Fire Cow Pagling Bingfeng Short Women’s Boots Wan -Winter Wan -Wan Gold Oil

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胎牛皮英伦风短款女靴 秋冬搭配的万金油

Where is it

Selected fetal cowhide production texture is good and durable

Short tube mid -to -high heel design daily commuting for a long time and not tired feet for a long time

胎牛皮英伦风短款女靴 秋冬搭配的万金油

Material and detail

胎牛皮英伦风短款女靴 秋冬搭配的万金油

Material of the upper: fetal skin (the skin of the first -year -old Mavericks, it feels cruel), height: 5.5cm, tube height: 12cm (36 yards), inner material: pork skin, insole material: pig skin:,Sole Material: Rubber

胎牛皮英伦风短款女靴 秋冬搭配的万金油

Talk about the product

This year’s various boots, the style is handsome, all kinds of different handsome so, so I think, in fact, the selection of a conventional daily commuting of boots is a basic style, thick heel, height 5.5cm, belongs to ZUI, belongs to ZUIThe comfortable heel high -sized upper material is selected from the tire cowhide cowhide, which has the texture of sheepskin, but it is a good commute boots than sheepskin.I don’t know what to wear when I go out, just kick with your feet ~~

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