Are confinement headscarves and confinement hats “standard”? It’s not right, but make Bao Ma even more headache

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Discover a phenomenon, many mothers, when they are confinement, have a headscarf or a hat on their heads, even at home. The point is that these two things are really not good -looking, and some maternal wear, some do not wear them, is it necessary, and it is also a question of many maternal confusion.

What is the effect of confinement headscarf and confinement hat?

This is of course to protect the head and not be cold.

After giving birth to a baby, not only because of more bleeding, poor physical resistance, but also prone to cold. Another reason is that too much sweating. This allows the body’s sweat pores to open all, which can easily lead to cold via pores into the body. The hair on the head is the most vigorous, but the pores are the most concentrated, so the head is most afraid of cold. Therefore, pay attention to postpartum, not blowing wind.

The confinement headscarf and confinement hat can just play a protective role. In addition, it can also prevent hair blocking the face, especially those who insist on making “old -fashioned confinement” without washing their hair. Using these can prevent dirty hair from eating in the mouth, putting it on the child’s face, and so on.

But are these two things standard?

I can tell you accurately, no! If you are not right, you will make you uncomfortable.

Why do you say that?


1. It is easy to sweat and make the scalp uncomfortable

Many families now have air conditioners at home, cold in winter, heating in the north, and not very cold at home, sometimes, and even hot. The air conditioner can be opened in the south to ensure the temperature in the house.


After giving birth to the baby, the mother is weak and sometimes sweaty. If you cover it with a hat, sweat more on your head, and itchy scalp will be normal.

2. It is easier to cool when confinement

Some maternal wore a hat and did not even pick up when she was sleeping. It was a month when she covered it, which was not conducive to head dissipation. When the confinement is out of confinement, I feel that I can finally pick it. At the moment of picking, the scalp feels refreshing, but at the same time, it will not be able to adapt to the cold of the outside world, but it is even more afraid of cold. At this time, it is more likely to be cold.

It ’s the reason that wearing more with children, but it is easy to get cold.

Therefore, when the temperature is suitable for no wind, don’t wear it.

So under what circumstances should we wear it?

√ Wear when turning on the air conditioner in the summer


When confinement is scientifically, you can turn on the air conditioner. When it is hot, it is not good for the mother, which will make the mother feel anxious. However, there may be wind on the air conditioner, so it is best to bring a headscarf when turning on the air conditioner, but if there is a windshield, don’t wear a headscarf. Furthermore, even if it is hot wind in winter, it cannot be blown at the mother.

√ Wear when you go out

Some women feel that they have a hat on their clothes. It is good to put on that hat, but in fact, when the wind is strong, they will still get in. Whether it is winter or summer, the head should be protected when going out.

However, it is generally when you go out to be discharged, so the most useful time when you are the most useful on the way home.

Therefore, whether it is confinement hat or confinement headscarf, not spring, summer, autumn and winter,

As long as the temperature in the home is suitable and there is no wind, there is no need to bring it. If there is a last resort to go out, we need to wear a hat at this time to avoid the wind.

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