li) help

Nine (states) The earth crooked wind (evil) gas needle (砭) time disadvantages

() Sighing the suspension of the beam (stock) All God (Guan) Note

Gold (Bi) Glory (Follow) God is not (and) to wait

Examination (check) does not (tibia) and goes away (teeth)

One (chip) Mo Zhan look (get) the heart (hanging) boldness

Fan (abuse) disaster (fall) ups and downs into the ups and downs (strict)

Connect (strong) power (force) struggle to enter (applied)

(Profit) Sisters (two) one (two) couplets

Re -repeated (overwhelming) holiday (present) near the world (source)

Exit (born) at night (source) Far -long long -term search for things (things)

(Zhen) Emphasized (granted) to the end of the month (to) at the end of the month

Gold Bang (Title) Famous (System) Teacher (Taste) Teacher

(Quality) Suspicious courage (like) De Gao Wang (weight)

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Reference answer:

Reference answer:

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