The beautiful little smoke eye makeup in autumn, the face value is more than a little bit

I often ask girls that I like to smoke makeup, but I do n’t want to make the makeup look too exaggerated?Xiaobian suggested that these sisters boldly try semi -smoked eye makeup.The color of semi -smoked eye makeup is lighter and more natural than smoke makeup, and the range is smaller, but at the same time, it will also bring mysterious and blurred feeling to the eyes.Speaking of which, the girls are already moving, so let’s learn it.


Step 1: Before the makeup, do eye care and scrape off the extra hairs around the eyes.


Step 2: The matte earth shadow is a large area of the eyes.

Step 3: Brick red matte eye shadow superimposed double eyelids and eye triangle area.

Step 4: The Eye Triangle District deepen again.


Step 5: Highlight brighten the eyes and lying silkworms.

Step 6: Eyeline pen drawing outer eyeliner, inner eye corners, lower eyeliner drawn with thin head brushes.

Step 7: Tuck eyelashes mascara.


It is said that the eyes can best reflect the age state of one person. Look at this eye makeup before and after makeup, at least ten years old!

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