Explore Zhimei Life to pay tribute to life like a Zhimei female Nexy.co7.18 brand day is approximately

On July 18, China’s high-end women’s brand Nexy.co (Napa) ushered in the second brand day. It is understood that this year’s Nexy.co (Napa) brand day theme is “Zhimei”. Since July 18, 2020, since the first brand of China’s fashion brand, Nexy.co (Napa) has decided to continue this significance, and the Numme Lady is exclusively on July 18, It has an important festival with a sense of ceremony and commemorative meaning, and it has been aid that Zhimei is independent, confident, interested, and elegant life attitude.

(Nexy.co spokesperson Wang Haodan interpretation capsule series)

Publish the orchid capsule series – to interpret the connotation of the contemporary wisdom of the media with flowers

Land, flexible, eternal, and high orchid is Nexy.co (Nama) “brand flower”, orchid is the beauty of unique wisdom, but not only represents the brand’s adjustment and spirit, but also the character will of contemporary wisdom.

This year’s Nexy.co (Napami) brand day is a blue-flowery as a medium, and the brand unique elegant temperament is perfect. During this year’s brand day event, the Orchid Capsule series interpretated by Nexy.co (Napa) spokesperson, such as approximately, this highly psychic new product released, with the name of the orchid, through a piece of unique new product Displaying people to explore the tough and powerful inner world of urban women, aim to praise everything around us, and there is a Zhimei.

Elegant apricot yellow, green onion, green, stone brown, these with poetic colors, enjoy the natural fabrics such as silk, silk, hemp three vinegar, plant fiber, etc., perfect show the orchid capsule Series from natural elegance.

This release of the capsule series, putting the style of the orchid and the charm into the art of surround the weigh, not only interprets the style of Nexy.co (Napa), through the brand spokesperson + model + KOL + KOC group After that, it is perfect to show the beauty of connotation of contemporary wisdom.


During the 7.18 brand day last year, Nexy.co (Napam) brand issued a new brand logo pattern NCO, and held the “NCO Theater” theme exhibition, and explored the way of fashion from the new field of opera, let the brand successfully out. As Nexy.co (Napa), the festivals carefully built, 7.18 brand days let elite women from all walks of life gather together, interpret the realism, use wisdom and beauty to define exclusive wonderful “MyNexy.co “, Enjoy the best life, and constantly achieve the best yourself.


During this year’s brand day, Nexy.co (Napa) “Zhimei Group” in different industries, through various creative ways, the idea of ​​Nexy.co (Napa), to personally experience Wisdom and beauty of contemporary women.

Zhang Yimou, Xu Kezhen used a documentary director, lady, writer, Curator Zhu Yu, Ms. Wang Jing, the founder of Pathfinder, Nexy.co-Brand Director Yi Jie Ping, the first to bring Wall Street to China Female bankers, Swiss bank executives, Ms. Hongjun, Ms. Hongjun, etc. have industry influence leaders, during the second Nexy.co brand day, through the special topic of “ELLE” magazine, interpret the Nexy in their minds. .CO (Napa) “Zhimei Power”.

(Nexy.co × ELLE Zhimei Power Group)

In addition, as Nexy.co (Napami) brand “Zhimei Group” representative, 10 of the excellent Yellowme Lady in all walks of life, also shared their unique “Zhimei Configuration” in their hearts without reservation; worth mentioning It is, the second Nexy.co brand day also has attracted extensive discussions and attention in social media, including three wood three woods, vivian_evans, non-known noneart, ssmaimai, sophie_ sleepy, mmminni and other fashion bloggers Also actively participate in the interaction of brand days, let them become a contemporary woman, the most vibrant Nexy.co (Napa) “Zhimei” representative.


(Nexy.Cox Lady Zhimei)

The national linkage sharing “Zhimei Power”, spreading Zhimei seeds

Nexy.co (Napa) Brand Day has been strongly sought after by the National Lady since 2020. As a group of wisdom women on politics, economy, and cultural stages, Lady is not only Nexy.co (Napa) the most distinguished customer, but also the backbone of society, and they operate their own external and intrinsic , Intelligent business, business. They are eager to express themselves with fashion, hoping to express their personalities and tastes through favorive clothing, build their own inturanite image, do shaped gods, internal and external repair, become the intelligence of the era.

In order to share “Nexy.co (Nama)’s Zhimei Power”, participate in the event, this year’s Nexy.co brand day will continue to continuity in the country in a rich form.

It is understood that the orchid theme of the Space Times Concept is a carrier, breaking the space concept of the orchid, will be in the day of the NEXY.CO (Napami) brand this year, in Shanghai Jiugui International Shopping Center, Xi’an Kaiyuan Mall , Chongqing Ring Square and other places in phase. At that time, elegant and highly clean orchids will jump between neon, the simple advanced orchid capsule series will also be synchronized to the front of the landy.


(Shanghai Jiuguang Department Store Flash Store)

(Xi’an Sai Ge International Shopping Center Flash)

In addition, the private VIP private Salon exclusive VIP privately entered the Xi’an Lantian Yuchuan Winery. I believe that by participating in this very extraordinary exploration, the Lady personally experienced the winery probes, the wine cellar treasure hunt, visit the Zhimei Museum, participate in the different links of the Tiandi Neuka Truna and the idylal rice dinner, will open different sessions. The soul trip.

(Nexy.co Yugawa Winery VIP Private Salon)

Nexy.co (Napa) will enter 1 billion club


On July 18, 2020, Nexy.co (Napa) successfully created the first brands of China’s fashion brands, which is highlighted by the brand team in the end of the epidemic, bravely breaking the routine, breaking through the broken circle of cured thinking. Lifting, in new scene-immersed marketing, promoting direct communication with consumers, meets the consumer demand for Zhimei women in different scenarios, and then win the opportunity in the highly competitive domestic high-end women’s clothing market.


In recent years, in the context of high-end consumption in overseas, the domestic high-end women’s clothing industry has ushered in a wave of development, and at the same time, the competitive trend inside the high-end women’s industry has become more fierce.

The winner fashion group built the multi-brand matrix composed of Koradior, Lakoradior, Koradiorelsewhere, Naersi, Naersiling, Nexy.co, Cadidl, Fuunnyfelln8, with excellent product quality and unique consumer experience, not only maintained a strong industry competitive advantage, More construct a strong brand moat. Although there is uncertainty in the external market, the winner fashion group is full of confidence.

As a market-competitive brand of the winner fashion group, Nexy.co (Napa) shoulder the mission is to combine the demand for fashion trends with Pour Lady to provide “knowledge, simple, and smart” high-quality clothing, Let every wisdom woman uniquely charm, enjoy a wisdom life!


In fact, in two consecutive years carefully planned to hold Nexy.co (Napa) brand day, is one of the winner fashion groups to further deeply cultivate women’s market. The first brand of the first brand day of China’s fashion brand is also to let China’s female backbone to the forefront of the world, through fashion, let the world focus on China’s elite women. Through continuous cross-border and resource integration, Nexy.co (Napa) has always continued to force, expand its brand’s connotation and extension. Since 2019,2020, we will join hands this year.


It is worth mentioning that in March this year, Nexy.co (Napa) joins WWF (World Wide Foundation), OPF (a Earth Nature Foundation), called for attention to endangered wild animals and their habitat protection, launched 2021ss [ Green planet] public welfare environmental protection series. This series uses endangered wild animals as inspiration elements, choose environmentally friendly materials, the same name by the spokesperson Wang Haodan, from [clothing], use wisdom, create sustainable beauty. It is reported that 2021-2022, Nexy.co (Napa) will continue to join hands with WWF (World Nature Foundation) and OPF (a Earth Nature Foundation) to launch public welfare environmental protection series, donated payment for wild Northeast Tiger and its habitat Special protection, expressing love for nature.

(Nexy.co Public Welfare Donation Certificate)

There is no doubt that Nexy.co (Napa) has become a shining brand of branding in multi-brand strategy in the winner fashion group. In the past five years in 2017 – 2021, the powerful growth momentum has been maintained. In the past five years, Nexy.co (Napa) has achieved 23% of the operational interests, the overall business level is stable, and the profitability is steadily improved, and the quality of the store is maintained in the case of rapid expansion.

According to the latest data, in 2021, Nexy.co (Napa) is expected to 45 new shopping stores throughout the year, reaching 230, and the performance of the brand terminal market will be efficient and strong. In the first half of this year, Nexy.co (Nama) achieved steady growth, expects the overall sales of the year to exceed 1 billion, will officially become the third high-end women’s brand that enters 1 billion club in the year.


As Mr. Jinming, the Board of Directors of the Winner Fashion Group said that today’s winner fashion group has established a core advantage in the road that continues to implement a multi-brand strategy, and it is on the road of “leaders in China’s high-end women’s clothing field”. NEXY.CO (Nama) This brand has a brand of differentiated competitive advantage has begun to compete.

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