The woman bought a gold ring in the brand jewelry store, and only one month will “discolish”! Business: This is normal

National Day holiday

Everyone eats to eat and play

Will buy buy buy

But Miss Daliang Liang

It’s a bit distressed.


She said she is in the brand jewelry store


I bought a gold ring


Just wearing a month, “color”

what is the problem

Reporter learned

Miss Liang:


In the first two days, my mom worked with a ring. We saw that it was fade, and it was obvious, we feel not genuine.


From Liang Miss, this ring can be seen, almost nearly a quarter of the area has appeared “silver”, and the golden ring will actually “discolish”, and Miss Liang is very horrified.

Miss Liang said, on August 9th, she took a gold ring wearing a long time of 5 grams, came to Shunda Daliang Huairi Road to change the new, according to the cash price of 480 yuan per gram, The converted is 2353 yuan, and then supplemented by 458 yuan, changed a foot gold ring and a foot gold pendant, two total weights of 5.36 grams.


I have been over for more than a month.


Gold ring is discolored

Will it not cause improper use?


My mother retired, usually do housework at home, so it is impossible to do anything to affect the ring. I think it should be not oxidation, so big gold shop will sell fake.

Subsequently, the reporter came to Liang Miss to buy a ring to understand the situation. The staff said that the ring exchanged by Miss Liang is 9999 full gold, the purity is high, and the chemical properties of gold are more stable. Generally do not discolish, they also encounter this situation for the first time.

in order to prove


Staff also passed fire and hydrochloric acid


These two methods have been tested

Saturday Fuhua Gair Road Store staff:

We will not sell fakes. If this gold is fake, burn again in the hydrochloric acid, take it out and definitely black.

The staff introduced that the so-called real gold is not afraid of fire, and the golden gold is burned by fire, or is immersed in hydrochloric acid. If it is not a gold, it will become black after the fire, after the fire is soaked, then after the fire, after the hydrochloride, Still black, will not recover golden gloss.

Miss Liang’s rings, after the fire, the original gold was restored, and the soaking of hydrochloric acid was not discolored.

Miss Cai, Manager, Saturday:


Gold encounters chemicals may have a reaction. This is normal, as long as it takes maintenance, there is no problem. If it is a false, fake a lost ten.

Cai Yi also said that if Miss Liang does not rest assured, I can replace her other equivalent rings, and Miss Liang’s mother and female decided to re-polish the ring and recovery gold.

It is understood that the gold will change when there is a metal such as platinum, palladium, silver, lead, aluminum, tin, and the friction can produce a white contact point. The chemical teacher explained that the stability of gold is extremely stable, and the golden ring of Miss Liang’s family is discolored, which may be chemicals containing mercury and produce a reaction.

It is also a scientific basis for testing whether it is also a scientific basis for the method of inspection of fire and hydrochloric acid soaking.

Shimen Experimental School Chemistry Teacher Jiang:

The first is burning, other metals will usually react with oxygen by combustion, and gold is generally like mixed copper, or other metals, and combustion will become black.

The second is to use hydrochloric acid, some of the metal hydrochloric acid can be bubble, and the metal will become less after the reaction, slowly dissolve, which is commonly used.

However, the chemistry teacher also reminded that if the jewelry package, the gold plated is relatively thick, the commonly used fire and hydrochloric acid method will not be applied, and the method of using the melting gold or through volume quality will be more accurate.

Real gold is not afraid of fire

I suggest you buy your own price.

In addition to choosing a guaranteed brand

Pay attention to maintenance everyday use

Source: Little Heat Wire

Miss Liang:

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