The “pajamas wears outside” that has been popular in the past two years, lazy and fashionable, teach you to wear it for a week

The pajamas wearing home in the past have become popular in the past few years, and the fashion circle has blown up a “pajamas outside” wind. This kind of dresses captured the hearts of many people.

Today is important to say that shirt -like pajamas are similar to the shirt, but the version will be more loose and comfortable to wear. Gentle with a little laziness, there is a fan at will. Let’s take a look at the week of pajamas!


>>>> look 1 short -sleeved pajamas+Bermuda shorts


Ink -green short -sleeved pajamas, white edging design, with a small sense of detail, loose version, which is very tolerant of the shape.

The lower body is paired with a brown Bermuda shorts to create a casual and neutral style. Black Roman sandals with colored mid -socks, which are very comfortable.

>>> LOOK 2 long -sleeved pajamas+hip skirt

Tibetan blue pajamas are rolled up to the length of the elbow, and the suitcase of the suit is used to modify the smooth arc of the neck.

With a white slit hip skirt, it perfectly outlines a sexy figure curve.

Stepping on high heels, carrying a bag, incarnation of elegant workplace ladies.


The whole set of styles is very simple and daily, but it has increased its exquisiteness through the decoration of details.

>>> LOOK 3 long -sleeved pajamas+jeans

Peter Pan’s pajamas, with silk fabrics, the overall gloss is full. Combined with blue jeans to create straight long legs.


The classic old flower’s cross -body bag decorates the atmospheric atmosphere. Black hats, plus black high -heeled shoes, the style mixed with a unique taste.


>>>> look 4 long -sleeved pajamas+knitted cardigan+mesh pleated skirt

Peter Pan’s pajamas stack the V -neck knit cardigan is also very eye -catching. The little collar exposed is integrated with the cardigan, and it has extra exquisiteness.


Under the silver gray mesh pleated skirt, the layered mesh makes the woman’s soft breath. Use Derby shoes to replace leisure sneakers, leisurely and more trendy taste.

>>>> look 5 long -sleeved pajamas+knitted vest+casual sports pants

Mi apricot leisure style sports big shorts, the contrasting details added on the side are more durable than pure color models. Beige long -sleeved pajamas, stacking a solid color knitted vest, keeping warmth more layered.

The orange -red sports shoes on the feet interpret the overall style trend. Breda hat adds fashion elements to the overall shape.

>>>> look 6 long -sleeved pajamas+pearl skirt

The soft texture of goose yellow pajamas, with the same soft chiffon pearl long skirt, brings comfortable visual enjoyment, and it is even more beautiful in spring.

With the little white socks and Maryzhen’s small black leather shoes, it exudes the rottenness of the youth; the long hair that is slightly lifted and the low -key jewelry, all interpret the image of gentle and pleasant.

>>>> look 7 long -sleeved pajamas+chiffon pearl skirt

The romantic water -red pajamas have a light and light style on the style; combined with the snow -white skirt, the charm and purity are co -starred, it looks bright and lively.

A pair of Mary Zhen’s small leather shoes full of youthful atmosphere.

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