Stick need

The materials used in this work include: about 420g, stick No. 7

The size of the work in the illustration is: 44 cm wide, 145 cm long

棒针 | 一款大围巾披肩,英伦风,花样优雅大方

The common method of adjusting the size is as follows,

1. In the case of unchanging lines, replace the weaving needle of large or small No. 1, and the use of the line will increase or decrease by about 10%accordingly. Note that the replacement of the knitted needle is best between 1 to 2.

2. When the illustration is unchanged, replace the use of the wires used, and use the thicker line in the diagram. The size of the finished product becomes larger. Note: While replacing the wires, you should also replace the weaving needle with supporting facilities.

3. If you want to change the size of the finished product significantly, you can use the method of increasing and reducing the pattern method.

棒针 | 一款大围巾披肩,英伦风,花样优雅大方

The woven process of this shawl is very simple. It woven a long weaving like weaving a scarf. Even novices can be woven step by step according to the illustration. In the end, don’t forget to woven the side on both sides.

In the analysis of the above grades, it will inevitably make mistakes. If you find an inappropriate place, please leave a message in the comment area to communicate with you. There are other favorite styles or good -looking works, you can leave a message in the comment area.

棒针 | 一款大围巾披肩,英伦风,花样优雅大方

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