Dry clothes are skinned. The female shop owner’s phrase “This is not a leather” was beaten. The female customer was willing to compensate. The incident progress:

The female shop owner is caused by dry cleaning clothes to cause insults and beating

Disputes of laundering in a dry cleaning shop are in the process of negotiating compensation. The female shop owner said “this is not the leather” to cause insults and beating.

“This matter has made progress today. The beating party said today that he would come to apologize.” On December 8th, a reporter from the China Business Daily contacted the witness of the incident of being hit by the owner of the owner and restored the incident.

>>> “This is not the leather”

Labor workers opened laundry laundry laundry skin and agreed to compensate for being beaten

“She (the owner of the beaten shop) is in her 40s and is a laid -off worker. His husband works.” On December 8th, Ms. Wu, Hubei Xiangyang, who had seen the incident in the laundry, told the China Business Daily reporter that she was beaten with a female. The owner runs a laundry in a place in Xiangyang.

After the clothes are dry, the cortex near the buttons is peeled

Ms. Wu recalled that the incident was on the morning of December 5th. Ms. Huang and her husband went to the launder because of the skin part of the cortical part of the buttons near the buttons of the clothes and the shop owner’s disputes, saying that she washed her clothes.

“The female shop owner believes that it is a problem of clothing logo, and the manufacturer’s logo does not match the actual fabric. We have problems with the dry cleaning of formal washing methods. The responsibility should be said to be not in the legitimate method. The result is that we are a bit wrong. The owner finally expressed compensation and promised to pay her 300 yuan. The owner said that this was a pseudo -leather. As a result, the other party was a bit unhappy. Well, she has the money and identity, and it is impossible to wear a fake. Don’t say that, because of this, she scolds others, and she and her husband are doing it. “

Speaking of specific details, Ms. Wu said: “The owner said at the time that he had compensated 300 yuan. She (Ms. Huang) had a laundry card at the time and said that she would return the money on the card. As a result, this (beating) happened in the middle of this process. “

>>> “The leather dry cleaning is okay”

Thousand yuan jacket is equipped with a piece of leather logo is cowhide

China Business Daily reporters noticed that related videos showed that 80.8%of Ms. Huang’s coat was wool, 100%of the litter was cotton, and puppet B was cowhide.

Ms. Wu told the China Business Daily reporter that the leather on Ms. Huang’s clothes was not leather. Let ’s buy it for a few years, I do n’t wear it in the house, and we hung it for two years. We have known that it is true or false at a glance. The key is that it is false and true. I haven’t found such problems for such a long time. Its logo is written on the leather, and some clothes are marked with leather. It can be judged by our experience, but the simulation she did was a bit high. The owner was really really at the time. I didn’t see it, this problem would not occur if it was leather. “

>>> “The nature is too bad”

The couple were accused of hitting the owner first to break the left eye congestion

The female shop owner can see about 1.5 cm wounds on the left cheek, and the left eye fossa is bloody

“I was at the scene at the time. I saw that their husband and wife were unreasonable. They said that they had washed their clothes and promised them to get back the card, but they said that they were also wrong. It is an error in identification. It is not that we are washing errors. She (Ms. Huang) is unwilling, and then scolds it. She just beats others. People say that they should not scold others, and she hit people. “Ms. Wu said: “She moved first, and her man saw that the woman was fighting. The nature was too bad.”

The beaten female shop owner’s injury was mainly on the face. The left cheek could see about 1.5 cm wounds. The left eye fossa was bloody and blurred. Ms. Wu introduced that the female shop owner is currently treating at home or at the hospital. “The female shop owner was dizzy after being beaten, her legs were injured, her action was not convenient, and her spirit was not very good.”

>>> “Don’t want to say more”

See how the follow -up solution does not want to involve too much


Ms. Wu confirmed, “At that time, I called the alarm, and the local police station came 3 policemen. I asked the situation at the scene and asked both parties to go to the police station in the afternoon.”

A reporter from the China Business Daily hopes to interview the beaten female shop owner. Ms. Wu said that the owner’s injury is now slowly recovering. “Their husband and wife were moved, and we reported it. Because of the progress of the matter, we did not want to do it. To put it more, I don’t know what impact on both parties will have. “

Ms. Wu said: “The beating and being beaten are our locals. This problem can make progress. It depends on how to solve the follow -up method. I don’t want to involve too much.”

>>> “Latest Progress in the Incident”


“His brother found the husband and husband who was hit by the shop and said he would apologize for his brother”

Ms. Wu said that on December 8, Ms. Huang and her husband said they would apologize, and the other party contacted the owner through the active contact. “His brother found the husband who was hit by the shopkeeper and said he would apologize for his brother.”

Ms. Wu confirmed that the three days later, the police did not take measures against the beaten people. “We don’t understand, they should be detained when they hit people.


Ms. Wu introduced that on December 7, she went to the police station as the proofer and the relatives of the beaten female shopkeeper to learn about the investigation progress and asked the police why there was no detention. “The beaten person was not taken to take measures. We went to the police station yesterday. The police said that they were walking according to the process to let the wounded first treat it. Persons, they said that they need to investigate and obtain evidence, report the leadership approval before they can be detained, and it depends on the investigation of evidence collection and treatment to solve this matter. “

>>> Local police investigation

Police handling of cases requires investigation and evidence collection suggestions are recommended to be treated first

On December 8th, a reporter from the China Business Daily contacted the local police station to confirm that the police were still investigating. There was no time limit for handling the case. If the case is required to be filed, the police will file the case.

Ms. Wu acknowledged that “the line was broken at the time, the power was stopped, and there was no monitoring. Although the shop was near the street, what happened in the store could not be taken outside. At that time, there was a person in the store. This person went to the police station to confirm that we asked the police to find someone to investigate, because people are not afraid to find troubles? “

>>> Customer response involved

Decisure the beating shop owner said that he accidentally encountered his willingness to compensate

A reporter from the Chinese Business Daily tried to contact Ms. Huang. Earlier, Ms. Huang said interview with the media and said: “When she started receiving my clothes, she said that my clothes were good. After she washed me, my clothes were damaged.” Parking that he and her husband beat the shopkeeper, saying that they just accidentally encountered each other, but they were willing to compensate for the owner’s injury.

Ms. Wu said that the female shop owner hopes that the other party can apologize and compensate at least the medical expenses.

In response to the other party as a public official, Ms. Wu said that beating should apologize for compensation. “It is an ordinary people, and it should be like this, not to mention …” Ms. Wu said that she did not know what unit the other party was in the public office.

China Business Daily reporter Li Hua

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