A picture, understand the “dragon” culture and spiritual connotation

In art creation, we often associate with the ancient gods, such as dragons, phoenixes.


When I read Mr. Jin Yong, I often saw a hero in the illusory and warm scene. “Xiaolong out of the sea – Dragon is in the sky – 龙 有 有 – -” A set of dragons and 18 palms, push the plot to the climax.


This is the plot in the movie, but reflects the sedimentation of the script to the Chinese traditional culture! Because although this is just a moving name, the screenwriter can refer to the statement in the “Zhou Yi”, not only for the movie painting dragon, but also reflects the rich cultural heritage, it is worth learning.

In the painting, we are engraving, sculpture in engraving, there are dragons in literature, film and games, then, how much is deeply understood by Dragon Culture and Connotation?


In the ancient Chinese social belief system, the various kinds of beasts (poultry) represented by Dragon and Feng are not only a large number, the kind is rich, and it is also very constant, there is a source, and there is a rheology. Don’t say, unicorn, 鲲 Peng, 貔恘, white tiger, Suzaku, Xuanwu, these beasts, a single dragon, there is a lot of categories, and division of labor details. There is “虬, 虬 龙, 龙, 螭 (chi) dragon, 应 应, 龙, 神 (h)”, “Guangya · Draft fish”, “there is a scales, there is a wing Dragon, a horned rumor, no angle, dragon. “

If you often apply these beasts, you should figure out the category and connotation. In this way, not only rich cultural heritage and knowledge reserves can also be more heart-based in the creation, and use it.

The dragon’s graphics started in the Han Dynasty. Due to the gradual penetration of the thoughts of the thoughts, it was returned to the important Xiangrui. The practicality of the Zhaoyi evil is amplified. It is widely accepted by the people to make it a folk. The most important beast in beliefs. Telling “Dragon” today.

The Han Dynasty has a fairyland with a fairy, a phoenix beam?

For thousands of years, the Chinese have created numerous beasts, a variety of three, and a wide variety. Although it belongs to the evil imagination of the real image, our ancestors think of these beasts, a world that is more rich, and the world is divided into work. In this world, not only the “god”, “God”, “God”, more and the animal image, although these beasts have given the gods in the image and function, but inheritance Relationship, “Social” attributes and the like are very close to our human world, and the system is perfect, and we are beyond our imagination. In the Dragon’s “Tria”, these attributes have also been fully reflected.

“Huainanzi · Topographic Training” has a deeper connotation representation of these deeper dragons: “Yu Jiali Dragon, Feilong, Phoenix, Phoenix Bird, Bird Birthman, Van Yu is born in migranto. Mao Yusheng Long, Ying Yusheng, Jiansheng Qilin, Kirin Shengbo Beast, Moon, born in the Beast. Heads of Scales, Dragon, 鲲鲠 鲠 建 建Fish, mortal scales are born in the squid. Ten pool is ahead of the dragon, the dragon is born in Xuanzang, Xuanzang’s life-spiriting turtle, the turtle tortoise, all the people are born in the turtle. “

For this description, you can make a diagram, which is more.

A complete and detailed clan passage, and it is a huge ecological system. This is an ecological system in the world! The role in the dragon is almost a thousand generations of “ecological chain”! It seems that I can understand why the dragon can be a symbol of Huaxia Totem, why is we dragons?


As you can see, the Dragon is in the entire “ecological chain”, then how is the dragon itself a classification system?


Follow the name

There are 虬 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

If you look according to the form

There is also a corner dragon and no corner dragon, there is a football and no longevity, there is a wing dragon and a winglove;


According to the color

Huanglong, Qinglong (Canglong), Black Dragon, Bai Long, and Jaissong.

The above picture shows the main features and functions of various types of dragons based on the Han Dynasty. It can clearly see the distribution of various dragons in heaven and earth.

“天 系”.

Here, the beasts including the dragon are the animal imagination of the sky.

The beast, including the Qinglong graphics in the seal

Canglong is also Qinglong,

With the white tiger, Suzaku, Xuanwu for the four big beasts, Xiangrui’s beast, and represent respect, status and rights, “Huainanzi” volume records: the people of God, noble is Qinglong.


The ancient astronomers in my country divide a number of stars in the heavens into 28 stars, namely twenty-eighth, used to observe the moon’s operation and division season, and divide the twenty-eight hosses into four groups, each group of seven students, East, South , West, northern part, green, red, white, black four colors and dragon, birds, tigers, and Xuanwu four animals match, called “four elephants” or “four palaces”. Qinglong is the palace of the East Palace in the four elephants, but also the object of spring or oriental, or is used as a sacrifice to seek rain.

“Day – Ground”, “Land – Water”.

The dragon here expresses people’s hope to reach different dragons to achieve “flying” or “crossing the sea” into a beautiful wish.

Eastern Han Dynasty Ningya Wall Dragon Portrait

Flying dragon

There is a wing, you can use the clouds of the sky. It should be flying dragon, hair, corner, etc.

Eastern Han Dynasties, Nanyang Tomb Door Portrait Stones Stones



It is an ancient Chinese mythical legendary a wing of the dragon. It is also Huanglong. Another scholar pursues that the dragon is named Geng Chen; this is the day, once as the Yellow Emperor of the Yellow Emperor, Yu Father, once tailored Jiang, help the big water, and seize the unfair. If you are wing, hair, corner, etc.

Close to the beast. Like Haolong, there is a strong dearity between the main activities in the heavens and the earth, which can be ride and take people, with auspicious meaning.

Western Han Town Han Tomb Wala King Gold Silver Paint



A horned animal, no wing snake, there is a scales, and there is a statement of the dragon. Generally, the dragon in the growth is 虬. There is also a dragon called the dragon, the poet Du Mu, the poet of the Tang Dynasty, has the sentence of “虬蟠 虬蟠 仞 仞 羊” in the “Question”.

Eastern Han Dynasty, Henan, Xinfeng Cemetery



(Panchi) is a snake of the dragon’s snake, is an early dragon with no angle. No wings, no angle, travel, ride. Panlong or Dragon refers to the dragon of the sky, and it is more curved. The main activities of these Dragon are often driven by water, people can also be driven, people or think that they can take them into the sea, such as “Chu Ren”, “Dragon”, “Dragon.”

There are two kinds of statements to 蟠螭, one is the yellow-winged dragon, and the other is the female dragon, in “Han. “Sima Xiangru” There is “Chi-you, Female Dragon”, so that there is a decorative decoration in the unearthed-proof of the Warring States jade, meaning that the female is constant. On the occasion of Spring and Autumn to Qin and Han, bronzes, jade carvings, bronze mirrors or buildings, commonly used shaped shapes, have a single form of single, double, three 螭, five 螭 and even groups. Or make the shape, or do a circular shape, or make a copy shape. In addition, there are also various changes such as Bogu, ring.

Western Hannaman Zhengzhou portrait of the dragon pattern



Generally, a scales that can be flooded. I can tend to make a fog, I can make a fog in the water. Opportunities are often used in ancient world to metapuls. Regarding the origins and shapes of the 蛟, the classical literature is different, and some say that “the dragon is angry”, some say “there is a scales”. The “Mushroom Swirl” volume is more specific: the shape of the is like a snake, its first is like a tiger, the elderly, mostly in the stream of Xitan, as Niu Ming. If you see the squad of the shore or the river, you will fall in the mouth, which makes people fall into the water, that is, lick the blood, until the blood is full. The coast and the boat are often suffering from them. The story of the Southern Song Liu Yiqing “Shi Shuo Xin” has been in the past three days and three nights.

From the figure, I saw Canglong in the sky into Qinglong, and the dragons between all other worlds were Huanglong. Huanglong is related to the “Central Color Yellow” of Wuwei, “Yellow” is the soil. Wushu Longzhong Qinglong is in the East, Bai Longxu, Chi Longju, in the south, Heilongju, Huanglongju. Huanglong is a combination of the characteristics and functions of various dragons. It is a dragon that can be entered in the sky. Huanglong is the most distinguished, it is a true dragon, and other famous color dragons are not true dragons. The ancient emperors are Zhenlong Son, so wear yellow robe. The hundred officials and civilians are not allowed to wear, otherwise there is a disaster of killing.

Some of the beasts, although not in the Dragon’s distribution, but some is because it is the predecessor or derived, so there is also a thousand convolution. Such as 夔, is also called Dragon, imagined single foot monster, is the germination period of the dragon. “Shanhai. The big defect “” Description is: “The shape is like a cow, it is horned, one feet, the water will have wind and rain, and the light is like the sun and the day, his name is”. ” But more ancient books are a snake monster. “Hey, the god is also like a dragon.” (“Say Wen”)


夔 夔 is a commonly used pattern on the Bronze of the Warring States

虺 (hui) is an early dragon that is imagined in a reptile-snake model, often in the water. “The five hundred years of turning into a piece, the millennium is dragon.” It is the sexy period of the dragon, which is a lot of gramophies in ancient copper mirror.

Han bronze mirror’s four-milk four mirror

At the same time, there are also a lot about the various beasts and related legends caused by the dragon. According to “Remember”, “千 化 化 化 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙There is also a dragon prostitution, and the unicorn is born, and the pig is alivety. There is also Longsheng Nine Son: Cruise, 睚眦 (Yá zì), ridicule, Pu Fu, 狻猊 (Suān ní), rt, 狴犴 (bì àn), negative (fù xì), kiss (chī wěn).


Although Dragon and Various Beasts are constructing in the imaginary illusory myth world, it is condensed the ancestors of wisdom and rich knowledge, imagination, logic, integrates the knowledge of many disciplines such as astronomy, geography, and creatures. The prayer of a beautiful life is hushed, reflects the concept of evil and good, and the spirit of traditional cultural thoughts.

The map and some text references the published books and networks, copyright belongs to the original owner.

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